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Brichole - maybe PPD? Glad you are talking to your OB. GL!


Wissa - I think it is amazing too. I seriously thought I was the only person in Alabama with IF. I am surrounded by people getting pregnant - from 19 year old college students to 40 year old moms - it is everywhere here. Nearly every car in town has one of those stickers on the back with a image of every member of the family and most have like 5 kids or more. I am glad to see that I am not alone!


Chica - No AF is still good news! Fingers crossed for you.


Jukim - no, I haven't heard of spasms. Sorry AF is weird.

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Chica, i hope you're just one of the low responders to the tests!! Can you ask your doctor to schedule a beta test? I really hope you're pregnant!!


Brichole, good luck at your appointment! As for the depression, I'm so happy you're going to talk to someone about it. It definitely is important to get some help. I'm sure that even talking to someone will be cathartic. Until then, BIG HUGS and I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. hug2.gif


Jukim, hmmm i get little twitches once in a while (before pregnancy) if that's what you mean. I think i used to get them in my lower abs, arms and under my eyes, especially when I was tired. i wasn't sure if that was what you meant by spasms.


Gozal, yah for starting! I hope the clomid side effects don't get any worse and start dying down. I wouldn't worry about the IUI. It's probably just standard for her to do an IUI with patients taking clomid because of CM but I'm sure if she doesn't remember that you don't want to do one yet, she'll be fine when you tell her that you'd like to hold off.


Sila, no O for you? I'm so sorry :o( I'm glad you're feeling good though! Keep that thought up.


Sourire, yah to your first IUI. I did 4 of them...3 with clomid/hcg trigger and 1 with letrozole (we did the fourth one just because we found that was covered by our insurance so we decided to give it a try before IVF). I'm speaking for myself but knowing what i know now, I wish I just went on to ivf. Although I ended up with twins, I'm just happy because i felt so much more in control of everything. i also ended up spending close to $3500 or the first three IUIs so it was an expensive process anyway. Hopefully the first one is the winning one for you, regardless of the stats :o)


Shesaidboom, yah for having a cycle buddy with Sourire. I hope that you don't have side effects this month. I'm sad that you have to deal with side effects with Femara since most people say that it's the more tolerable one but hopefully, it will be mild this time around and most importantly, that it will work! Come on BFP! I absolutely understand the need for a plan too. doesn't it make you feel more comfortable and in control? i hope your RE tells you what he/she sees in store!


Wissa, good luck at your appointment today!


Teresa, how are you doing?


Sorry if I missed anyone! This thread is hopping and I'm hoping that it will soon be hopping with BFPs too!





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brichole - have you considered trying counseling for your depression issues? I've been having weekly appointments with a psychologist ever since my bad experience with Clomid/depression/anxiety this summer and it helps sooooo much.

renavoo - thanks for giving your opinion on IVF vs IUI. How many IVF attempts did you do? I guess I don't mind doing a few tries of IUI since its not costing me anything (besides time but I'm not even 30 yet so I've got plenty of that to spare)
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Chart stalking privateeyes.gif and rooting for you Chica! It really doesn't make sense.  It really looks like you couldn't have O'd any other day based on cm and temps. Sorry about another BFN. According to Taking Charge of Your Fertility you are pg after 18 high temps...

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Aw, thanks for the well wishes and those of you chart stalking me! Took another test this morning, another BFN, but an even HIGHER temp today (98.75) and no sign of AF. I found quite a few charts on Fertility Friend where the first positive wasn't until 18 or 19dpo -- some even didn't happen until 28DPO or higher! I don't think I could make it that long.


I think if I'm still in limbo on Saturday, I'll send my chart to my midwife friend and have her take a look. I hate to pay for a blood test at the OB, but maybe I could go to one of those free pregnancy clinics if nothing's happening by next week.

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Chica - if that temp goes up again tomorrow it is going to look triplastic {(is that the right spelling?)!

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Sourire- For me it was only one IVF attempt. It was a very aggressive plan though. RCR- Triphasic.

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Chica do you have any early pregnancy symptoms to support your chart because it's plain to everyone that your chart says BFP!

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Peeking in from lurk mode.


First, the link is wrong next to chicajones' name on the front page :-)


chica, I just came to tell you to stay calm at least until tomorrow. I have seen women have random 16 day LPs (coming from a standard 15 day LP-er), which is what you would have if AF showed her ugly head today. However, tomorrow if your temp is still high at 18dpo (or 17 day LP at that point) that is super promising! We need some answers! STAY AWAY AF!

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Gemmine I know, and there are also plenty of people who just randomly have a super late AF. Granted, usually they weren't charting and just ovulated late, but it definitely happens. 


RCR, Fertility Friend actually already classified my chart as Triphasic, because you can see that the first 8dpo are higher than pre-o temps, but after day 8 they go up. It's definitely a good sign.


Jukiim If I go according to TCOYF, tomorrow (18dpo) will mean there's a very high chance of pregnancy if no AF has shown up. My left breast has been pretty tender, I've been wanting to eat everything in site, having subtle cramping on my left and also had zero energy yesterday evening. Even so, all of these could just be pre-AF symptoms. So hard to tell the difference!


Trying to stay calm and prepare myself for the worst...but hope for the best? 

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Hoping for the best for you too Chica...come on BFP! thumbsup.gif

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Go Chica go!!! I'm so excited for you! What a great way to start 2012. I think if we had at least one BFP per month then we would all graduate by the end of the year, right? Or at least close to it!


cbaa: hey cycle buddy! did you do a progesterone check yesterday? Your beta is next Wed, right?


AFM: I'm looking forward to getting through this cycle. I'm pretty sure that this month isn't it for me, so I'm anxious to move on. I did have my 7 dpt progesterone check today and it was at 10 which is the bare minimum for no prometrium - exciting b/c I hate the progesterone side effects and because I've never had a 10 before (last month was 9.5)!! Beta test next Thursday.


Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement and support. I know my friend was coming from a place of love and concern, but it was still pretty awful. And, I'm looking forward to mid-February when my husband and I will be able to get away for a few days to a little B&B in the mountains. Yay! This week has been better so far, though I am home today with a killer cold. Not sure I'll make it in tomorrow either. I think my body is telling me to slow down a bit! Anyone know if it's OK to take OTC cold meds while TTC? My nurse said that NyQuil is OK, but I'm still a little hesitant. Still, I would like to sleep tonight :(


Sorry for the lack of personals - it's hard to catch up when you've been away for a day or two!

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Chica - I'm not a charter...and even I know triphasic is great sign!  Come on BFP...  :)   Yes. It is annoying that signs for pregnancy and AF are similar!! 


Bichole - Did you talk to Ob about your issues?  I know I've been thorough some serious bouts of depression thanks to all this IF stuff.   Depression happens to a lot of people, but I think for women with IF it is very common.  Not being able to have a baby drive would drive most women crazy, but women with IF also have hormonal imbalances, etc.  I agree counseling is good option, if you have that open to you.  Also, if  you ever just really need some one to vent to, I'm in your area code. 


rcr - Those little car signs are starting to annoy me!!  I don't want to be driving down the road and know everyone driving around me has more kids than I do.  lol 


Gozal - Good luck with the clomid this cycle.  I've had far less side effect with the femara than I did with clomid.  I hate that your RE made those confusing statements about the IUI.  So far, my RE hasn't mentioned it, but he also knows my DH feels really really awkward about whole SA thing.  Hope it doesn't come to that or injectibles for you.


Teresaresa - Are you doing a medicated cycle this month?  (Sorry, I'm haven't trouble keeping everyone straight)  I'm curious about them not giving you progesterone.  10 does mean you ovulated and it's great that it has gone up, but my RE wants it to be 15.  My progesterone was 11 last cycle and they put me on it.  Getting away sounds nice next month.  Hope you feel better soon. 




I'm CD 13.  Got a very very very faint surge line last night.  Last cycle I went in on a very very very faint line and had to go back the next day because the follicles weren't big enough. 

So, I kept my surge apt. on Friday which will be CD14.  I got my trigger shot on CD14 last cycle.


Only this morning I retested and got a much darker line.  I'm hoping I haven't put off my surge apt. until too late.   I've also had lots of twinges on the left and right side like last cycle...so I feel my ovaries are doing something. 




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rcr and wissa, re:car signs -- those drive me crazy too! I used to think they were so cute, but now they're just annoying. I did see this comic, which is the opposite take on the stickers (although it's kindof sad at the same time, and the money bag part is definitely not true for most of us):



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wissa: yes, I did a medicated cycle this time around. Femara (letrozole) CD3-8 with an HCG trigger on CD12 and one IUI CD12. I'm not really sure why my RE has 10 has his number - I definitely have seen a bunch of you post about higher progesterone numbers. He has a super high success rate, so I feel like he must know what he's doing, even if it seems odd to me. He once told me that 3 meant I ovulated and that 10 meant I didn't need Prometrium. I'm a little nervous b/c I think I have implantation issues (just a theory - no real evidence), but on the other hand I really hate the progesterone so I'm also relieved. It's all so complicated and confusing. I'm glad I have all of you though. These last few weeks on the thread have made a huge difference for me!!

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teresaresa - I wonder if he using a different measurement?  I would definitely go with whatever your doctor says.  It just kind of caught my attention as being different.  I think I'm different from most of the ladies here in that I don't mind the progesterone.  I have lower back pain and the pogesterone just makes me feel good...it kills the inflammation. 


It really does help to have people you can talk to that understand exactly what you are dealing with. grouphug.gif


chica - That's pretty funny.  Of course, the money thing doesn't apply when you've spent all your $$$$ on IF treatments.   Still funny though lol.gif

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Go, Chica, go!! lurk.gif

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Chica- BFP. BFP. BFP. I hope you have good news too. That sticker made me laugh too, in a sad way.

Jukim- i had a annovulatory cycle back in June followed by a vibration like feeling around my right ovary. It lasted probably 2weeks and drove me absolutely crazy... I never found out what it was. I hope yoursgoes away soon.

Hi Sila smile.gif Hi Gemmine smile.gif Hi Renavoo smile.gif

Wissa- you'll see tomorrow! I always like the day they look at my eggs. Do the doblood tomorrow too? If youre already surging you just saved your Ovedril copay, yay! Are you on 3 letrazole? I'm on 2 even though with Clomid I wason one... With the letrazole i o'd early with one big egg whereas on clomid i o with trigger with2-3 smaller eggs... Weird.

Teresa- hi cycle buddy. No progesterone check for me, i'm on prometrium anyway, but my RE doesnt check proesterone. Apparently progesterone is on about a 3 hr cycle/pump, so dependin where in the cycle theydraw your bloodit an skew the result.. I dont know how much truth there is to that, but thats what he tells me & why theyve never checked. I'm feeling pretty normal on the prometrium though, no spotting, no uterine or back pain like i have without it. Just a little moodiness.

Sourire- i will be so excited when you get your bfp!! I'm glad youre getting start!?

Shesaidboom- howre yodoing? Hows the diet going?

AFM- nothing exciting, just wanted to get in some personalls before it gets too full!
8dpo, feeling exactly the same as every other month.
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Just had to pop in and share - I knew I'd seen this somewhere - check out these car stickers from the blog a little pregnant - black humor so maybe not for all, but it cracks me up! (Scroll down for the pic.) She also made these funny IF tickers.

Originally Posted by chicajones View Post

rcr and wissa, re:car signs -- those drive me crazy too! I used to think they were so cute, but now they're just annoying. I did see this comic, which is the opposite take on the stickers (although it's kindof sad at the same time, and the money bag part is definitely not true for most of us):



Pssst teresaresa, my Re likes to see a 7dpo p4 level of 10 on natural cycles and 15 on medicated ones. But she says it's subjective; really the give it as a precaution because it basically can only help and it's not expensive (well, there are kinds that are inexpensive). I don't think you have anything to worry about - trust your doc!


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