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You know what kind of day today has been? Let's just say I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies...at 8pm. Officially all of our close friends who do not already have 2+ kids are pregnant in the time we have been ttc (and some have babies soon turning a year old). The worse part about it is that I hate myself for feeling so depressed over it.  Also, I realized today (thank you, brain) that had I actually gotten a good egg back in June I would be nine months pregnant right now. And I have been spotting for two whole days. Which has never happened before...so I better just go ahead and get my period on schedule tomorrow. I am trying to comfort myself with the fact that medically and statistically speaking, if it's going to happen at all, it should happen soon. Sometimes that mind trick even works.


Anyone want some vegan chocolate chip cookies and tea?

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Thanks for the support ladies.


Gozal, I would love some vegan cookies & tea.  YUM.


I did take one of those FSH poas today & it was +, that means "good egg quality" per the info on the box.  Anyone else ever use one of those?  (  a pregnant friend of mine gave the left over test out of her 2 pack box...)  Maybe its a sign this next cycle will be the ONE.

I have been doing a meditation about happy healthy strong eggs ready to meet marvelous strong sperm.  (weirdo alert)


Back to TCM tomorrow.  




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Gozal- i think it was 'one of those kinda days' yesterday....ya know the ones where the world seems against you... Sigh... I'd love a cookie... But it'd have to alsO be wheat free... Which means no cookie for me... Double sigh... On a brighter note, I had a patient yesterday that took 9 IVF cycles to have her boy (13 weeks now) and she strongly advocates for ditching IUI ASAP to move onto IVF. I didnt go into detail about our religious stuff, but it made me think of you. I wish it were an option for us, but I also believe in what you say about statistics, it's going to happen... That will keep my chin up.

So anyone wnt o hear about my train wreck of a cycle. DH is in western mass working, 2 hrs away... Which i speciically asked him to do these 2 days as my monioring was yesterday, so typically trigger that night iui 2 days (36 hours)after. So he wold be home for iui thurs or fri if they had me wait a day for trigger.... So i go in yesterday, and on top of te fact that i feel like caca from this cold, my stomach is sick from Lord knows what... I get the U/S tech who tells me nothing. I wait for my callback until 2pm when of course I'm stuck at work, to find out not only do i only have 1follicle, but my LH is already surging... They want me in for IUI first thing weds(today). I cant just bring a sample from DH he has to take it himself, so my only option is to drive my a$$ 2hrs to holyoke at 8 pm after 12 hours at work for a late night booty call & ditch the IUI. then the BD was sub-par & i didnt get to put in my instead cup... Disaster... Good thing my hopes were already nil for this month... Anyway the 2ww begins here in the middle of nowhere... I've gotta get packed up to drive home. Take note, late night booty calls should only be acceptable at the Hilton or Westin or Ritz... This drive in travel hotel is not, i repeat not, how you want to make a baby... Although, if i think of it that way & consider how many babies are conceived in motels.... Hmmmm

Anyway, testing 1/24/12 @13DPO.
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Gozal and Cbaa, umm what can i say but, hug2.gif


Cbaa, i really hope you conceive from this because what a story to tell one day! (who you would tell, I don't know but boy is it a doozy!)


Gozal, I really hope the cookies bring you comfort (yum, by the way!) but i know that a BFP and baby will do that even better. You're right....the chances are in your favor. It's the waiting that is a pain in the rear end.


Skeemama, yah for a good fsh test! Hope it does mean great things for the cycle.


Brichole, ugh, i can't wait for your horrible month of work to be over. You must be exhausted. hopefully, you do get your bfp so you can cancel your surgery though. hehe.


I know i'm missing most people but i'm on the last page and I have to rush to work so i can't go backwards. Thinking of all of you and sending baby dust your way!


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Cbaa - wow that kind of crazy scenario sounds like the type of thing that would happen in a comedy movie (if they made comedies about infertility). Of course in the movie it would definitely result in a BFP.

It also reminds me of a website I found a while back that really helps cheer me up when I am feeling down about TTC. I'm sure all of you will enjoy it: www.999reasonstolaugh.com
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Wissa- We have an employer plan so we didn't have a choice about which plan. Our insurance company offers infertility coverage, but our plan didn't.

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Making Babies: I took the quiz and I got "stuck" and "tired," which isn't too shocking, but geez, way to make me feel lame. :) Guess I need more sleep and more exercise (no shocker there). I do like the way the book and quiz looks at lots of different views for fertility. I always enjoy seeing it from every angle (well, I take that back--not a big fan of seeing it from the BFN angle, lol).


shesaidboom that is straight up crazy with your friends who got pregnant in one cycle. Good call on blocking them--you can always get actual updates from her (that will hopefully be a little more tailored to your level of sensitivity) when you see her in person. 


rcr, how was your appointment? Is this AF or was it just random spotting?


cbaa that's really interesting with all the facts about cold stuff. Sometimes I feel like we just can't win when it comes to diet--so many things are bad for you to eat, but then they're good for you to eat, etc. I usually just go with what makes the most logical sense (and try to avoid too much processed food). I tend to like my veggies cooked anyway, though, so I'll just hope that's an added bonus. Also, whoaaaa, only a $25 copay for IUI? That's incredible. Is your premium very high? My insurance doesn't cover anything even remotely Infertility related (they just denied my first office visit and labs, and I'm kicking myself for mentioning family planning when I made the appointment instead of just irregular menstrual cycle). Finally, I'm sorry your cycle was such a trainwreck, but I couldn't help but smile at the craziness! It was like something from a sitcom. I really hope you get a BFP from this (for normal reasons, of course) because man, what a story for you and DH to laugh about. :)


SilaMarila, to me, the most important test for PCOS is the glucose test, so you can see if you have Insulin Resistance. I never would have thought to get that test, and I'm so glad I did. A $6/month prescription for Metformin later, and I've ovulated for the last two cycles. I really wish I had looked into it before, but c'est la vie. Also (like I mentioned above), if you have irregular menstruation, you can always make appointments based off of that and most insurances will cover it (even if they don't cover infertility).


jukim, so glad that you had such a great time in St. Vincent! It's awesome that you didn't chart/keep track of what was what--sometimes you just need to give it a rest and not think about it. 


Gozal, awww, I'm sorry it's been such a rough day. Vegan chocolate chip cookies and tea sound perfect--I wish we could join you in person! Certain days definitely act as a tipping point when it all just seems to come crashing in. Especially when it involves feeling like the totally odd one out.


skeemama I actually love your meditation. That's awesome & fun . :) 


renavoo, I feel like it's past time we got an update on YOU! How are things going? 


sourire, hah! Thanks so much for sharing that site, I love it!




AFM, today is 12DPO and things are still looking pretty good on my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b


The dip at 7dpo could indeed be implantation (or at least that's what I'm hoping), and the fact that today's temp was even higher is definitely a good sign. I'm determined to not test until 16dpo, which puts it at Sunday (1/15). I honestly just don't want to know before then (after last time). No crazy symptoms, but my right eye has randomly been twitching (which I googled and was listed by a number of people as a pregnancy symptom, but then again, what hasn't), been experiencing some subtle cramping (yesterday) and tightness in my abdomen (last night/today). I was also pretty moody yesterday, but that might have just been the fact that I had to work pretty late.


Trying so hard to remain cool as a cucumber this cycle, but each day that I check my temp and it's still high, I'm tempted to let out a "Woo hoo!"




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Also, have to close my web browser because DANG that 999resonstolaugh.com site is hilarious. My favorite is this quote, which I am totally going to use on the next person who asks:


“QUESTIONER: “Wow, I didn’t know you were married that long. How many kids do you have?” ME: “None. They’re on backorder. I ordered them, like, forever ago. I don’t know, they must be out of stock.” -Rachel"



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SilaMaria - In my experience with PCOS and health insurance coding, PCOS is a code all by itself.  Your first diagnostic labs should all be coded under PCOS, not a general infertility code, and should be covered!! Good luck!

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Thanks Chica..interestingly enough I have been having some right eye twitching too for the past week...

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Sorry about the lack of personals. I'm at my mom's. I'll get them tomorrow, but I am reading and thinking about everyone.



(long sigh) - Insurance company is not covering ultra-sounds and some bloodwork from last months cycle. The dr.'s office says they should be covering it. The insurance says it's not covered because it's realted to infertility. Hummm....so is everythting else they actually covered like an HCG shot!!   Not to mention that they paid for the same services in November. Just really frustrating.


IF problems and issues are just never ending.  It's maddening.  It was so much easier getting DS.  Had sex got a baby.  IF is ajsdfljasldjflakjsdlkfjalskdjfl;ajsdlkjf.  Grrr.


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I also found that 999 reasons website to be hilarious... there were so many that I liked! I had to close down before I spent the rest of my day reading them!

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Wissa and Brichole - war eagle! I am on the other side of the state.


CBAA - I think stranger things have happened. Maybe this will be your cycle. I got pregnant with DS when DH was living 1000 miles away and it was the only time we had seen each other in 6 months. that sucks that you had to convert from an IUI though.


Skee - I didn't know there were pee sticks for fsh! wow!


Goza- sorry. I wold join your cookie party too. Thanks for the reminder that it will happen. I often forget.


Wissa - sorry. I a having insurance company troubles too. They want me to pay a $1500 copay for follistim that only had a $60 copay last month.


Chica - I am off to stalk your chart after I post this.


AFM - Ok, I know I am missing a lot of people. There are a lot of people on this thread, and I have a hard time keeping up, especially since I am reading from my phone half the time and I always want to post a reply later but then I forget by the time I get to my computer. AF is is definetely here. I had a meeting with the RE today. We are going to try again, with a differnet protocol (actually the same one, but adding gannirelix at stim day one this time). It kinda felt like she was giving up on me, for the firs time. We always agreed before that I would not do IVF unless I had at least 5 eggs. This time she said that we could do IVf even if we had 2 or 3 eggs. huh? I don't know what to think of this. She knows I am moving on to donor eggs if this IVF cycle is not successful, so it kinda felt like she was just getting this cycle over with. On the other hand, maybe she is going for quality? I have a bunch of other questions. I wish I would have thought to ask them when I was talking to her.

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RCR - lol - War Eagle back at ya.  My husband's family is Auburn, but I come from a Roll Tide family.  So, I mostly just keep my head down and hope for peace. ;)

So, now I'm wondering if we use the same Doctor's Office or you might have the doctor my college roommate had.  Such a small world.  I don't know what to think about going with 2 or 3 instead of 5.  Maybe since she knows this is your last chance with your eggs, she's not going to tell you no.  Maybe she is just going to give you every chance she can before you move on to donor eggs?


And my RE is going to let me do a low dose of follistim & femara next cycle (if this cycle doesn't work).  So, you just reminded me I need to call about that too!


Cbaa - Bless you.  Crazy things women do for IF.  Maybe all the crazyness is a good sign of things to come...babies are all kinds of crazyness. 


Chica - I'm ready for some good news.  Hope you get your BFP in a couple of days. 



So I wonder, if I would freak people out if I posted "Had sex want a baby. NOW. Please." on Facebook.  Just thinking.  In any case, that's my status here. ;)


And DH always freaks at the cost of treatments.  I hope he's not going to back out on me now. I really need to do this --so I will know I did what I could. 

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Sorry for the lack of personals, but I really need some advice. Just had a huge fight with DH. I had my RE appointment today and my u/s showed that I was about to ovulate. So, doc asked if we could do IUi today. Fortunately, DH is a teacher and Wed is his short day. So, he met me at the office and we did the IUI. The whole time - with the exception of the actual procedure when he held my hand and was pretty loving - he complained about how long it was taking. At one point, he said, I have other things I could be doing. Plus, the sperm count and motility weren't great this time out. We DTd last night, so that could be a factor. I'm super sensitive about things that might affect his sperm, which he knows because we've had the conversation/fight a million times. Tonight when I get home, he's sitting with his laptop on his lap (what the what??) and then asks if I think it's ok for him to have some wine tonight. Mind you, we have to go back for another IUi tomorrow AM. I know that one glass of wine shouldn't matter, but after a disappointing showing today, I'm a little freaked out. Also found out that last month was actually not a good cycle because uterus was only at 6.6mm and rated 3 (which may just be a thing my doc does, but a 3 is the worst quality on a 1-3 scale).  Supposed to go back with DH for another IUI tomorrow AM but I am so very very upset with him right now that I just want to cancel the whole thing. I know I'm probably just going crazy b/c of the meds, but.... I feel oh so alone. There was door slamming which is pretty unusual for us. 

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Teresa - I am sorry. Dh and I have had big fights about IF too, and had to BD that night. We got through it. IF is really, really hard on couples. Just get through it tomorrow, and things will cool off. Just today I was talking to the nurse and she said that maybe I will get pregnant on my off month before IVF, and I told her that I am sick of having sex with my husband. She went though 6 IVF treatments and eventually ended up adoption, and told me how hard it was back then, but they got through it. I think it is very, very common. In my case, DH is really good about doing things to protect his dismal sperm quality, but he is totally unaware of what is going on. Last time I did IVF he didn't even ask about my beta (BFN). wtf.


Wissa - small world indeed. I thought everybody in Alabama was super fertile because everybody has like 10 kids each around here. It kills me. I am not originally from here. We are at ART. For the record, I don't care about war eagle or roll tide one way or another (like I said, we are not from here).

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Teresa- Ohh the hormone induced crazyness! My advice, sleep it off. Husbands have a way of not understanding the hormone induced craziness, or understanding the importance of each minute detail regarding IF. Unfortunately, O time makes our already hormone crazed minds also desperate for any and every chance at, well, a chance. You aren't over-reacting by any means, I surely would behave the same way, as I'm sure many of us can relate. But I promise, you will be more thankful for the 2nd IUI and to smooth things over after he gives his donation tomorrow and you complete your IUI cycle. Fingers crossed for you and don't worry you'll come down from the hormone high soon!!


wissa- I think if you are ready to announce IF to the facebook world, that is the perfect status. I brainstorm about what I would say on facebook if I were ready to announce to FB that I am infertile... I seriously can't face up to old friends and boyfriends knowing that I can't make a baby... Ugh. I hope you don't need the Femara/Follistim but I have to say, after 3 months of Clomid, aside from that headache, I feel like a normal person on Femara, yay.


RCR- I hope they can answer all your questions. I don't know much about IVF or egg retrievals, so I don't know what to think. I want you to have your chance with your eggies, so I guess as many as they can get is best... I mean, if there are only 3 good ones to retrieve instead of 5, is there a benefit to cancelling the cycle and trying again for more, or are those eggs gone for good if they don't get retrieved?


Sorry everyone is having such insurance troubles. I don't really understand how everything works. I know a lot about dental insurance but health care doesn't make any sense to me. How can they refuse IF??? I'm not sure why this is the case, but in MA, IF treatments are required to be covered at 100% so my understanding is, even IVF is just a copay (in my case $25), just the cost of the prescriptions, that's how it has been for everything with IUI too. So you ladies all just need to bunk up with me for a while, we can juice and eat soups and compare notes and you can get MA insurace that covers IF, okay?!


AFM: I'm off to complete my BD needs for this cycle... my OPK was still very positive at noontime, it is negative now (still dark but not as dark as the control). Hoping the egg is still floating around if it hasn't found a willing companion yet.


Thinking of everyone else and reading along for more updates!

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Maybe coming over here where I belong will be the ironic key to my conception!

If I could be added: Myself (27) DH (34) married since 10/2008, TTC #1 since 9/2008 with male factor; using sperm donor; 3 failed IUIs so far, HSG+IUI#4 in Jan 2012, suspected female infertility



Basically, I've been ttc for 3.5 yrs now however depends if you want to count the time we weren't doing IUIs...my husband had testicular cancer in 2007 and was confirmed sterile in 2009, with no hope of future fertility. Did 3 rounds of IUI, 2 of them with Clomid. The doctor was a bit of a jerk, stating that since 90%+ women conceive by the 3rd try and since I didn't, I too might be infertile. Everyone's different, maybe the donor is incompatible, I dunno. Switching donors after #4 if it fails, too.

So, hi! Wish we all weren't here, lol

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Kparker, welcome! I hope your stay is short. Ugh to the nasty comment by your doctor. To have that thrown out without the tests, etc, is such a horrible thing. What the heck...aren't these doctors trained on how to speak to patients? Especially since we are in such an emotional position?


Speaking of emotional, Teresa, hug2.gif I'm so sorry that you and DH had such a bad argument. I hope it makes you feel better that we've all been through that. It's such a stressful time for you and for DH. It's difficult to be always calm because of how stressful everything is. I remember that after one particularly bad night with DH we spoke calmly the next day and I told him that i didn't think he understood how difficult this was for me. He said something that I think I knew but i didn't consider...he mentioned that it's stressful for him too. For him, having to produce sperm basically on command and having people judge the sperm and him was making him more and more stressed as time went by. Yes, we women take most of the brunt...we're the ones making the appointments, keeping the records, limiting our intake of unhealthy things, etc (the list just goes on) but I find that realizing how much stress DH is under as well can help with minimizing those bad times and make getting over it much easier. I really hope that you guys went for the IUI today and especially, that you get your BFP this month. My fingers are crossed for you. Until then, I'm sending you big warm hugs and hoping that this makes you feel less alone.


Cbaa, I'm so jealous of your coverage. haha you convinced me that if I ever want another child, we're moving to MA. ;o) YAH for ovulating and fingers crossed for catching the egg. Let's go egg and sperm!!


Wissa, I would "like" your status if you did post that. Love it!


Rcr, I can see how that would sound but I do hope that she means that they are going for quality too. (Although 2 to 3 seems so low to go through retrieval! Does it count as a cycle under your insurance if you don't go through retrieval?)  Are you putting together a list of questions for the doctor the next time you see her? Or maybe, can you email a list to her or the nurse to get them answered? I'm fairly impatient and if I have a question, I want it answered immediately so I loved that my nurse was basically an email away. I hope you get your answers though! It's not fun to wonder especially as you've had a few delays. I giggled at your answer to your doctor about being tired of BDing with your DH. I was feeling the exact same way! I was so happy to go through IVF because that meant that we didn't have to BD on command at certain days. Well, DH had to provide the sperm or his 5 second contribution, as he called it, but otherwise, we were able to BD when we WANTED, not when we had to!


Chica, I'm whoo hooing for you! Hoping that your temp is still nice and high and that the slight bleeding was implantation bleed. It's time for a BFP! Just 4 more days. I'm counting down for you. haha


Jukim, I forgot to mention this but oooh i'm jealous but happy that you had such a wonderful time. Good for you! I bet you have a gorgeous tan that everyone is jealous of!


Gozal, how are you doing? Just checking in and hoping that your day and week went better...because, after all, don't cookies cure all? :o) big hugs!


Thinking of everyone else and hoping for a BFP for all you ladies soon!


Oh and just a quick AFM, nothing happening here :o) I'm doing well and just waiting for my next appointment. Things appear to be going well although I still freak out a bit because my symptoms are disappearing and it's that weird time between symptoms disappearing and me not feeling any movement so I don't know what is happening in my stomach. I just know it's looking very distended. :oD So I'm keeping busy by stalking all you ladies and just hoping for a bevy of BFPs for you all.

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Rcr - I always try to make a list of questions for the Dr before I go to the appointment but when they suggest something I wasn't expecting I can never think fast enough to come up with all the relevant questions until after I've left the appointment and then I get super frustrated!

Anyone with insurance issues is also welcome to come join me in Quebec in case Massachusetts isn't cold enough for you... not only does our universal health care in Canada cover all the doctors appointments, but a couple of years ago Quebec became the first province in Canada to provide free infertility treatments. The government will pay for unlimited free IUIs as well as up to 3 free IVF cycles here.
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