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Re Castor Oil packs: Here is a little info. This is the 3rd cycle I have tried it. I do it from after AF to O at least 3 times a week. I just use a piece of old flannel sheet that I soaked in castor oil (and I store in a jar in the refrigerator) and a rice sock. I warm up the rice sock, put the castor oil flannel on my lower belly, cover it with a large ziploc bag, then put the warm rice sock on, then I put a pillow on top of that. I put a towel down on the couch/bed/recliner and do it pants-less. Because it stains! Then I have to get up way through to re heat the sock. I maybe I make it a bigger event than it needs to be...


Re juicing: Glad you all liked my recommendations! Ginger is definitely spicy! Start with just a tiny little slice.


Re Making Babies book: Going to look at my library!


Monkey - Birth Center yay! I intern at one orngbiggrin.gif


Gem - When is the SA?


cbaa - I also have kidney deficiency (yang I think?). I get it all confused... And your new "diet" is making me happy. I think this is the way everyone should eat biggrinbounce.gif


Rcr - I wish I could have have swapped our ovulations. I would have taken your early one for you. As for supplements, right now just DHA (omega-3), prenatals (I do a plant based whole food one), and the herbs from my TCM practitioner (which are all Chinese and I have no idea what they are). I supplement superfoods too. I use spirulina and chlorella capsules on days when I feel like I didn't eat a lot of greens or didn't have spirulina in a smoothie.


Gozal - Yay! And glad you are feeling good about things! Not sure about the sleep thing. My acupuncturist can always tell my energy level from my pulses. Interesting. If I think of any ideas for greens I'll let you know! Oh, here's one - I make raw green soups (what I just ate for dinner), just veggies with hot water in the VitaMix with a little seasoning.


AFM - I'm trying lunaconception this month (did I already mention that?) to try to shorten my cycle. I've got a few more days of sleeping in darkness then I'm going to sleep with a light CD16,17,18 and see what happens! I think I've had fertile CM today (checked 12 hrs after BDing but it still could be left overs). I just want this first time I get EW CM to mean I'm going to O so badly. Not like the 5th patch of it... 




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Monkey:  So happy that everything went good with the MW appointment and that baby is looking and sounding good :)   I am soooooo excited that you already like the birth center :)


cbaa:  I'm so excited that we are cycle buddies again!! I am SOOOOOO bound and determined that this is our month, along with everyone else!!!


gozal:  I probably missed it earlier because i've been having to do fly bys lately where are you traveling to?  I hope that this natural cycle proves to be your cycle!!!!!


Renavoo:  I hope that you are doing well...not much longer and you should be able to know the sex of the babies....and then Deborah won't be too much futher behind you :)  I'm really looking forward to those updates   :)   I know people probably think i'm weird but I always look forward to hear updates from our pregnant mama's here but I don't want to hear about it anywhere else lol.  I guess i'm just getting really down about not getting pregnant and staying that way!!!


RCR:  I hope that your RE can get things figured out.  It really sucks that this cycle went haywire!!!


wissa: I hope that your appointment with your RE on Wednesday goes well!!!


EVERYONE I MISSED:  Again, i'm sooooooo sorry for not being better with personals lately!! Things have been super crazy at work and i'm happy to say i only have 1 day and 2 hours left on 2nd shift and then i will be going back to 1st shift to work the rest of my 21 day straight at work!!!  I do have an appointment to see my GYN for my yearly check up on January 19th so i'm really looking forward to seeing what he has to say and see if he has any conserns about how my uterus is after having my second c-section!!!  My day did finally get a little bit better, i did stop crying lol...i hate crying BTW!!! I wish i wasn't so sensitive some days...but then it reminds me that i still have feelings somewhere deep inside.  Working as a 911 dispatcher i do feel for people, but i have to be able to put a barrier between myself and the situation going on at the time because if not then I would get too involved in things that are going on!

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Gozal, it's so great to hear from you. I'm hoping that you get your BFP during this natural cycle! It's great that your progesterone level is doing so well and hey, at 7dpo, you only have a few more days until you get your BFP and hopefully, you'll be on the road to meeting your little baby at the end of it. It is amazing right, that the stress of infertility or difficulties conceiving result in us forgetting just what we're trying to accomplish..


Monkey, joy.gifi love hearing your good news! Yah! I'm so happy the heartbeat was strong and that you got to see the baby. It's such a miracle of life as time marches on and the babies look more like, well babies. I'm thinking of you and so happy that you're doing well (even though you have a little nausea. ugh. but hopefully it will go away soon. I will find your thread and join in. I completely forgot that you started one and I can't wait.


Rcr, great idea to switch back to what works! I also used ganirelix- did you find the needle difficult to actually penetrate the skin? DH had the most problem injecting that into me. he felt the needle was either the most dull or something. The first time we injected it, the needle actually bounced off me first! That was the oddest thing. After that initial issue, DH started treating it like darts and he said that worked much better. it was definitely unforgettable.


Cbaa, you are amazing. i wish you luck on ditching wheat. I am too weak willed to ever do something like that. Although  mmm mmm to cocoa pebbles. i love cocoa puffs too but i think that that probably has wheat. But seriously, no more kit kats or crusty french bread? What is the point of life then (and i'm being serious...haha) i do hear that after a few days, your body adjusts. Here's hoping that happens for you!


Brichole, hug2.gif I hope today starts better for you. It's awful that you have to come up with so much money so quickly for a service that sounds more annoying than helpful. As for femara, I'm actually a bit surprised that your insurance covers femara just because it's not approved. i expected that they would cover another drug that would be indicated for this. I'm sorry, though. I feel like you're getting it from all sides so i'm not surprised that you're frustrated. I'm thinking about you and wishing that i could give you strength and help you through...not that you need it because you're such a strong person! I hope Emma is in a better mood today! I'm sure that will make your mood better.


Teresa, UGH to the extra stress with the check. I hope everything is sorted out in the end but wow, I'm shocked that that happened. Just wanted to send a big hug your way! Also, I know a lot of people who get IUIs back to back. Typically, with a trigger shot, the egg is released 36 hours after the shot. Since often, that means that the egg will be released at night if you trigger in the morning, a lot of REs prefer to give two IUIs to better catch the egg. Otherwise, I know some people actually trigger by themselves at night and go in to get their IUI 36 hours later. I'm glad you have good coverage though! DH and I found out that my insurance was awful and covered nothing while his covered 3 iUIs. this is AFTER we already did 3 IUIs and we were basically ready for IVF. We ended up doing one more IUI using his insurance and then just jumped into IVF. Yes it's more expensive but it's also more effective and since we already spent close to 4K on IUIs, we thought that it would just be better to bite the bullet. So good luck on your decision although I hope that the iuis work for you instead!


Sekena, yah to a new doctor. I had 3 REs total...i switched from my first one because she just wouldn't listen to me. i loved my second one but the RE at the third place where we did the IVF made better financial sense so that's the only reason I switched. But i have to say, switching was the best thing we've done...I think both my second and my third RE would have been able to get me pregnant. And most importantly, they listened to me when i had a question or issue. I'm hoping that that is what your new doctor brings to the table.


Wissa, definitely bring questions to the doctor :o) I think that the sign of a good doctor is one who listens and answers your questions. i know it's difficult for them these days what with reimbursement issues, etc but they are still supposed to be trying to help us! Good luck at your next visit.


I'm sure i'm missing people and for that, I'm sorry. But I hope that you guys are all doing well and i'm ready to hear about more bfps!






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Brichole- Just over a month until we might find out! I'm not up to posting much, so I'll come back and respond to others. There is quite a list of people to go through here.

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Deborah:  Yay!!! I hope that by the time you are finding out what the sex of the babies is I will be finding out that i'm prego lol.  That would be toooooooo wonderful!


Renavoo:  Emma was in a MUCH better mood than she was yesterday when i finally got out of bed today! DH was so sweet and let me sleep until 945 this morning! It was nice because my body really needed that!!! 


AFM:  I'm really trying to be positive about this cycle.  I still haven't gotten a + OPK but with me having PCOS i don't know that I will get a + OPK....i'm just going to keep BDing every 24 hours just to make sure that we hit the mark lol.  I know that DH's numbers were REALLY good when he went in to have his test done back almost 4 years ago so i'm hoping that they are still up there...that would be wonderful!!!  I'm so ready for the 19th to be here too so that I can go to the doctor and see if everything is ok!!!   I'm sure my doctor will tell me that I'm crazy to be wanting to start TTC already but crap i've been off BCP since like 2 months after I started them so whatever lol.  I probably need to get to working a little bit though it's Saturday and there's not much going on right now and I hope that nothing much continues to keep going on lol.  That would be nice!!  I hope that everyone has a great Saturday and Sunday and that this coming week brings good news to those who are waiting on news!!!

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14 days DPO & a BFN TODAY.

No AF.




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Brichole- I hope so too! Skeemama- I'm sorry to hear that. Could you maybe have ovulated a little later than you thought? Also, has it been an extra stressful month?

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Skeemama:  Big hugs!  I agree with Deborah...maybe you Oed later than you thought?  I hope that's the case!!!!!  I HATE HATE HATE to see BFNs....i think that if i saw a BFP at the end of this cycle i would probably pass out and not believe it was true lol.  I hope that the late O is the case and you can get a BFP in the next few days...remember you are never out until AF shows up!!!

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Holy Moly! I feel like I am so far behind--our little thread has exploded in the past week...hopefully it will be exploding again soon with BFPs! :) I'm going to try and respond to as many as I can, but I'm sure I will leave some people out, so apologies in advance.


Sourire, how is the diet going? DH and I have tried to cut a lot of carbs/gluten out of our diets, which has definitely been hard. Sugar has been harder, because it really feels like it's in everything! Deborah is right, there are a number of good gluten free options out there, but you definitely have to try everything. We've had some pretty gross gluten-free items before, but then there are some that you'd have no idea were gluten-free unless you looked at the box. 


CBAA, triple cream brie for new years? I should have been partying with you! Brie is one of my favorite things...guess I should indulge like crazy since I still can. How has the juicing/diet been going? We had a juicer for a little while (that someone gave us), but it was such a pain to clean that I just went back to making green smoothies. I like knowing all of the fiber, etc, is in there as well, but there are definitely things I can't do with a blender that I could with a juicer. 


Gozal, I love your system for handing out BFPs. :) Can we please put that in motion? I have to remind myself when I'm feeling jealous of moms who seem like they shouldn't be, that you never know what their kids will end up doing, or how being raised the way they are will give them the motivation to make a difference in the world. But it really seems like it would be much more fair if BFPs were given to those who desperately wanted them, and passed over the ones who have no place for a chid in their lives. Glad to hear you were able to time your BD-ing well, hopefully you won't have to do any more Clomid! Injectables vs IVF is definitely a hard decision, but it's great that you have a doctor you can trust. That helps so much, especially knowing that they see so many couples and know what the best odds are, etc. Also, great news about our progesterone levels! I know what you mean--it's great just to have one or two things that are starting to act the way that they're supposed to. I think it's the feeling that you're that much closer to a BFP. 


SilaMarila I know exactly what you mean about friends starting TTC. That awful feeling that washes over you, knowing that they'll probably have a BFP in the first month and knowing that you'll have to be excited and happy about it. It's rough. And it's not like you want to wish difficulty on them, but it's hard not having someone to relate with.


KrunchyK, thanks for sharing your story! It's interesting to see what works and what doesn't for different people with PCOS. It's also amazing what a difference Metformin can make -- I know it doesn't work for everyone, but even just having normal(ish) cycles can be such an encouragement. Oh, and I wouldn't personally count Met as a fertility drug, especially if you're Insulin Resistant (I am). It's helping even things out, and correcting things that are important even if you aren't TTC.


sekenamoon, so glad you are able to go see a new doctor! I am not going to an RE, just an OB/GYN, but I wish I had gone to her sooner than I did. If you have totally irregular cycles, etc, it's typical to not wait until the one-year mark to go see someone. I hope you have a wonderful appointment and that she has the exact insights you need.


Deborah, so glad to hear that you and the babies are all doing well! I'm sure that was a bit nerve-wracking, and you must be glad to know everything is going along as it should.


Shesaidboom, what's the word? Did you ovulate? It would be so awesome if you got a BFP this cycle, and didn't have to do any more shots/medicating!


Wissa, who is the author of the Making Babies book? I looked for it briefly when I was at Barnes and Noble, but didn't see it. I've read a number of infertility books, but the couple I've found on PCOS were a little dated (and kind of silly).


Brichole, how crazy that your computer keeps sabatoging your posts! I actually keep two windows open: I write my replies in Gmail, then have another tab open with the forum. Gmail autosaves every few seconds, so that way I don't lose anything. I just paste it in the reply once I'm all finished. Also, 21 days straight of work is craaaaaazy! Do you get any overtime or anything? That just seems nuts! I hope your bad day is way behind you and the month is looking up.


monkeyscience, thanks for sharing that article! It was a great read. I'm amazed at how much I'm still learning about PCOS. How was your first midwife appointment? So glad you got to hear the heartbeat, that has to be incredibly reassuring.


teresaresa, so glad to hear that your insurance coverage is good! IF coverage can be so hard to get--we definitely don't have any at all with ours (I actually had to call and get the OB/GYN to change all of my appointment codes from "Annovulation" to "Irregular Menstrual Cycle" because they won't cover anything even remotely related to fertility)! I hope you don't have to use it, but it's good to know that doing the more expensive treatments won't all be coming straight OOP. 


RCR, so sorry to hear about your cycle. Thanks for sharing a little about what the treatments have been like for you. It's so different for everyone and it's interesting to hear about specific experiences. Hopefully everything will be all set for the next cycle, and maybe it will be good to have some extra time this month to not think about TTC.


Skeemomma, boo to a BFN. I hope maybe you did ovulate later than you thought. You neverknow!


AFM, I think I did ovulate...but now I'm not sure when! I had day where I got little sleep and woke up way early, so my temp is really low, and it's totally throwing me off. If I leave it, it says I O'd that day, but if I disregard that low temp, it has me O'ing three days before. Will you guys take a look and tell me what you think? I feel like my CM was hard to read this cycle (again, possibly just because of all the BDing). I did have a dip yesterday, which would make sense as an implantation dip if I'm 7DPO, but I have no idea. Hoping for a high temp tomorrow and then I'll feel a little more optimistic. I'm really trying not to think about it too much yet, and I'm also going to try not to test until 16 or 17DPO.


Here are the charts--when do you think I O'd (if at all)?

Screen shot 2012-01-07 at 7.02.28 PM.png


Screen shot 2012-01-07 at 7.02.52 PM.png







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chicajones:  did your temp go up any more today?  I would think disreguarding that wonky low temp is your best bet because it does look like the first chart that has you now 9dpo as the right O date.  I hope that you were able to catch the eggie and that this is your month!!!! :)


HI EVERYONE!!   I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that tomorrow isn't a typical Monday for you all!!!  I hope that now that i'm back at work on day shift and on my normal schedule (other than not having off days) i will be able to keep up a little better.




AFM:  I am now on day 5 of the 21 days i will be working straight and i'm starting to feel it in my body!!! The only good thing i see right now is the fact that my opks are getting darker YAY!!! this is the first time EVER that i've had OPKS that actually went from almost snow white (my first one had a little pink to it but really was almost not there)!!!  I hope to be catching my O on the OPKS within the next couple of days! I've tried to test at least 2 times a day to make sure we catch it....plus we've been bding every night when i come home from work...so go us!!! LOL  I just hope that we can keep this every day bding up this month and see if that gets us anywhere since the every other day near O hasn't been helping us any the past couple of months!  It would be so wonderful to see those 2 pink lines on a HPT and not just on a OPK! And to answer those who have asked about the OT yes, I will be getting paid time in a half for my over time days.  I will have 2 on one paycheck and 2 on another paycheck...so 16 hours extra on both plus i'll have an extra 8 hours each check for holiday pay...i should be pretty set once we get paid lol...i'm just ready to finally have a normal paycheck again because this next one will be only for a half week's pay!!!

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Chica- Yes, it was definitely scary, but actually much more common than one would think. On top of that, it was pretty clearly irritation from the Crinone. As soon as I was given permission to get off the stuff, nothing- not even spotting, so that is good news.

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Well, BFN for me this morning, 11dpo. I decided to test because I just didn't feel like being on my own if I got a - again. I usually test after I drop off DS at preschool so I don't alarm him with my reaction. But then I'm alone. And I just didn't feel like doing that again. This time I could have just waited for my period but I didn't want to be obsessing over temps all week. So yeah. Clomid riound 2, here we go. 

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rcr: I'm pretty sure I saw you on BSL before I joined the thread. I lurked there for months; so certain I would need to be there one day. Did OB/RE give you the "unexplained infertility" diagnosis or is there something specific going on? I'm sorry to hear about the IVF cancellation. What CD did you end up O-ing on?


Smiles: Welcome!


chicajones: I really hope that's an implantation dip I spy on your chart!


deborah: I love daiya. I cook with it a lot.


wissa: Welcome! I've found this thread a better fit for me than BSL.


cbaa: I think Stevi is the only one left over there. It seems like she'd like this thread but I guess she's good where she is. I haven't recognized any other names over there. I'm sorry you're having a bad Femara experience :-( I hope this is the last time. That's interesting about the carrot/broccoli thing. I'm getting so frustrated about the whole diet thing; it can be so vague yet so complicated. I'm just trying to eat the best that I can. I admire you for giving up wheat, I am far too weak for that (but not too weak to give up meat and dairy haha).


brichole: Will you remove my chart? After 12 cycles/charts, I think I'm done. Less stress.


Sila: Will these work for smoothies too? Like if I do strawberries, bananas, almond milk, and OJ now, should I add spinach to start (since I can't taste it)?


gozal: Great news about the progesterone! Very interesting about the tongue/tired thing. I haven't read anything specific about that but it makes sense that if that's your issue, it could easily be remedied. Everyone's talking about Making Babies; I might have to pick up a copy. I wonder if it's available for the Kindle.


chica+sila: I hang out with 2 friends and we watch true blood or mad men marathons. friend 1 got preg her first try like I knew she would; she's due in July. Fun times.


All: I take the vegan Omega-3 supplements (DHA) from Whole Foods


I took the Making Babies questionnaire and am now more confused than ever. When I did the Women with BBT quiz I got 'Dry' and 'Tired'. When I did the Women quiz (without BBT) I got 'Stuck'. Blah.


First RE appt on the 30th, should O on the 14th. No SA for DH yet; hoping to get him in this month.





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Gozal- 11 dpo is still pretty early. Also, you said progesterone at 19 wasn't enough to support a pregnancy, but it's awfully close (20 is sufficient) and with progesterone support I think you'd be in good shape. Gemmine- I was so glad when Daiya came out, but the Pepperjack kind tastes weird. The mozzarella on the other hand is divine!

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Wissa – Sorry about the BFN! I am with you on the covert treatment plans.  Secret is safe with me.



Gozal – So sorry about the BFN!  Fingers crossed for your second round of Clomid. hug2.gif


Skeemama – Again, sorry about the BFN!  BFN's suck.  greensad.gif


CBAA – I’m cycle day 12.  I typically 0 on CD 19, so if the pain is ovulation pain it would be an anomaly, if not a miracle.  The pain has continued so I am assuming that the tube is filling up again or the pain was never from my tube, but from my cystic ovary.  As for the anti-mucolytic supplement, the big new supplement for me is NAC.  A group of MD’s in Europe found that NAC was just as effective in lowering testosterone, increasing insulin sensitivity, and inducing ovulation as Metformin from women with PCOS.  NAC is an anti-mucolytic, and PCOS  has a phleghm-damp(or stagnant) diagnosis in Eastern medicine.  Additionally, according to the Eastern Medicine books and articles I’ve read, blocked tubes and PCOS commonly occur concurrently because of stagnant mucus and low blood flow.  I’m hoping that NAC will help treat my PCOS after I my first pregnancy, as well as helping to keep my tubes clear.  Give it a try for your cough. Dr. Google advises it for people with chronic bronchitis.


Brichole – Thanks for adding me!  Good luck on the marathon work schedule.  I hope time flies and it results in a successful cycle!  As for OPK’s, I also don’t get positive OPK’s, but from what I’ve read people with PCOS are supposed to get too many OPK’s.  Not in my case. 


SilaMaria – Yep, me too.  I have pain throughout the entire cycle.  I first thought it was only during ovulation, or post-ovulation, but I started tracking it and it really is consistent in that it is entirely inconsistent.  I can’t wait to hear about your lunaception experiment.  I’ve read about it and have been curious.  Are you blocking all windows and light sources, or just wearing an eye mask?


RCR – So sorry about the cycle!  Good luck with your next appointment.  Sorry to hear about your mother.  My good friend’s mother has dementia and she also noted that the worst part was when she remembered enough to know that she should remember things….but couldn’t.  Once they moved past that stage things became much easier.  As for the castor oil packs, they are great in promoting circulation and the healing of organs under the skin. I saturate a flannel cloth, cover it with saran wrap, then place a heating pad on top.  Then I watch TV.  It is really great for all kinds of fertility issues – here is a blurb from a natural fertility site I use.


Teresaresa – Thanks lady! I hope you have a better time of it this month with the trigger and IUI!


RCR & Teresaresa – I can’t wait to have sex without worrying about making a baby.  Now that will be exciting. wink1.gif


Gemmine – I throw spinach into my fruit smoothies all the time.  Either that or a spoonful of green powder.  I don’t have a juicer, so smoothies are my closest shot to a healthy juice. 



Chicajones – I’m with Brichole.  I vote chart #1, but either way your timing looks good. Fingers crossed! 


As for friends ttc.  Since I started my journey, three of my friends also started ttc, as well.  All three got pregnant on the first shot.  You can’t make this stuff up.  First baby came in November, second is due in March, and third in April.  Sigh.  One of them, a very loving and sweet woman, unknowingly suggested I eat sprouts to boost fertility.  Double sigh.  She is so very tender and kind I can’t even be mad or frustrated.  It just makes me sad.  I would love to eat the shit out of sprouts and get pregnant. 


AFM - I'm CD 12 and just waiting for that egg to drop.  All systems go on my end.  I have an appointment with a new RE to shop treatment plans and prices.  Unfortunately our healthcare system is a market, and I hate shopping.  

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Annnd I just deleted my really post with nice personals and answers to everyone. Now I don't have time and you all will probably never get those answers...ugh. My whole day has kind of been going like this. I'm not surprised. I have my annual pap appointment with my Gyno tomorrow so I better be getting an RE recommendation or else. I need to call my insurance about IF coverage...

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Official BFN & the AF arrived. 


I am heart broken.  again.  

DH made me a cocktail & he has been great.  ( I just wish we were having mocktails and counting days til a due date )


I wish I understood WHY.  I wish I could make peace with why not.


I think I will start a detox/cleanse this week.




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Skeemama - I'm sorry.  Hang in there..


Chica - I know, I wish I had done it sooner, but here we are.  Its officialy one year as of December, and my cycles are 1 33 cycle, 4 months at 28 days, then 4 months at 32-33 days, then 2 60 day cycles,(durring and after a chemical pregnancy) now I'm on day 25 and no positive OPK or temperature shift.  The more I think of it, the less I want to take the wait and see approach anymore. yea for changes. Best of luck for all of us!

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I'm so sorry Skeemama. Big hugs.

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Oh no, I'm so sorry Gozal and Skeemama. i had been hoping for some good news. Gozal, as we say, it's not over until AF rears her ugly head so I still have hope for you. Let us know what happens.


Sekenamoon, ugh to a long cycle. Those are the worst, especially as you continue to monitor. DH always begged me to stop temping because i would get so stressed if I didn't see a shift or something. And, since i had long cycles, i was stressed a lot! I hope that your new doctor gives you answers and a good treatment plan, if necessary. Do you have an idea of what you want to do or are you waiting for the RE to tell you what he/she thinks?


Sila, I hope your doctor gives you some good news and a referral to an RE. Good luck today! i've never heard about lunaconception but it sounds interesting. Is it meant to work with the circadian rhythms of our bodies? Well, Come on moon! We're looking for a BFP!


Krunchy, isn't it sad (but true) that our healthcare system does seem like a market where you have to shop around now (What with insurances and then the doctors not living up to our needs). Maybe the next one will be the RE of your dreams :o) haha it's like finding a mate. But seriously...perhaps you will ovulate and get a BFP without any help. That would be the most ideal situation.



Gemmine, yah to no more temping and not waking up stressed when thinking about whether you moved too much for the temps to be correct! I hope that you get your DH in soon. I think that finding out if something is wrong on his end or if everything is ok is an important part of the puzzle. 


Brichole, yah to a nice fat paycheck but ugh to working yourself to the bone. I hope that you get a little downtime somewhere because your schedule is exhausting! My goodness. And then to get BDing in every day. wow, you and dh are troopers. I'm wishing for a BFP for you this month! What are you going to do about your surgery?


Chica, I, like the other ladies, would disregard the one low temp because it seems out of whack. When I didn't sleep well and I woke up early to temp, my temperature was always higher so I feel like your low temperature is correct. And, isn't there a possibility for a temperature dip during ovulation? How was your temp today? Was it still up in the range? It really does look like you ovulated. Just a few more days and we can see whether it leads to a BFP. Fingers crossed!


I hope everyone has a great start of the week! I can't believe the weekend is over already but hey, it's a step closer to everyone getting a BFP. thumb.gif

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