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(short on time sorry) cbaa - I juice! At least once, maybe twice a day. Try simple juices first. 2, maybe 3 ingredients. Kale is very bitter. You may find you like it better by starting with a less bitter green (spinach for example). You will get more juice if you use watery fruits/veggies as a base (apple, cucumber, celery, citrus). Try more fruit in it if it still too bitter for you (you can wean yourself off of and make it stronger when you get used to it). Another tip is juice a softer fruit/veggie after a harder one. Example: piece of carrot followed by piece of orange. This will help stuff not to get stuck in the screen and give you more juice too. I really like the book Juicing for Life by Cherie Calbom.


ugh. Ran out of time. Be back later.

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I had no idea that cocoa krispies and cocoa pebbles were gluten and dairy free. I imagine not soy free though. Want to check the ingredients for me? They sound good. However, most chocolate things have soy lecithin, so I do not have high hopes.

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Hi Ladies!

I feel so behind so I'm sorry that i'll miss people. 

Smiles and Wissa, welcome! I hope your stay here is short. 


Smiles, I hope your new doctor gives you some answers that relieve your mind and puts you on the path towards a BFP.


Wissa, can you ask your doctor about dexamethasone? It's a steroid used often to treat women with PCOS to reduce androgen levels and it seems like a good thing to try regardless.


I'm curious about the BSL forum you all have joined. Does the B stand for bitter? ;o) It seems like that is the word of the day when describing the forum! 


Cbaa, oh no to having a bad experience on Femara :o( I'm so sorry and I hope it's temporary. How many more days do you have to be on it? I hope the BFP finds you this month...no more of the drugs for you please!


Brichole, so happy to see you back here! I really do hope this is your month too. I don't know why DH is in such a rush to stop ttcing but regardless, I definitely think you'll get pregnant within the next year...i just want it to be sooner than later. As for the surgery, I would prioritize the baby first too, especially with the time limit hanging over your head! i hope everything else is going well for you. :o)


Happy hump day and I hope that everyone's new year is starting off well!




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cbaa - sorry about the bad femera experience. I have never taken it.


rena - bsl is bitter sushi ladies. Bitter for, well, bitter, sushi for raw, and ladies, for, um, ladies. It was a big thread for years, but seems to have fizzled away in the last few months. Maybe that is a good thing because nobody is bitter anymore? It is over in the TTC forum.


AFM - I got a rude jerk back to reality yesterday. My boss emailed out a notice for a meeting. I haven't been to work in a month, and have been enjoying it. I have to go back to work on Monday. Just in time to try to shuffle IVF treatments with class and try to avoid people noticing I am gone. ugh.


I am so excited to see how many follies I have ay my appointment tomorrow!!


Brichole - why is your DH so set on a firm deadline? I had a firm deadline like that myself - it was age 37. I am turning 38 in March. lol. The plan was to pursue adoption if I was not pregnant by my 37 bday, but then we got IF insurance coverage, and it because a lot less expensive (and, we thought, faster) to just keep TTC.

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Skeemama- Thanks! I know the babies are strong. I think it's pretty amazing that one of the twins is measuring exactly where he/she should be and the fact that the other has gained a day. The bleeding was pretty clearly from my cervix. I am feeling even more sure of it (not that I don't trust my OB) as I had a tinge after inserting Crinone (just barely inside) yesterday. I have permission to stop it a couple days early, so I probably will.  AFM- 11 weeks pregnant today. Quickly rounding the corner into 2nd trimester and next week is the big 12 week mark! I started showing at 10 weeks so we've already announced, but it's still a very big deal to make it to 12.

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Deborah, Monkey, RCR & Cbaa - I've goolged dexamethasone, but didn't get much info.  It seems it is supposed to lower testosterone, have any inflammatory properties plus have something to do the immune system.  If this cycle fails, I'm planning on having a meeting with my RE.  This is something I plan on asking about.  I just didn't want to go into the meeting blind.  You know how doctors can give you that "why are you asking that look".  Anyway, it's encouraging that it worked for at least one of you.


RCR - Hope you have lots of nice follies tomorrow!!! 


Food ladies - I have the most picky husband and child, which makes changing my diet nearly impossible.  My family acted like I lost my mind when I went low carb.  I would love to eliminate all soy lecithin from my diet, but that's really really hard to do.  It's like everything in the whole world beside fresh veggies and fruits have it!!  Dairy was hard to cut out on low carb, as I needed the protein and the fat.  After I started drinking whole milk for breakfast every morning I finally got a fantastic baseline ultra-sound. So, I'm sticking with that.  Gluten free is also hard to do if you are trying to keep your carbs low.  However, if it works for cbaa I may give in try it.


With DS I had started eating organic.  I've done organic for a little while, but as a SAHM it's a little to expensive to do forever w/everything. I still buy organic meat and milk.



I feel like I've forgotten someone. -- 


I guess I must go now...I've been trying to distract myself as I'm waiting on the test results. 

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Wissa19 – First, good luck with the test results! Second, I’m a big fan of the Making Babies book!  In fact, there is a useful online questionnaire that (roughly) categorizes the test taker by both Eastern and Western diagnoses.  They then give diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations based on your dual diagnosis.  However, I can’t remember if the recommendations are available on the website, or if you need to reference the book.  Either way, I really liked it!  Gemmine, I got my Eastern diagnosis both from a practitioner, as well as with this questionnaire.  With that said, I haven’t heard of the use of desxamethasone, but I see it is a anti-inflammatory.  That is super interesting because a lot of the natural practitioners that I’ve read and talked to talk about PCOS being a condition where our body is chronically “inflamed”.  As a result, many discuss the merits of eliminating gluten and lactose from the PCOSer’s diet to reduce additional sources of inflammation.  It is so interesting to look at PCOS from a holistic and/or Eastern perspective. 


Cbaa2010 – I too was on The One thread.  I decided to jump ship because it was becoming a bit painful to see everyone transition on.  I felt a bit like the last woman standing.  I hope you get some relief from your headache! Also, I love, love, love Cocoa Krispies. 


Shesaidbloom – Fingers crossed for your natural cycle.  I too have needle anxiety, but in my case it is actually the needle that is anxiety inducing.  If we need to move forward with more aggressive treatments I hope I acclimate to the needles quickly.  Good luck!


Sourire – I am with you on the substitutes – especially the soy-based subs.  It seems as if I am constantly coming across research that provides evidence that processed soy hinders an optimal hormonal balance in women and girls.  I steer clear, especially with the PCOS.  No bueno!


Welcome, smilesarefree! I’m new here, too!


Gozal – Good to see you again!


AFM – I developed pain on my right side near my ovary and fallopian tube about a year ago.  When I learned that my right tube was blocked I attributed the pain to the blockage.  I had the successful tubal canalization mid-December, and haven’t felt any pain until yesterday.  My fear is that my tube is filling up again! That would be super disappointing.  I’m trying to think positive, do my castor oil packs, and be extra diligent with all my anti-mucolytic supplements.  What a bummer!

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I am a soy-allergic person so if people need information from me and recipes, feel free to send me a PM. I really like www.cookingallergyfree.com. Yes, soy lecithin and soybean oil are nearly impossible to avoid, but there are ways. Coconut is quickly becoming a great substitute and has excellent benefits. The anti-inflammatory thing makes sense for me on the dexamethasone because Endo is inflammation, I also have an autoimmune disorder, so the immunity thing makes sense as well. Not sure the testosterone makes sense though because mine was low (that's why I was on the DHEA).

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krunchyk- what antimucolytic supplements are you on? I had a cold back in November and cannot shake this mucousy cough after I eat. I'm going to go check out that questionaire. Where in your cycle are you, could the pain be a good thing? Also, the one thread got to depressing for me as well, it got to the point where I literally did not know a single person anymore, after over a year, it just made me sad. I was checking in for a while, but I think the New Year is bringing new hope elsewhere!


wissa- I hope you get happy news from your beta! My DH is also very picky, I end up making 2 meals some nights because he looks at what I'm eating and wont touch it... ugh. I guess it is only fair, he gets an A+ across the board, it is me that needs fixing, why should he suffer. I'm interested in what your RE has to say about the Dexametasone.


rcr- BOO to having to go back to work! Can't wait to hear your numbers tomorrow- praying for good results for you!!


sila- thank you for the juicing tips! I think I was trying to put too much into one drink--- I did read the 'soft fruit/veggie, hard fruit/veggie' thing in the manual, but it is good to be reminded. I am going to try to simplify things, Carrot and apple sound good. As an experienced juicer- what is your favorite mix (don't worry about bitter combos- I take a shot of wheatgrass every AM, I'm getting tough!)


On the Food Front- I ate lunch with my acupuncturist at a vegan macrobiotic restaurant- it wasnt bad  but I can't say I'd go back. I am going to try to make some of the things I tried there, but I will be eating it with lean chicken or beef... I just can't stomach tofu or tempeh exclusively(although I did eat it and keep it down). Also, she said latest research in the naturopathic front shows to increase carrot/carrotjuice/soup consumption from after AF until O (which we all I believe have done), but to eliminate broccoli and other cuniferous veggies (brussel sprouts, not sure what else?) until after O. I'm not sure why and she couldn't remember the exact details... but I am going to start making mostly carrot juice with just a little of the other stuff especially until O- the beta carotene is important! I meant cocoa pebbles when I was posting last night, they are gluten, dairy and soy free! Cocoa krispies may contail soybean oil. Soy lecithin seems to be in most all processed foods, so hard to avoid but my understanding is soy lecithin does not contain the protein in soy so should not affect your hormone balance (it can still cause allergic reactions in some). I got vegan pizza at whole foods today- I am excited because I have been craving pizza and DH made my favorite American Flatbread pizza on sunday and I couldn't share.


AFM- the headache went away last night, of course now DH is travelling so no BD for me. I'm trying to get my hands on some false unicorn root but it looks like it is going to have to wait til Saturday. Also, I was hoping the better diet would get rid of the coughing I've had after I eat, but even after the macrobiotic food today I had a very mucousy cough, I just don't understand. Time to consult Dr.Google.

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Yeah- Soy lecithin is a no-go for me. I am a break out in hives and stomach ache for 3 days from just a tad. May contain soybean oil, unfortunately, is too much of a risk for me. Maybe I can find an equivalent at the health food store. I'll have to take a look at the cocoa pebbles. Not sure how it's possible, but I'm definitely going to take a peek.

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Negative - Boo!!  Poor nurse sounded more disappointed than I was.  I guess that's because I never really thought there was a chance. This was my first letrozole cycle.  I had 3 follicles and a trigger.  My 21 day was only an 11.  I've had 3 cycles on clomid 50mg -100mg with ob/gyn not RE.  My highest progesterone on clomid was 10.45 on 50mg without a trigger or monitoring.  So the letrozole didn't make much difference even with the trigger. ;(        I"m thinking about seeing if the RE will go ahead and add some inject-ables next try ??? 


krunchyk -  I've been at this IF thing for awhile and I will say the "Making Babies" book is the only I ever thought about buying.  The only reason I didn't, is because I want to see if I can download it to my nook.  It is VERY interesting to see both the eastern and western take on PCOS.  According to my RE I have both PCOS and some Endo.  I really believe I have exhausted the PCOS IR connection.  If that was my problem only, I would consider that solved. ;)  I've lost nearly 20 lbs. & was only  1 lb. from being over weight to begin with.  I really think I"m going to focus on the inflammation issues.  I may have to just bite the bullet and go gluten free!


Cbaa -  My nautropath, put me on vitamin A when I had a cyst.  I loved being on it as it made my skin look great.  I'm going to start taking again this cycle.  He said he didn't want me to do the carrot/carrot juice thing because it might spike my blood sugar.  I ate a ton of baby carrots before I got prego with DS.  So, maybe there is something to the whole carrot thing.  I don't really like them anymore as I couldn't eat them when I was pregnant.  I also have never been able to get DS to eat carrots. ;)  I read somewhere that broccoli helps with progesterone!!!


I feel for you with DH eating anything he wants.  My DH also can eat just about anything he wants.  Truly, if anyone else ate like he does they would have heart problems and be very overweight. Yet, he tests always come back good. Sigh.


Deborah - Yikes...allergic to soy.  I like the idea of coconut oil. I'm going to check-out that website.  It sounds great!! 
The dexamethsone is starting to make more sense to me now.  I'm so glad it worked for you! and that your RE put you on it!


AF - Still taking the progesterone for a couple of days until I figure what I want to do.  That way I won't have to wait another whole cycle to do it!!  ;)  Shh! Don't tell my Dr.

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Yes, my RE was excellent. She even called me herself from her ski trip to tell me I was pregnant because things had been so difficult with my retrieval. Soy allergy is really tough. Gluten and dairy seem like a breeze to avoid in comparison (I also can't eat those- well I can eat goat and sheep cheese in limited quantities). 

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HI LADIES!!!   okay, my last couple of days off have been crazy but good.  I've gotten to spend time with my little family with very few bumps lol...but AF is almost gone which means my mood is getting brighter!!!!   YAY to having cycle buddies this month!!!  CD6 has been very un-eventful, but i will go ahead and start my OPKS tomorrow to try to catch O!  I really hope that this is the month for TONS of BFPs  we all deserve it in 2012!!!


I believe i have everyone added but if you still don't have a blurb on the front page and you've requested one already go ahead and bold your request again and I will add you I PROMISE!!!!  Things have just been oooober crazy  with work lately.  Actually i honestly don't know how i'm going to have the strength to DTD this month because starting today i work 21 days straight, my next off day is January 25th!!!! Please keep me in your thoughts as i feel like that is way too many days in a row but what can i do?  I'm trying to just stay positive but i'm scared that this is going to hurt our chances to get pregnant this month...but who knows...maybe it will help us. HEHE!!!  I am working 2nd shift this week but i will be back on 1st shift on sunday (yup after working 2nd shift on saturday!!!)  I hope that doesn't throw my body off too bad! 


I am so horrible with personals lately and i promise i will get better!!!  I just hope everyone is doing well and knows that even if i haven't been here much this month i am sooooooo happy that i'm able to share my troubles with you ladies!!! LOVE YOU WOMEN TO DEATH!!!!

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Sorry Wissa.

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Me first - This thread is pretty busy! I've been busy and haven't been able to reply much. Which is good because I feel like I've hardly been thinking about TTC and IF! Things are boring right now. We've started BDing every other day since we have no idea when I will O.


brichole - I remember you from the One Thread too. No rush but when you get a chance you can add my chart. BFPChart2.gif Don't die working that much!!! Are your shifts 12hrs? 


rcr - Hoping for good news for you tomorrow!


cbaa - Ok, here are some of our favorites.

I'll start with carrot juices:

-Carrots and apple (DH likes but I think it's too sweet)

-Carrots, oranges, and ginger

-Carrots, little bit of apple, and tiny bit of pineapple

-Carrots and grapefruit

-Carrots, apple, and parsley (but I know you aren't supposed to eat massive amounts of parsley during pregnancy so I've been avoiding it...anyone know anything about this?)


Green juices: I always do a dark leafy green (kale, chard, spinach, beet greens, dandelion, collards) something to add a little sweetness (apple, pear, carrots), something to add more volume (cucumber, celery, cabbage), and citrus (twist of lemon, lime, or orange - to add extra vitC to help me absorb iron from the dark greens), I add ginger root to almost every juice I make too (it has great anti inflammatory properties). 



-Beets (any color), apple

-Beets, pear

-Beets, carrots, and apple



I'm glad the headache is better! What, your sperm left?!? That doesn't mean you'll miss O does it? I'll have to check your chart. Keep up your food efforts! I'm one of those plant-based diet evangelist...


Krunchy - I get cramping/pain on my right side too (though I have cramping/pelvic pressure off and on my whole cycle...?). I'm about to finish watching this weeks Bachelor while I do my castor oil pack. I hope it goes away for you and means nothing. Unless you are having ovulation pain? 


Wissa - Bummer. Good luck with the RE!


Ok, Bachelor time. Goodnight.





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Hi everyone - Just checking in! Thanks for the warm wishes, Rena!


I am happy to report that my friend convinced me to schedule an appointment with a new OB regardless what this month brings! I am seeing the new doctor on 1/27 and she'll let me know if she agrees with a more wait-and-see approach or if she'll start the next steps. I am very excited! It will help me get an appointment with the fertility center later on if necessary because I'll be referred "in-house"  and they will have access to any tests this doctor runs.  All good things! If I stuck with my current doctor (cant for insurance reasons, anyways) then I would have to go to the trouble of getting a copy of my medical records or worse, have to do all of the blood work/ultrasounds ect again.  I am very excited about this next step! Getting an appointment with the new OB was hard enough, they aren't accepting routine cases right now. My husband joked that he felt like I had just received a college acceptance letter!

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Hi All and thanks for the welcome. 


Wissa – Sorry about the negative test.  Hopefully the RE will have some new tricks up their sleeve for you!


Brichole – Interesting that your DH set a deadline.  Mine has not done that I hope he doesn’t but he is tiring of TTC and he is happy with just having our DD (or so he says) so it can make it tough trying to squeeze in enough bding at the right time when he is not as into it as me.  It’s frustrating sometimes, we’ve missed cycles because of it and he doesn’t understand why that is the end of the world to me! 


Skenamoon – New OB appointment sounds exciting!  I am excited just to see a new regular old doctor, hopefully we both get the help we need.


RCR – I hope you have good numbers today (I think today?!)


Hello to everyone else!!!!!


You all may know this already but I read recently how they are telling women ttc to take omega 3’s months before ttc – similar to folic acid as it is supposed to help with brain development in the fetus.  Anyways, I decided to see if it had any benefits to helping women get pregnant and it seems that it might (according to Dr. Google).  It can help in several ways one being that they are anti-inflammatory, they are also supposed to help blood flow to the uterus and lower the number of nk cells in the uterus.  I found a prenatal omega 3 supplement and started taking it, so far my only issue with it is that I can sometimes taste fish for a few hours (yuck!).


A question, I have been oing really early the last few cycles, like cd 8/9, just wondering if anyone else experiences this?

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Thanks Smiles. I also take omega 3s. It has benefits besides just for TTC. My mom has Alzheimer's (I take care of her), and omega 3s are supposed to help delay the onset of Alzheimer's or help avoid getting it, so I take it because it runs in my family. It is good for the brain.



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I know, I am being sucky at keeping up with you ladies! But I just wanted to share this article about PCOS. It's insanely long, it took me several session to read the whole thing, but it was really informative. It also explains how steroids help to slow down your adrenals, which helps shut down the overproduction of androgens that is typical in PCOS.


Anyway, gotta run and get ready for my first midwife appointment. I'm still be haunted by the terrible fear that the baby stopped developing a long time ago and this is all for nothing, but hoping and praying it's just that - a fear. I will try to get back to you ladies more tomorrow. Know that I am cheering for you and praying for you, even when I'm not on much!

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Bad news today. Looks like my IVF cycle will either be converted to IUI or just canceled. I have only three follies growing and elevated progestrone levels. I am not sure what the latter means, I have never had that before. Oh, and a thin lining.

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