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Rena - thanks for sharing your experience with sex and IF. I worry sometimes that our marriage is never going to recover and that we won't get back to normal after all of this is over, so it is good to see that I am not the only one. Have things gotten better since getting pregnant? Does he still need viagra? I feel a lot of pressure (from myself) to want to have sex with him, but really, I just don't want to, and I think he feels the same way.


Smiles - yes, I have had the feeling that this is going to be it. DH had too. Once or twice we both had the feeling the same month. Who knows? It never happened. Well, actually it did happen once when I had the feeling, but ended in m/c. Maybe the fact that your body is Oing late is a good thing, since Oing on cd 8/9hasn't worked. Like my RE said to me a while ago, after 4 IUIs - all Oing on CD12, the last one was taking forever, and she said that it may be good because my body was doing something different.



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Reading along with everyone; work has been crazy. We had a crazy storm: wind/rain/hail/tornado/flooding, so my office got flooded and I'm in a computer lab. I'll catch up with everyone as soon as I can!


I should O Saturday so broc1.gif

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Hi everyone. I'm reading along and sending good thoughts and grouphug.gif to everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much as I normally do. I've just been dealing with this illness that just won't break. I'm feeling awful. I wonder if this will have an effect on our chances this month. If I was right about O, I'm 11 or 12 dpo right now. I think I'm going to wait a couple more days to test. I'm anxious to get back into the medicated cycles.


I promise I'll do individuals next time I post. I've just been so overwhelmed lately. I really am thinking of all of you though and have been reading every word. I do have to say that deborah, your new icon is adorable! I hope everyone is looking forward to a nice weekend.

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Smiles, I hope your new doctor helps. I'm sorry that this cycle isn't turning out how you expected but I hope that you start to feel the signs of ovulation to reinvigorate your hopeful feelings!


Rcr, things are MUCH better now. We can be more spontaneous (haha not too spontaneous because I'm always sleepy by 9pm and he's a night owl so we'll make a plan to BD ;o) ) but no more viagra and definitely a lot more fun. Don't force yourself to want anything you don't. That will just breed resentment. DH and I knew that when we had to, we would have somehow gotten it done but during our off times, we just tried to stay loving with each other and we didn't force BDing. Even though we were not having much sex during that time, we ended up getting closer because we just spent our time hugging and snuggling. However, that was during our IVF time. It was more difficult doing an IUI because then we felt like we needed to BD a day before the trigger shot and the day of the IUI. That was always a much more difficult time. Ugh, when I think back to how that felt, I get sad. But we got through it and you will to!


Gemmine, Yah to Oing soon!


Shesaidboom, oh no, feel better soon! I hope it doesn't interfere with your O but hopefully, you'll feel better by the time you O!


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krunchyk - Yeah for a good Doctor!  I wonder why some doctor's are so quick to go to IVF?  It kind sounds like they aren't very good at figuring out what's wrong, so they just to the procedure that will by-pass whatever the problem could be.  I hope this new RE continues to be good for you.


Smiles - I think maybe rcr is right.  It maybe a good thing that your body has broken it's patterned of O early.  Even though I have regular cycles with lots of signs of O nothing ever happens.  It's like its stuck on the same setting...So maybe our ovaries just need a good reboot.  Crossing my fingers it's a good thing for you.  Hope the upcoming Doctor's visit brings good news too.


rcr - We won't hold it against you that your transplant.  I find it interesting you're from Canada.  A friend of mine married a guy from Canada (whose family had relocated to AL).  They now live Atlanta.  Anyway, we do use the same fertility clinic.  If you went to the main office on Wed., we may have even crossed paths.  I know it seems like everyone has lots of kids around here, but I've also known a lot of women with IF.  Stay positive.  I think you still have a chance and it's amazing that in AL you manage to have insurance that will cover IVF. 


teresaresa - I'm sorry about the fight you had with your DH.  I can honestly say that any major conflict I have had my DH has been due to IF.  Women and men just respond to it differently. Men are very sensitive about their swimmers as my DH calls them.  He calls our DS he super swimmer.  My DH did not want to get tested because he "had a super swimmer once".  But according to my RE it can change overtime.  I think for men it may be an ego thing.  More than that though, I think it might make them feel bad that they aren't able to give us what we want.


chica, krunchy, sourire, teresaresa -  The metformin is just awful on my GI and I'm starting to cut it back.  I lost weight by going low carb, excising and taking vitamin D/chornium before ever going on the metformin.  I was never really overweight (138), but I couldn't lose the weight I had gained with DS.  Now I'm 5'4 and around 118 (this is closer to my prebaby state).  When they did my tests for IR it came back just under actually being IR.  I asked for the metformin anyway to see if it would do anything.  The chocolate milk was when I got pregnant with DS...I wouldn't do that now, but it would be nice if that was what got me DS.


brihole - Yes. I do know the area you are talking about.  It does sound like your drive would be much better.  I live south of Decatur.  A close friend of mine had breast reduction surgery a couple of years ago and loves it.  She said it was the best thing she could have done.  She had been worried her DH would not like it, but that turned out not to be the case. ;)   I use the same office as RCR and have been happy with them overall.  When I was looking for a doctor I got the impression Dr. H's office was not kid friendly.


I see where both your kids were born in December.  My DS is a December baby too.  I totally understand the March thing!!  First year TTC I was relieved no BFP in march.  However, at this point I'll take what I can get.  


SimplyRochelle - Welcome!


Shesaidboom - I got pregnant DS when I had the flu.  So, who knows??????


Me - I'm on CD 6.  The femara does give me headaches and makes my body hurt (lower back/joints), so I take it at night.  I'm taking 3 pills a day.  Still haven't resolved the insurance issues, but it's looking like a coding problem.  Thanks to all of this I have discovered that they will cover drugs for 6 injectible cycles and if you get pregnant that resets.  (Good news at last)


I've been talking nice to my left ovary.  My right tube was blocked and we still aren't sure if it's working.  So, that could explain all my BFNs as my O tends to be on the right side. 

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Wissa - I went to the local office, in Montgomery. That is where I usually go unless it is a weekend. I am 2 1/2 hours away from the main office. Crazy that we use the same RE. I certainly didn't expect to meet somebody here who uses them. Yes, we are fortunate that we have fertility insurance. When I told the RE that they didn't believe it because it had been like 10 years since they had a patient with good coverage as good as mine. That is pretty amazing that you have 6 injectible cycles covered. Oh,and my DS was born Dec 2007 too! Conceived as an accident! We are actually not from Canada. My mom was, but she moved here before I was born. I have been here for about 7 years, so I should just say that I am from here, but I think it takes at least a decade to get used to the idea of being from Alabama orngbiggrin.gif


Rena - thanks for sharing. the fact that you and your DH have gotten back to normal is really encouraging. Especially that he doesn't need viagra anymore. I think that it really takes the spark out of sex for us. Well, that, and IF in general. But it is really encouraging that you had the same kind of feelings and got past them.

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You're all probably right about oing later being a good thing, like you said RCR, the early o was not doing me any favors.  The problem now is when to bd, seeings how I don't want to jump the gun and "pressure" dh only to find that I am too early.  Maybe I will have to ply him with some drinks and take advantage of him it being the weekend and all!

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I'm one of those annoyingly perfect cycle women, with 28 days total, Oing around day 14, etc. I have never spotting before like this, and it's really weird. Last night's heavy spotting turned into nothing today. I'm stumped. Canceled my appt since well, I'm not really on CD1 yet. I don't know what to think. My temps are low so I assume AF's coming but what gives? If I didn't know for sure my husband was sterile I'd be questioning myself haha


rcr - yeah, def a BSL leftovers. Makes me sad that's what it's come to for some of us. NONE of us should be here, in this situation. I'm liking this thread/forum immediately a lot more than the generic TTC one - you all understand more of what drama goes on in my life :)


Is it possible to be pregnant with low temps? I was going to test just to make sure it was neg if the spotting stopped this morning, but my temp was low enough to be pre-O/af levels I didn't.

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I know it's normal to have sore breasts sometimes during our cycles, and I've always tended to get that before AF. But for the past while it's been strange because during my LP only 1 of my breasts gets sore (the same one every time) and this month it's feeling even more hard and painful than usual (like a really bad bruise). I feel nothing at all in the other breast. Do you guys think I should be worried?
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Sourire the sore breasts thing is so weird, isn't it? I have no idea what it means to only have one that's sore. I'm even a little concerned that mine aren't sore (they were last time, very much so) and it makes me nervous that there's going to be a BFN waiting for me on Sunday.


Do people get different symptoms for different pregnancies? I'd imagine if that's the case, then you could have different things going on for O or during AF. Why can't our bodies do the same things each time! I'd kill for some predictability. :) 

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I get what you guys are saying about not having the same predictable signs. My symptoms seem to change up every single time since TTC. AF is due Sunday and I have none of my 'normal' symptoms. What I have is some dizziness, eye twitching and weird/sharp stomach cramps/tightness. I choose to just wait rather than test now and get a BFN especially since I wasn't tracking this time around.

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I just need to get this all out. We do have infertility coverage. According to our insurance they cover 50% of anything billed "infertility" up $5000 (lifetime maximum) in or out of nerwork. So I called the fertility center my Dr. referred me to and don't have an agreement with my insurance (like my Dr. suspected). So, they would treat us as cash patients and we would bill our insurance and get re-inbursed. Ok, so I set up a consult. I called DH and he says this would be a billing nightmare and we can't just pay cash up front and that we need to find somewhere else. AND he doesn't want to come to the consult and on and on about the "nightmare" thing greensad.gif The receptionist on the phone said for both of us to come and I thought the support and extra set of ears gathering information would be good. Did your DH's come? 


So I go on my insurance's website, NO RE's come up! I call my Dr. to see if she knows someone else that she would recommend. She's not in today, call back Monday. I started calling other RE's/fertility centers (there are quite a few choices in my area). I found one that takes my insurance and would handle the billing (the one Krunchy went to yesterday). I didn't make another appointment because I want to see what my Dr. says but the receptionist said they don't have a new client consult appt open until mid Feb. 


So I guess I'll probably be canceling my consult appt I made for the 23rd. I had it all set up nice (or so I thought - DH didn't) where we could both go and then go to dinner together afterward to talk about it because we are already planning on a date night that week. I do really want to keep as much of this private as I can, and I guess that is possible if DH isn't going to be coming. I just need to feel like he is my biggest supporter right now and I don't. I feel so much more support from all of you guys here and from the 2 people IRL that I talk to about this stuff. 


I just keep bursting into tears thinking about our baby being a "nightmare". All this after a big misunderstanding over our not BDing last night. It just came at the wrong time. I'm CD20 today and it's looking like no O. So I'm headed out of the chances-of-a-good-egg-territory.


Thanks for letting me vent. I'll try to be back later with personals.

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Aw Sila :(


re: sore boobs - I always get slightly tender breasts about 3-4 days after O, and they tended to disappear 2-3 days before AF. On my clomid+iui cycles, I could tell if it didn't work because the tenderness still went away, even though the progesterone supplements kept AF away until I stopped taking them. I would assume they'd keep on being tender, but I dunno. Last 2 months they got tender a few days after AF, and have been some form of tender ever since. Not sure what's going on there. All I know is, when a cat jumps on me when I'm trying to sleep, it's like someone shot me in the boob!

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Whoa thats a ton of posts today- thinking of you all & will do presies tomorrow. Just wanted to stop by for a whine... I have spotting... Yesterday & today, thick & dark brown... Now i wonder if it was the trigger that stopped my spotting before & not the clomid or progesterone. I just hope it stops... I used my first prometrium tonight...
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Sila - I always prefer to have DH come with me to the fertility appointments for moral support and also cause he's a pharmacist and knows about the meds and helps me ask the Dr lots of good questions about what's going on. One time I went by myself and really regretted it because the Dr was being a bit mean and I got so flustered I didn't ask any questions and ended up leaving there really confused and unhappy. So now I only make appointments if I know DH can come.
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renavoo - thank you. I hope to be feeling much better by the time we start our next medicated cycle.


wissa - That's good to know! I've heard such mixed things about illness and getting pregnant, but I don't think any of it was scientifically based. I still don't think I'll get that BFP, but there's always a chance, right?
I had the same symptoms from femara. It took me a while to connect the joint/muscle pain with it. I'm sorry there are still insurance issues for you, but six cycles with a re-set sounds good! I hope you O on the left this cycle!


smiles - isn't it so hard to have the pressure of having to BD? I hope you and DH have a nice relaxing weekend with some fun sessions!


kparker - Can you call in and mention what's going on and see if you can get some insight on it? Something must be going on if your cycles are always perfect.


sourire - I'm sorry you're dealing with such annoying breast pain. If it's really worrying you, I'd mention it to your RE or even your GP just to get things checked out.

Are you testing this cycle? I think you said you were one day ahead of me this one.


chica - I'm in the same boat as you - mine are usually always sore and they're not this time, in fact I have no symptoms at all so I think I'm in for a BFN. I'm still holding out hope for a BFP for you!


Jukim - funny how so many of us aren't having our normal symptoms this cycle! Hopefully it's a good sign rather than not.


SilaMarila - What a headache! I'm sorry you have all of that on your plate right now. My DP did come to the appointments with me, mostly because the RE would not see me if he wasn't there. It ended up being nice to have him there because I really needed a lot of support after the appointment. Do you think you could talk to him about why you'd like him to be there and how you don't feel very supported by him right now? Maybe he's afraid of going. I know my DP had a lot of fears about getting into the fertility treatment process and things have been very stressful on him as well. I'm so glad you are able to vent here. I hope that we are able to support you however we can.


cbaa - crossing my fingers for the spotting to stop!

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Wow ladies...i don't post for 1 full day and the board fills up lol.  That isn't a bad thing though.  I'm so happy to see so much involvement here now!! We use to be lucky to get 4 or 5 pages before the next month started lol. 


I hope that everyone is doing good.  I scanned thru the posts just now so I will go back thru and comment in just a little bit after I wake my fire fighters up lol.  I'll go ahead and give my AFM though and then come back.


AFM:  I have almost decided to go ahead and totally give up on having the breast reduction until next year.  I have to have everything reapproved with the new insurance company and they called me back yesterday to tell me they won't cover the surgery at the surgery center so i will have to have it done at the hospital so that will push my surgery back until the summer or later more than likely.  I so hope that I can just call at the end of the month and tell them we will have to re-evaluate me in a year in a half once i'm done having my 3rd baby lol.  I am calling my O as of yesterday, because i had a + OPK day before that when I got home from work so here's to my 2ww!!!  I go in for my yearly check up with my GYN this coming Thursday so we will see how that goes and what he can tell me about how he might be able to help me since Clomid is not a covered drug under my new insurance policy!!! How are you going to cover Femera but not Clomid? LOL   Granted I know Femera's primary use is not for fertility treatment but still!!! LOL 


BFPChart2.gif    <------------ check out my chart------------   I am not feeling that we had good timing this month...could someone else confirm or deny this for me?  I mean we had "OK" timing but not the best and i'm REALLY sad about that!!!! Especially since i Oed later than i have been oing lately!!!!!



PS Day 11 of 21!!! Only 10 days left until my next off day!! Oh, but here's the kicker....there are 2 days that i just noticed i have to work 16 hour shifts!!!! So if they don't change that i will be working 32 hours OT next week!!!!!!!

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Hi evereyone -


just checking in.  My thermometer died on me after giving me a bunch of low temps(even in the evening)  and I never received a + opk or peak monitor read.  My skin is as bad as it was when i was pregnant, but to be honest it never really healed. But it's worse than ever! So I have no clue whats going on day 29, 3or 4  more to go?


I hope everyone is well - ill try to catch up on sunday.

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shesaidboom - no I won't be testing this month. I only test if I'm taking progesterone because I need to make sure it's ok to stop it. Without progesterone my LP is so short that by the time I hit 14 DPO I'm well into my next cycle and AF is almost over. I'm pretty sure CD1 is today or tomorrow for me but it's always a bit hard to tell the difference between the spotting I've been having throughout my LP and real AF. What about you, any plans to test soon?
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Gave in and took a test this morning, BFN (15dpo). But my temps are still high...consoled myself by looking at a bunch of Fertility Friend charts where they got BFNs on dayd 14 and 15 but got BFPs on day 17+. I know the chances are slim, but I'm still a teensy bit hopeful. Maybe?

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