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Hey ladies, I haven't been posting much lately because this is really a non-cycle for me, I'm just waiting for it to be over so I can start my IUI cycle (AF should be here in about a week).

I've been reading along every day though and thinking about you guys a lot.
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krunckyk - Where do you get your NAC?  I've read a lot about it, but our local Herb/supplement store doesn't carry it.  (well, what they have has other stuff in it).   I really hate the metformin and want to get off of it.  NAC sounds like a good alternative.


skeemama & gozal - So sorry for AF & BFN again.   "Wish I understood WHY.  I wish I could make peace with why not."    -  For me this is the hardest part of IF. 


Sila - Yeah for an RE...I really like my ob, but he was very limited in what he could do for me.


cbaa - I hate that the femara gave you side effects.  I had issues with the clomid, but not the femara.  I don't ever read the inserts with meds, because they make me paranoid.  However, I was aware of the femara/ birth defects link.  I talked with RE about that a lot as I used to work at a school for low incidence kids (very very special kids).  He said that the rate of babies born with birth defects using femara for ovulation is the same as in the general population.  If you take after you are pregnant IT WILL cause problems.  That's why you have to take a beta before my Doctor will give you a script.  Also, none of the kids I worked with had problems due to fertility drugs.  I'm more concerned about preterm delivery...this I did see.  That's why I wanted to the letrozole before the injectibles..lower risk of multiples and thus preterm delivery.



MakingBabies - Don't know the author, but here's the website.  http://makingbabiesprogram.com./     I can load it on my nook, but I don't know about kindle.  When I took the online survey it listed me as stuck/tired.


AF - Attempted to make appt. for baselines to try another letrozole cycle this morning.  Started AF on Sat. and you have to been seen by day 4 for baselines.  I had trouble even getting somebody on the phone they were so busy.  The office has more than one clinic and I need to go clinic B on Tues when DS is preschool.  However, I was told that there's another doctor there during the time I need to go and that the nurse will be busy with him....Ahhhhh!!!!  The lady on the phone didn't seem to understand I can't come today with DS!! Hello!!!  If this is the case then I'll have to get a sitter every-time from here on out for baselines.  So much for all my planning.  That's one of the reason's I put DS in preschool, so I could go fertility appt without my MIL having to drive an hour to keep him.  So very mad!  I just want to give up on this. It's just so hard.  I'm going to take a hot bath and cry now.  I may cancel my apt. on Wed.  I feel done.

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Skeemama - I'm really sorry. :(


Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I tend to be pessimistic early because my test strips are really sensitive - unofficially 10mIU and IME that's about correct. Got another neg this morning, too. I'm really glad I can just wait for my period this time and not have to deal with quitting progesterone. I'm having some mild cramping and even one instance of spotting which is unusual for me, so I imagine it'll be sooner rather than later, which is fine. Onwards!


Deborah, I'm wondering if what your doctor told you about p4 levels? My RE feels anything over 10 on a natural cycle is good and told me 19 was excellent (these are 7dpo levels). However, unfortunately there is no correlation between mid-luteal p4 levels and pg, meaning an excellent number doesn't mean you're pg. Did your doctor feel differently? I always like collecting opinions!


Brichole - WOW you are a trooper! I hope your extra good deeds helping people who call in translate into a nice long maternity leave in a little over nine months.


Hi Sourire, I was just wondering how you're doing. I hope this next week flies by!


Wissa, I have had to take DS (looks like our little guys are about the same age) to some baseline u/s and even though I don't like to do it, I feel it's possible. Here is what I do: I have him bring a book or magazine (he likes the ones from the waiting room) and then when it's time to do the u/s, I tell him he can either sit on the chair and look at his book/mag (because the chair is out of range of what is going on) or I have him hold my hand. He can't see anything and I just answer any questions he might have. He knows I go to the doctor to help us have another baby in our family, but that's basically it. So I usually willt say that it is taking a picture of my body to help it be ready for a baby and I reassure him that it does not hurt me (I don't lie, if something hurts I will say "it pinches a little but not too bad, now I feel fine" etc.). Obviously parents have different views about teaching about pregnancy, bodies, sex, etc., but it looks like your practice can also have a nurse sit with him and if you'd rather that, right? Do you feel like you could try it once if you need to and if you feel uncomfortable, explain to the nurse that you're uncomfortable bringing him again and that you need them to better accomodate your scheduling limitations?


Oh, and I have to add a caveat to my glowing review of Making Babies. While I definitely liked it, it honestly didn't have much new, practical advice for me, because as it turns out I already do all the recommendations for my type. I feel kinda good knowing I listen to my body well, but...yeah, bring on the Clomid. (Not that the authors are opposed to that, they're all about combing East and West.)

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Hi ladies. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I have been reading along, I've just been having a hard time of it lately. Thank you for all the notes, advice, and good thoughts you've been sending. I do hope this natural cycle gives us a freebie, but I have a feeling that it hasn't. I am pretty sure I ovulated, but my temps have been off due to a cold I'm still fighting off, so I'm relying on other signs. Right now I feel...nothing. No symptoms or anything, which is weird after all the progesterone symptoms from the medicated cycles.


So hard times..remember the friends I mentioned who decided to TTC? Guess who is pregnant already? They must have gotten pregnant like the day they decided to try because they got their positive test. I'm glad they didn't have any trouble and that they didn't have to go through months (or longer) of trying, but man, I wish it could be that easy for us. 'Hmmm, I think I want to get pregnant' and BAM! pregnant. I haven't been on facebook at all, but I've had to block their posts on livejournal (a site I blog at) because all they talk about now are pregnancy/parenting forums and how stupid everyone is. They were even making fun of infertility boards, which I am just not okay with since this board has been such a help to me. I knew it would be hard for me if they got pregnant before I did, but I'm really feeling sorry for myself.


I'm thinking of all of you, hoping that things do get easier and we all get where we want to soon grouphug.gif

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Gozal- I should have been clear. She said once you are PG anything 20 or above is good. I think maybe that is specific to the way they did things for me. I'm not sure. Actually, it was her nurse who said that, so maybe she was off a bit. Mine was a medicated cycle/IVF to get PG, so perhaps that's why it had to be 20 or above. Mine was almost always above 100 once we confirmed pregnancy (probably since I have two and we were supplementing). I was 11dpt when we confirmed things. So, I was a bit further along as well. 

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I really want to write personals to everyone, but things have been crazy. Off to another meeting now at work... hoping to write to you all tonight. I just want you to know that this first month (so far) on the board with you all has been so helpful, and admittedly, so sad. I've cried several times in the last few days reading your posts and feeling your pain. I'm thinking of all of us and our various struggles and hoping that strength and hope .... and a BFP.

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Gemmine - I guess I o's on stim day 4 or 5. I was on BCP for a while before that so I don't really know what cycle day it would be. I was way too early though. I was supposed to stim for like 12 days. I guess m y diagnosis is poor egg quality/poor O reserve, and DH has 0% morphology and bad everything else. But we did ICSI which solves his sperm problems, so I guess that only leaves my problems when we do IVF


Skeemama - I am so sorry.


Gozal/Wissa - I do the same thing as Gozal with my DS when he has to go to appointents with me. Except I don't tell him it is for a new baby because I know he will blab to everybody about that. I just tell him that the doctor is making sure I am healthy. He actually likes to go because he think that seeing "inside my tummy" is neat.


AFM - I wish I could do more personals, but I just got back to work after 3 weeks off and I am crazy busy. I am spotting now though, which is really annoying because I was hoping that Oing last week would just mean that a regular AF would come in 2 weeks and I can do another cycle. If this is AF then I will have to wait for another AF to begin, so more delays. I am really looking forward to my appointment with the RE on Wed. to see what she has to say.

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RCR- I am sorry to hear that. My diagnosis was also diminished ovarian reserves/poor egg quality. They put me on DHEA to make hormones do what they were supposed to do. So, please don't give up hope!

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shesaidboom -  I like to think until you get BFN or AF it's not over.  Of course, all of us on here know our bodies really well.  It's hard when those around us get a BFP so easily, but hang in there.  My RE told me that with PCOS it's just a matter of finding what works for your body.  It's not impossible just harder!  I really can't believe they were making fun of infertility boards.  Sounds like someone lacks empathy.  Good for you for blocking all the negative vibes they are putting out there! hug2.gif


RCR & Gozal - Thanks for the support for my total "freak-out" about trying to schedule apt. around DS.  I talked to the nurse at the clinic and ended up going this afternoon.  She scheduled me when there no other patients there so DS could wait in the waiting room.  I've taken him before, but just for blood work.  The nurses there are very nice and it's always the same ones! :)   I was frustrated because not being able to go when he is in preschool is totally new.  Anyway, if he were younger I would take him back for the ultra-sound.  However, he never ever misses anything and would have tons of hard to answer questions if I took him back.  (like why are your clothes off, what's that thing, he would want to pull the covers back and see how it works, etc..) I know the nurse would try to be very discreet, but no one has ever been able to hide anything from him.   I just tell him mommy's going to the dr. office again and he never really asks why.  I think that's because his pediatricians office is always like play time for him.  He has never asked about having more children or babies in our family, so I don't mention it to him.  If he ever asks, I'll talk to him about it, but I don't want to put ideas in his head.


RCR - Hope you get some answers on Wed.  Isn't it just like AF to show up and ruin all the plans.  I really wish I knew what to say to you.  Sorry seems like so little when you've had such a big disappointment.


Gozal - Bring on the Clomid!  Love it!  You really do have to have a go get 'em/ I'm going to win attitude to survive this IF stuff.


Some one asked about what their RE's said about p4 levels.  My clinic wants them to be at 15 on a medicated cycle.  I'm not  sure what they look for during pregnancy as I've never made it that far. ;)  And as someone mentioned progesterone levels are not predictive of pregnancy just O. 


To everyone I have been reading along.  Hope to hear more news from all soon.  Let's go get some BFPs this month!


AF - CD 3.  Ultrasound looks good.  I really hate all this driving (50 minutes to clinic, 1 hour 30 minutes to actual Dr.'s office), but I'm still going to talk to RE on Wed.  I could get my MIL to keep DS, but I hate dragging everyone it...would kind of like to keep it private...  So, I'm just going to have to get tuff because I really do want another baby.

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Wissa- I'm glad you got in today. I'm sure it is a struggle trying to occupy DS. My cousins daughter is only 3 and I can't seem to keep anything from her! Are you doing another Clomid cycle? I wasn't that concerned about the Femara b/c I knew it was an off label use, but man, those things are scary! Also, I know so many twins who are so normal and healthy, but also so many in early intervention etc. because of pre-term birth. I just hope that if that is what God has in store for me that I can handle it. I'd still be happy with just one!


shesaidboom- all I can do is send a huge hug for the friend thing, people are so insensitive. In those situations I always try and remind myself it will be my turn someday... it doesn't really make it better, but what're ya gonna do... I have 2 coworkers who will be starting TTC in a few months... I am just sick with worry b/c I just know they will both be one hit wonders... ugh again.

I hope that this cycle turns into a BFP for you, it is your turn to graduate dust.gif


RCR- I hope that AF holds off long enough for you to start with this cycle. I agree, Sorry just doesn't seem to be enough. Hope they have some answers and new ideas for you.


Sila- update on your OBGYN appt?! I hope they had some good advice and an even better RE referral for you!


skeemama- big hug- I think we are all too familiar with that feeling and are here for support if you need to vent. What type of detox are you trying?


krunchyk- I had never even heard of this NAC before! I will have to try it out... I just wonder how it will mix with teh other 12 things I am already taking, sigh... Oh and CD12 ay? hope you are carrot.gif... hehehe


Gemmine- I think it would all still work in a smoothie- my only input there (because I love smoothies) is my acupuncturist and a few of the TCM books I have read (or grazed) have said not to do too many 'cold' things like ice cream, iced drinks, even raw veggies, because your body has to warm up your stomach to digest them and that takes blood flow away from your uterus, again with the raw veggies, too much energy going to the stomach and not enough to the lady bits. I clearly have not seen any different result but following these guidelines, and clearly we all know 1,000 people who live off ice cream and potato chips and booze and still get BFP... but, I figured I;d mention it. Juicing is supposed to make the nutrients easily accessible, but I'd assume that smoothies do essentially the same thing... who knows!  Good Luck with the first RE appt- I hope you don't need it! I envy you giving up dairy and meat (and eggs). The wheat thing has sucked (lets me honest) so far, but I'm surviving... eating a lot of soup!


AFM- whew, that was a lot of work, I am sorry if I missed anyone! I'm CD11 and got EWCM tonight (thank you femara). I am also getiting a cold, so I'm not sure what to do. In a way I want to just pretend like we still have a chance, but the part of my that is honest with myself says to save my money and not do the trigger and prometrium on a wasted cycle. My IUI is only a $25 copay and since my EWCM is now going to be acidic from the excessive vitamin C I am pumping into myself, my only shot is with IUI. I really would like to save money, we have spent so much already on prescriptions... I just don't know what to do. On top of that, DH is travelling tomorrow and Wed (CD12 & 13) so My BD timing isn't even great... sigh... I'll send an update tomorrow after my U/S results.... maybe that will give me some clarity. On a brigher note, I am expecting my first nephew in June, #2 for my sister- I am excited for a baby boy! In a way of course I am sad she gets the first for girl and for boy, but I would love to have a girl first, so it will be fine, my kids will be loved regardless of what # they are. Also, they will be first anything for DH's family, he's an only!

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Ok, it's off to the RE for me! (As soon as DH calls our insurance and I sched an appointment for a consult). 


My gyn does think I may have PCOS. She referred me to a place that in the pamphlet and on the internet looks awesome! She has even been a patient there in the past (though I didn't ask why/if it was a success)! One of the doctors was involved in the first successful FET and has been named a top top DR. by US News and World Report, another in the first delivery from u/s guided egg retrieval, 4 of them have been named Super Doctors by L.A. Magazine ect. ect. ect. AND it's literally 3 min away from my house. I could walk there. Too good to be true right? Right. As far as my gyn knows they don't take my insurance greensad.gif (have to call and confirm this tomorrow). BUT she is willing to work with me and try to order my testing through her (since she is in my network) so my insurance will cover at least that. She wrote up a lab slip for CD2/3 blood work incase I get AF before my first appt so that I won't have to wait a whole other cycle (hopefully). On the center's website it said just the consult is $250. How are you guys all paying for IF??? If our ins does cover some IF treatments we may have to "shop around" and compare prices after we learn what my treatment plan will be. DH is already worried about all of this I can tell. The best thing I could think of to tell him was that we at least need to find out if I have PCOS so I can get it treated because I cannot live the rest of my life feeling like I do. I'll let you all know when my first appointment will be! 


Oh and if the point of lunaception is to keep you up all night, yeah it's working. 2 more nights of sleeping with a light on to go...


I'll go back and read all the posts now. May or may not get time to respond with personals sorry!

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Hi Wissa! I live in Southern California and NAC is available in Whole Foods and Mother's Markets.  In Colorado I found it in Vitamin Cottage and Sunflower Markets. All of these are just chain organic groceries.  It is really affordable and I assume, like almost everything except for a baby, you can buy it on Amazon.  With that said, I have been reading additional medical journals articles today, and I found additional research that demonstrates that NAC improves ovulation in women with PCOS that were found to be clomid resistant- that is when combining clomid and NAC together.  I heartbeat.gif research.   


The question is, has anyone ever had an MD recommend NAC? I haven't, but am shocked because they should have.  This research is in prominent, peer-reviewed, medical journals.  Grr.

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SilaMarila- I thought I had nothing covered, but my diagnostics were. Just make sure they bill as PCOS or irregular cycles, rather than IF. For payment, we were very lucky that we had inheritance money to use.

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Hi ladies I'm back....Nice to see you're all doing well and keeping the faith.


AFM: I feel out of touch as I tracked not a single thing while in St. Vincent. I have no idea when and if I O'd...lol... All I know is...I'm on CD 24, AF is due on the 14 or 15th and I feel nothing! But I had such a blast while there!!!!!!!!! It was nice not thinking about conceiving too much and just going with the flow smile.gif

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Jukim- DH's cousin's wife was about to go on Clomid. They traveled and didn't really think about TTC and found out they were pregnant a couple of weeks later, so you never know :-).

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Not that their experience really means much because it is not yours, but it is good to know I think. We were not as lucky when I stopped charting.

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Thanks Deborah...that would be awesome but it's not the end of the world if not.Have to stay positive right?

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Good afternoon ladies!! Things have been crazy busy with the move at work this week and now that i'm going BACK to second shift next week I am feeling a little over whelmed....but i'm sure that everything will work out in the end.  I should hear from my doctor's office sometime this week about if i will be having my surgery still in February.  If so i have to go in for blood work and pay my $300 on the 23rd of this month...so i really need to know if i need to put that money back out of my paychecks or if i can go ahead and spend the money on me and the family lol....i would love to come up with a BFP that week so I could call  them and be like...um i have to cancel my surgery because of the fact that i'm carrying a baby inside of me hehe


I hope that everyone is doing good! I hate that i've missed a lot.  I love reading about everything that is going on though.  I hate that our group has had to grow so much but i'm SUPER excited at the same time lol.  I need to get back to work right now but i promise one day soon i will have time to sit down and actually do more personals soon!! *****I've been a horrible thread keeper*********



PS:  ROLL TIDE LOL  sorry had to say it...i was really happy to see them go to NOLA and beat LSU...though they should of done that during the season and they probably would of been playing a different team than they were...but oh well...okay, done with that take care ladies!!!

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Jukim- Exactly. It would be a wonderful surprise, but we move on if it doesn't happen.

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krunchyk - I'm not much of a fan of ordering supplements online unless I know the brand.  There some organic grocery stores in my state...I just have to drive around an hour to get to them.  I don't think doctors recommend supplements unless there's like years of really good research behind it.:)   The irony is the NAC will cost me way more than the .60 copay I have for metformin.  I'll bet it does help with clomid issues because it's supposed to work like the metformin.  Research is nice!


Deborah & Sila - My husband's company offers two choice for insurance.  A high premium or a high deductible plan.  The higher premium plan cover nothing related to infertility and I mean nothing.  Don't even bother with the coding.  If you've had any infertility meds they will not cover it no matter how it's coded.  (Sorry, I know that not encouraging)  However, the high deductible plan will cover Infertiltiy testing and treatment (everything, but IVF) at 90% after the deductible has been met.  So, for the us the high deductible plan has saved us money. 


Sila - Sorry to hear you feel bad.  Do you think it's the PCOS making you feel bad?  A lot of the feeling tired, etc. have gone away with my changes in diet and exercise.  I felt awful after DS was born and was never really able to get back to my old self.


Cbaa - I firmly believe God will not give you more than you can handle.   -- Of course, all babies are special regardless whether they are the first this or that or not.  I would look at it as your baby will be the baby!!  My DS is the youngest of 7 on DH'S side and it has worked out pretty good for him.  He gets everything he wants.  ;)  ...Not to mention we get all the hand-me-downs.


brichole - I just noticed where you live because of your Roll Tide comments!  Chances are I live about 20 or 30 minutes from you.  We had fireworks in our neighborhood last night after the game. ;)  My husband is an Auburn fan, but I had to warn him last night I was pulling for Bama. (Actually, he was too.  Auburn really doesn't have much love for LSU.) Hope you make it thorough your 2nd week of crazy shifts.  I haven't been here long enough to know what your surgery is for, but I would like for you to be able to cancel it!  ;)

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