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Monkey - Woah, you weren't kidding about long! I added it to my reading list. Thanks! I hope the appointment went great!


Rcr - hug2.gif Crud. 


Smiles - I eat a diet high in omegas and supplement as well after also reading good stuff about it. Rcr, good to know about the Alzheimer's. It runs in my family too.


Sekenamoon - Yay for an appointment! Good luck!


AFM - The herbs are definitely doing something to my hormones. My face is breaking out everywhere and I cried today for like an hour straight. I forgot to mention to all of the other acupuncture goers that my diagnosis is pretty similar! I'm also trying the lunaception method this month to see if it will shorten my cycle at all.

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Holy Macaroni! My last post was on page 4! Ok, personals first :)


Gozal: Thanks for the support – I just wish I had found my current doctor sooner. But, everything happens for a reason. Cliché, but I really believe it. How many cycles of Clomid have you done so far? Since I had no rounds of Clomid without IUI, I’m sort of going through the same thought process right now regarding when to jump to IVF. I trust my doctor, but as I mentioned earlier, he’s not keen on telling me what all the potential next steps are. There are pros/cons to that approach!


SilaMarila: I don’t know the Infertility Cure, but they are probably similar. Fully Fertile is related to a clinic in Chicago (I think the clinic is called Pulling Down the Moon, but not sure). What are the castor oil packs? I used to just rub the oil on my belly before bed. I haven’t done it in a while, but I’d like to restart. And how often do you do them? Would love your advice! Loved all of your juice suggestions – makes me want to try juicing again!


Renavoo: Even though I’m still technically young (although I find infertility really has no age boundaries), I am thinking that I might be inclined to move on to IVF fairly quickly after these IUIs as well. Is it normal practice to have two IUIs in a cycle? Just wondering if most REs do only one or if more was common. I had two last cycle, so I imagine he’ll do two again this cycle. More on all of that below. I really need to call my insurance company to see how much is covered. I tried to look it up online, but the website said that I had a special NY State fertility rider and I couldn’t access that online. I know I have decent coverage, but I guess a part of me is a little afraid to find out just how much this could all end up costing. I took out the max for my FSA this year, though just in case.


Your post about being concerned about hormones rang true for me as well. I went through a period of being really hard on myself for having been on birth control for so long. I still believe that bc had a role in my current situation (along with all the hormones in the foods we eat and the plastics we use), but I think I’m beyond blaming myself now (for the most part)! I know, it’s a bit conspiracy theorist!


Deborah: You sound like superwoman to me! I have great admiration for you (and everyone else with dietary restrictions). It’s funny – when I was doing gluten-lactose-soy free with my acupuncturist, it felt like torture. But now, on my diet (to lose weight), I’m essentially doing the same thing (though I do have one yogurt/day), and it doesn’t feel difficult at all. State of mind, I suppose! I am so glad to hear that you and the babies are doing great!!


rcr: Thank you for the welcome! Is follistim an injectable? You’re doing an IVF this cycle, right? What’s the process like? Is it hard to be at work during the treatments? Would love to know more. Still would love to know more, but I just read your latest post. I’m so sorry. I’m sending you a virtual hug.


krunchyk: I’m glad the Metformin is helping to regulate your cycles. And, I’ve everything crossed that your tubes are clear, clear, clear!


sekenamoon: I’m so glad you decided to go for another opinion! I’m really hopeful that the new doctor will help give you some answers or at least validation.


cbaa: Today, I am CD6, so I’ll be taking my 4th dose of Femara tonight. I tried juicing once, but like you, found that I wasn’t getting much juice out of it! When I was doing the diet from the acupuncturist, I thought the hardest part would be cutting out grains. It turned out though that I had a really hard time letting go of milk products. I really missed cheese!


shesaidboom: Dukan Diet is pretty simple. Mostly just protein and veggies. There are some other rules, but that’s more or less it. Fat-free dairy counts as protein. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your natural cycle this month!


sourire: Great news about no spotting! I hope that you O’d or are close to doing so and that you are on your way to a BFP :)


Smilesarefree: Welcome! Have you seen your new doctor yet? Are you on any meds? I have an Omega-3 that is not fish-based so you don’t get that yucky taste all day. I’ll try to remember the brand for you.


chicajones: Good luck! Hope you got your O confirmation.


brichole: Uh oh. Do you feel extra pressure with the time limit? I’d have a tough time with a limit imposed by someone else, but that’s because I’m kind of a control freak. If you are stressed, try to remember that you ARE getting a BFP this year!!!


wissa19: I’m so, so sorry about your negative test. Boo. Thanks for the tip on the Making Babies book. I’m going to check it out. What does drinking whole milk do? Tell me your secrets, please!


AFM: Being back at work is a drag – I still want to be on vacation! I’m in a grad program and have class this weekend, so I have piles of reading and a mid-term for that too. Back to reality, sigh. I’m on CD6. I have my next RE appointment next Wednesday. I thought they were going to do a post-coital to see if I needed an IUI again this month, but they told me yesterday that they plan to just do the IUI with the HGC trigger shot. Not sure when that will happen – I’ll know after my appointment on Wed. Not looking forward to this second round as last month took a real toll on my and DH’s intimacy. Femara has not been much better than Clomid in terms of side effects. Hot flashes again, though this time they come during the day (as opposed to right after taking the pill at night). Massive headache, but we are also having some floors varnished at work, so it could be related to that. Very moody. Last night I almost threw something and then started sobbing hysterically. I sort of had good reason (someone stole a check I had written to ConEdison, and changed it to Macon Edison and then cashed the check – had to file a police report and then close and re-open checking accounts… ick). But, the mood swing was so obvious and kind of scary. Feeling much better today… my spirits and energy seem to be more on track and upbeat. I finally called my insurance company to find out my coverage – I was afraid to hear what they had to say. But apparently, I have really good coverage so that was reassuring. Not sure what an IVF costs, but that will be when things start to get expensive. All the same, I’m thankful. I’ve taken off 5 of the 12 holiday pounds, so that has me upbeat too. Starting to feel like January will be a good month – hoping it’s true for us all ;-) Sending you all warm, sticky baby vibes!!!!


PS – sorry for the massive post and for jumping around a bit. Was trying to catch up.

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Teresearesa- I don't know about being a true superwoman, but sure hope I have some superwoman qualities since I will seriously need them when the twins are born. RCR- Sorry to hear about your cycle. I would personally choose IUI so it doesn't feel like a wasted cycle. Mine was a conversion cycle since there was a chance we weren't going to get 4 follies from me.

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Back with more later, but just wanted to say... The Grad Thread is up!


And rcr, I am so sorry!

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RCR - I am so sorry to hear that :( Big hugs! Hang in there...



Smiles - I wish I had known that, I was really sporatic with my omega 3s this month.  darn.



So one thing i did on my own - If this was dangerous feel free to tell me -  was to take a baby asparin every day this cycle becuase dr Google told me too. i did notice I had a bruise on my foot from the puppy and one on my arm but other than that no side effects. I read it's supposed to increase blood flow to the ovaries.  Any one still do this or has it been completely discreditied/decided by science that it's dangerous (miscarriages)?  I've read both. Do any of your RE's tell you to use them?  I will fess up to my new doctor. I figured a month wouldnt harm anything.


I haven't ovulated yet/ had a peak monitor reading yet and it's day 20, I dont know if it's related to the asparin, too much candy from the holidays, or if I'm still out of wack from October.

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Sekenamoon  - I self medicate with a baby aspirin a day.  I did when I conceived my dd as well.  Not sure if it is still recommended or not. 


RCR - hug2.gif

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My RE had me on baby aspirin and no one has told me to stop taking it. In fact, there is some evidence that points to it preventing miscarriage, not causing miscarriage. This is because it keeps blood clots from forming and there is some thought that many miscarriages occur due to blood clots in the placenta. I forget where I read that, but I can look for it.

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That's good to know.   My periods where always (tmi) very thick and clotted when i was younger, I always got confused about how MDs asked how many pads I would soak through because it always just stayed on top, I wonder if I have a clotting issue.  I'll definitely ask.

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RCR, I'm so sorry. My heart is breaking for you :o(  hug2.gifAfter all you've been through too. Well, maybe the IUI will be successful? Or let's look forward to next month!


Teresa, I still blame BCPs for my troubles. I was upset when i had to take BCPs during my ivf cycles and while things went well, I never want to see another BCP again. And you're right...IF knows no age...if I knew them what I knew now, I would skip two clomid cycles (on account that they decimated my lining- i didn't say three because I guess I would have wanted to try it at least once) and move on to IVF quicker. Oh well!


Sekena, I hear baby aspirin is good to take earlier in the cycle but definitely ask your doctor. My RE told me there isn't any evidence that it would help so he didn't suggest I go on a baby aspirin. I believe that they don't suggest you take aspirin in higher doses due to concerns about miscarriage (although baby aspirin may be ok) but again, I think it's a great idea to let your doctor know. 


Monkey, glad you're doing well! i was thinking about you. Things will be fine for your midwife visit!! Let us know how things go though! :o)


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RCR - hug2.gif I am so sorry to hear you cycle is not going well.   I know you were hoping for much better results as we all were for you! Please, let us know if you try the IUI.  I am also sorry hear about your mom having Alzheimer's.  My grandmother, whom I was very close to suffered from that terrible disease for years.  She started having symptoms at 65 and it appears to run our family as well.  I know this is really difficult time for you having to deal with that and IF. 


sekenamoon - A new doctor is always exciting.


Smiles - I get the DH thing.  My DH claims he wants another one and I really think he does.  However, it's just not at the top of his list and his take on it is not always so supportive.  I'm willing to do just about anything and he is much more laid back about it.  I occasionally have to remind him how much it means to me.  He does not want of DS to grow-up alone, so I use that take a lot.  We also did not have any trouble getting DS and I think in the back of his mind he thinks it's just going to magically happen again.


brichole - Hope the crazy work schedule doesn't mess things up for you.


teresaresa - lol - I wish I had secrets.  I started drinking the milk because I couldn't stop losing weight on the metformin.  I didn't want to start eating "white foods" (potatoes, bread, sugar) again.  So, I figured the fat in the milk would help and it has.  I remember reading somewhere (a long time ago) that when you are trying to get pregnant you should drink whole milk and ice-cream.  Something about your body needing the fat...of course you don't want bad fat and dairy isn't a good choice for everyone.   When I got prego with DS I drank a glass of chocolate milk on my way to work every morning. 


AF - just waiting for her to show.  I think we may try another letrozole cycle this month.  I had a cold and ran a fever during implantation time and DH thinks the cold may have been the problem.  I disagree with that, but I guess it won't hurt to try again.  I have an appointment to review things with my RE on Wed.    I wonder what he would say if I brought in a list of questions and said "These are all the things that my online support buddies want to know!"  lol

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OMG IM GOING TO GO OFF!!! have been typing for 20 minutes one handed and was getting ready to post when my computer deleted everything i had typed!!!  maybe i can short hand it this time here goes:::::



1) i've been fighting with my home security company all morning and i have been crying ever since the conversation with them started!  i need to come up with $1800 to send them along with "thank your sh*t and shove it" letter, and be done with them. we have it thru vivint and i reallywish i would of been given time to look stuff up on them before we agreed to take the system on!!!!!


2) on top of me crying all morning emma has been in a pissy mood since she woke up this morning!!!  dont get me wrong i love my child but its hard to get things done i need to do on days like this....and she woke up at 6 this morning....so no fun fo me right now lol.


3) yes i feel pressured with the time line and the fact that dh doesnt want to see the re....which at this point is fine bc my new insurance will only cover 1 medication for treatment and that is femera....in order for femera to work for me i have to do menopur injections and a trigger stot and even the trigger isnt covered!!!  Blah!!!


i am sorry for the rants this morning. i just needed a sounding board real quick!!!!


rcr:  i hate that ur ivf cycle has been thrown off...do they think they over supressed you withbeing on the bcp too long?

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Thanks for the hugs and support, everybody. It made a pretty sucky day much better. Looks like my cycle was canceled because I already ovulated. The luprpon was supposed to stop me from Oing, but in some people it doesn't. I was only on stim day 4 or 5 when I o'd, which is crazy early. Oh well. Onward and upward.


Brichole - Actually it was the opposite of being oversuppressed, I was not suppressed enough and I Od on stim day 4 or 5. Sorry you are having a sucky morning. We have had hard mornings with DS since he started back at school this week.


Wissa - thanks. Actually my mom is doing really good now. The bad part - when she knew that she had Alzheimers and was really depressed about it - is over, and now she forgot that she has it and thinks that she is in college, so she is pretty happy most of the time, thank goodness. It was really really hard for a few years, but we have been on a good streak with her for about one year now. I think another letrozole cycle wouldn't hurt either.


Rena - thanks. I replied to you on the IVF thread, but thanks so much for your support. Looks like I od a day or two ago, and the egg was probably premature, so we won't even be doing an IUI. Maybe some BDing tonight if I am up to it, but I am kinda sick of having sex with DH. I think that TTC has really put a damper on our sex life.


Skeena - I self medicated with baby asprin for a while, after my last m/c. MY RE never mentioned it, but my understanding is that it can't hurt and may help.


Monkey  - hi! Thanks for popping in. Glad you are doing well.


Teresa - Hmmm, what is IVF like... That is a complicated question. First off, we are fortunate to be one of the lucky ones to have insurance coverage, so it is different for me than for people who are paying out of pocket because I can afford to do more cycles and more drugs and try different things to try to get it to work. I have a flexible job, so it is not too bad to work, but there are a lot of appointments for monitoring, which can be done really early in morning (7 am at my clinic), so help with work hours. My biggest challenge is child care, not work, since my kid gets out of school around noon, and I have a hard time picking him up if I am at an appointment. It is a lot of shots, which you kinda get used to and aren't as bad after a while. I was so scared to do shots at first and I can't believe how many I have done at this point. This is my second cycle. The first one didn't work, and this one was canceled, but we have also done 6 cycles of injectible IUIs (again, thank goodness for fertility insurance state mandates!). I have gained about 30 lbs in the last 3 years (TTC for 4 years), part of it I blame on the fertility drugs, part of it on using food as a coping mechanism for too many BFNs. I totally understand about IF and intimacy with DH. It feels like DH and I have not had sex for the fun of it for years, and sex has just become more of a chore than fun. I am really trying to not be worried about it, and to believe that we will get back to normal after we get pregnant and have a baby.


Sila - what other supplements are you on?


I am sure I am missing someone, but I am going to post this and go back to the last page so I don't loose this post.

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Krunchyk - what do castor oil packs do?


Monkey - how was the first midwife appointment?


Sekena - I have heard of so many people getting pregnant with they switch doctors. Hope that is the case for you!

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Oh my! I love how active this thread is getting because I love you guys. But I'll never catch up! Eek! Bear with me, okay?


First for some good news: my 7dpo progesterone this cycle was 19, naturally!! I know that doesn't correlate to pregnancy but I find that I'm just happy to get assurance that my body is doing what it's supposed to do. It's still possible, I suppose, that my follicles are growing too fast - is that possible? But in any case, the p4 level gives me renewed confidence, which is always welcome. I do think the progesterone supps affect my mood - I'm feeling much better this 2ww. Don't laugh, but I sort of re-remembered that pregnancy leads to babies (yeah, I know!). I've been so focused these past few months about just getting to pregnant, I sort of forgot about the whole little person that I so badly want to meet. Re-centering on that has brought me some much-needed peace.  


Funny that you've all been talking about Making Babies - I just noticed it browsing around on Amazon the other day. Turns out my local library has a copy, which I just checked out. I am very interested in healthful living and food as medicine, and do a lot of continuous work on those things just as a matter of general principle. However, having a pituitary tumor, my ability to impact my fertility through natural means is little. So I wasn't sure this book was going to be all that revelatory or helpful to me - but I have to say, it's probably the best of the bunch I've read about natural fertility/IF treatment. It's really a intelligent book. I flipped right to the section on elevated prolactin because most books don't even mention my condition or refer to it in a half a sentence. The discussion of it in this book, while brief (hey, it's very rare), was intelligent. 


Gemmine, re: eastern diagnoses: Because of my @#%! insurance company, I wasn't able to get a true diagnosis from my TCM practitioner. (I just had one diagnostic session before they cut me off.) But the practitioner felt that my tongue demonstrated that I was over-tired. This is a problem I often have because I'm one of those who needs tons of sleep (like, 9 hours a night would be my ideal) and I am also a night owl. But I was still surprised when she told me that because I'd been feeling relatively good in the tiredness department. I decided to go ahead and focus on getting more sleep, and I think DH and I have been doing pretty well with it. I also don't know when I go to sleep, so I listen better to my body rather than judging how tired I am or not based on my sleep hours. Do any of you know about tiredness in connection with fertility in TCM?


Thanks for all the thoughts about injectibles/IUIs vs. IVF. The truth is my RE has not so much as breathed the word IVF anywhere near me. DH and I kind of came up with that as what I like to call a "Plan Z." You know, that last thing you hope won't happen but if it does, you'll be ready. So I am jumping the shark a little bit thinking about it, I suppose. I did read up on injectibles on my practice's website and I think I get why my RE thinks that should be our next step if needed. If my problem is somehow improperly cooking my eggs, then lupron sounds like the best way to control that. Since DH has gotten me pregnant twice already including six months ago, the RE doesn't think we even need IUI. If we do get to injectibles, though, I'm thinking we'd ask to do the first cycle with an SA + IUI. Our insurance will cover the SA and since we'll be paying for the monitoring, the IUI itself (cath + squirt) is just another few hundred. (Believe me, that's big money to us, but if we're gonna do injectibles...)


Okay, this is a book already, sorry!


KrunchyK, I remember you also from the ttc one thread - you're the knowledgeable and kind and funny one who disappeared on me. (I don't post much over there anymore, but because it's the first thread I joined on MDC and I stubbornly refuse to leave it without a BFP.) Sorry you're here but nice to see you again!


Smilesarefree, I'm stuck in secondary infertility land too. Sorry you're here, but welcome to this awesome group of ladies! I hope your new doctor has some insights for you.


Deborah, I'm so glad all is well with you and the twins!


cbaa, you are getting bad side effects on Femera?! Seriously NOT FAIR. You know what would be good though? If you keep feeling headachey and gross for another 12-14 weeks, how about that? :) Teresaresa, you too!


chica, I'm totally there: indefinite FB hiatus! How's your temp?


shesaidboom, I don't know if this will help, but I'll tell you my Ovidrel story. I am actually not that anxious over needles and guts and bugs and stuff, but okay, shooting yourself up in your own bathroom while your partner hovers nervously outside is nerve-racking. I really had to talk myself calm doing it the first time. Then it was a total non-event. I'm talking, couldn't even feel the needle go in, no pain or marks whatsoever, didn't believe I'd really injected it. I spent the next two weeks taking out the empty syringe (which, yes, I kept around) and saying to myself "I must have injected it because there's nothing left in there." The second trigger I did, I actually did get a little bruise and I was all happy about it 'cause it was real! I just had to lift up my shirt and there was my proof!


Renavoo, I'm so glad you are checking in and cheering us on! I love seeing that ticker tick along.


Sila, I'm stealing your juicing tips for DS and DH! I'm not big on smoothies but I think they would love your recipes. My favorite way to eat my leafy greens (other than raw in a salad) is lightly sauteed in olive oil and then tossed in garlic-sesame sauce. Any other favorites out there?


Wissa, I went on a little hunt for soy lecithin in my pantry/fridge but I didn't find any except in chocolate. Maybe I have a version of something you're looking for in my pantry? I love coconut oil too. I try to avoid soy (especially unfermented) and omega-6-heavy veggie oils so it's a good one to have. There is a new coconut oil spread my supermarket carries that is super delicious on baked sweet potatoes and easy to spread on bread. Fortunately we don't have food sensitivies in our family right now, but since we keep kosher I know a lot of dairy-free tips for meat meals. And I too don't like subs, like soy burgers and stuff like that. I do use earth balance margarine (organic and no trans-fat or soy) and Spectrum canola oil sparingly. I tried to go without those too, but I found that it was easy to use them sparingly and hard not to use them at all. I use Isa Chandra Moskowitz's vegan cookbooks a lot (though we're not vegan). Highly recommended for dairy-free recipes (eggs too) though not gluten, corn, or soy, of course. You can always add eggs back in if you eat them, I do.


sekena, yay for moving forward!


monkey, midwife!!! I am so excited for you and hope she's amazing.


rcr, I'm so sorry about the cancelled cycle. You're going to have a sit down with your RE, right? You need answers!


Brichole, sorry about all that CRAP! Ugh! 


Jukim, anything new with you?



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cbaa - Sorry the Femara is giving you headaches! You really deserve to catch a break with these medications. greensad.gif How does your dh handle it? Mine freaks out about me taking just about any prescription, because in the short time we've been married, he's seen me have bad reactions to at least 3 completely different medications. Really hoping you can trade all those medicine side effects for some "nice" morning sickness!


brichole - Bleh, that is sucky! Hope your day gets better!


rcr - Sorry this cycle is canceled, but I admire your positive attitude. Any idea when you can start again? Also, sucks that having sex with your dh just seems like a chore. The few times we were actually specifically timing intercourse (which is what got us this baby) really sucked. Hopefully things will get back on track when you get pregnant. I've heard that libido is supposed to increase in the second trimester, but I seem to be getting that symptom a bit early... shy.gif.


gozal - Maybe I missed it, but are you doing any meds this cycle? Either way, sounds like you've got some good plans for the future. Good luck!


deborah and renavoo - Come join me on the grads thread and make me less lonely! I want to have a bigger roster. :D


Everyone else - not much more to add. The only shot I did, I mad my dh do for me, especially since it was an intramuscular shot. He did an amazing job, the shot itself didn't hurt at all, but then my rump was sore for about 2 days afterwards!


AFM, midwife appointment went great, I love the birth center I'm going to. They surprised me and found a heart beat with the doppler - 160 BPM, which is great. I didn't think we'd hear it for a few more weeks. Also got a quick, very grainy ultrasound look at the baby. The mw said it looked good, I may or may not have seen the baby for a second - hard to tell. Definitely saw the amniotic sac. It isn't twins, which has relieved dh's worry, and the baby is growing well and has a good heartbeat, which relieved my worries. We're going to start telling more friends and extended family now, since the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically once you have a good heartbeat. Things are up and down with the morning sickness, though they seem to be improving. Today has been rough - I seem to be constantly on the verge of gagging for no apparent reason. Anyways, best wishes to all you ladies!

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Monkey- I am on the grads thread! Maybe I just haven't been participating enough. I've been very tired.

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Monkey, thanks! Just a natural cycle for me this time because we were traveling. How exciting that you caught a little glimpse of your babe!

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Sila- Never thought of acne as a good sign but I hope it is at least a sign that something is happening! Thanks again for the recipes, I tried carrot orange beet and ginger this morning, I didn't use much ginger but boy was it spicy! I like ginger, but I definitely need to get used to this...


theresa- I would be so frusterated with the check thing, just feels so violating. I'm glad you got it figured out. As far as the IUI, we never did  p/c check- my RE didn't recommended it and I figure it can't hurt... I'll take what I can get


gozal- I know what you mean about 'if I'm going to do this than I might as well do that' it is like getting the most bang for your buck... except that it hasn't worked yet, so its been a whole lotta bucks and a whole lotta banging, just not the bang I'm looking for., if ya know what I mean... I wish we had just gone on to injectables instead of this letrazole bologna... YAY for good progesterone on your own. I need to get me a copy of this "Making Babies" thing, I have "Making A Baby" but it is just not the same...

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I'm not sure if it is my computer or MDC that is going crazy... but the formatting is just not working for me tonight. Let's try this again...


Monkey- SO glad to hear that everything is okay in there.


I hope we are all joining you ladies in the Grads thread soon, I'll be sure to come stalk you all through the rest of your journies!


brichole- UGH! Rough day for you lady. I hope that BDing goes well and you aren't too exhausted with everything at work. I'm CD8 so we will be headng to the other side soon.


Gemmine- I forgot to answer this earlier I think (or did I?) My eastern diagnosis is a combo of a few different books as well as my symptoms... I have cold feet & low blood pressure which I think is the weak kidney thing (poor circulation) and allergies/congestion/sneezing first thing in the morning which is the mucous stagnation, I think the overnight urination was the liver one, but it is all confused in my head now. I believe it was from The Tao of Fertility. My acupuncturist treats mostly infertility, so she treats me based on where I'm at in my cycles or when the IUI was done. Hope you are doing well!


Wissa- another letrazole cycle can't hurt, right? Although did the prescription packaging totally freak you out as it did me, DH was reading it saying 'are you sure you want to take this, i'd rather have it take a while than end up with a messed up kid' because of all the do not take if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant...


sekena I hope the new doctor is the magic bullet for you!



AFM- I am ditching wheat... pray for me, I am a carboholic. Day 1: I feel hungry and do not know what to eat... I don't feel like any more veggies or almonds... I think I'm off to eat some cocoa pebbles, sigh... oh and I have a headache again, just the thought of no more kit kats or crusty french bread is too much for my poor brain to absorb.

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Gozal and Monkey - yea, I am meeting with the RE on Wed. I think that we will talk about changing to a new protocol, since this one obviously went wrong. Maybe back to Gannirelix. That worked before for holding off O'ing until I was supposed to.

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