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Ok, here is my question of the day. To start my testing I'll need to start with CD2/3 blood work and then an HSG and other stuff that means I'll need to be on a new cycle. Those with PCOS/long cycles, what did you/your RE do?


- Just waited it out and started when you finally got AF/a new cycle

- Looked and your chart and agreed you haven't O'd and induced AF with Provera

- Did blood work to verify you indeed haven't O'd then induced with Provera

- None of that and just induced AF


I'll be CD30 Monday (day of my appt). As of now I have not O'd. My last cycle was 61 days...

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SilaMarila, I haven't had to do this yet, but I think I would just look at my chart and then induce AF. Unless there was any ambiguity (in which case I'd get blood work done). Waiting out seems like it would be tough. When I wasn't on Met, I had cycles that were up to six months long, which is insane. CD30 seems like a good time to induce AF and get things going. Good luck!

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Sila - I don't have any experience with long cycles, but Chica's advice sounds quiet sound.  ;)  Hope the RE appointment goes well on Monday.  It's always nice to talk to the doctors and get an idea of what your options are.


Chica - I am in suspense for you!


cbaa -  I am on 3.  I went all the way up to 3 on clomid and the more pills I took the poorer my response was.  On 3 clomid my progesterone was like 0.45!!  So, the letrozole has definitely worked better for me.  I think for us there is another factor besides Ovulation that is keeping me from getting a BFP.  (I suspect it's the right tube.)   Sounds like it's working better for you too!  When it comes eggs I think quality is way better than quantity.


Re: Progesterone - I find it interesting how our RE's do the progesterone differently. I guess it kind of makes sense as everyone's body is different.  I had read somewhere that progesterone levels can fluctuate during the day.  There also seems to be some differences on whether or not eating before the test will change the results.  That may be why progesterone levels are not predicative of pregnancy.  The nurse at the clinic today wanted me to start the progesterone before we test this cycle.  She said "If it were her, she would just like to have the added insurance."   Of course, that's based on my past history...


My surge appointment...  There were at least 3 follicles again.  It's possible that I had already released an egg on the right side, but we when ahead and did the trigger.  Hopefully, the trigger will get the nice big follicle on the left to release.   So, after we BD tonight I'll officially be in the 2WW.


If I'm possibly releasing eggs without even a trigger, I wonder if I really need the injectables.  So ---I'm confused once again.  I guess the only thing to do is just wait and see. 


And I just had to edit and say...I have some definite ovary pains on left & right sides.  Anyone else, get this with letrozole?

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chica!!!! I missed if you said you were going to the doctor or not? 18dpo, high temps, wtf?? Sending BFP wishes your way.

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WTF indeed! No, not going to the doctor. I'd have to pay out of pocket, etc, and I still owe them from the last visit. I sent my midwife friend my chart, and she said it definitely looks pregnant to her, but to test again in a few days with a dollar store test. I'll probably swing by one on my way home and pick up a pile of tests. 


Augh, suspense is killing me! I just want AF or a BFP to get here already, limbo is the worst!


Wissa, have fun BDing tonight! Welcome to the 2WW!

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Originally Posted by cbaa2010 View Post
Wissa- you'll see tomorrow! I always like the day they look at my eggs. Do the doblood tomorrow too? If youre already surging you just saved your Ovedril copay, yay! Are you on 3 letrazole? I'm on 2 even though with Clomid I wason one... With the letrazole i o'd early with one big egg whereas on clomid i o with trigger with2-3 smaller eggs... Weird.

I had a similar experience with Clomid vs Femara. My normal O without meds is around CD17... when I was on Clomid I actually O'ed later around CD19. Femara bumped up my O to CD15. I also noticed that when I take progesterone in my LP I am Oing a couple of days earlier the following cycle. The one cycle so far where I've done both Femara and progesterone (the previous month) I actually O'ed on CD12!


I've read about studies that say that there is less likelihood of multiples on Femara than on Clomid... probably because of the 1 good egg vs many that you experienced.

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chica - If I were ignoring the CP and CM on your chart and looking at temps only, it almost looks like you could have O'ed around CD29. I know it seems unlikely due to your other signs, but I gotta say the first week of your LP does not have very convincing temps... maybe that could explain the mystery. Of course we'd all prefer if the mystery was explained by you being pregnant and being one of those people that takes forever to get a BFP!

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Chica - I don't have a clue about charts but Peace.gif for you.


Wissa - Have fun tonight and yeah for the 2ww!


I went to see my new doctor yesterday and she is sending me for some blood work to start and figure what my issue is.  Thank god for the new doctor, my old one brushed me off.  Anyways, starting with the basics I guess, day 3 estrogen and she wants me to get my progesterone done a week before af is due, well seeings how erratic my cycle is I don't know how that is possible.  She ordered a bunch of other blood work too so at least it's a start.  I'm CD 21 today and don't think that I've ovulated, I have been ovulating early but still no sign that I've o'd.  This time last year af disappeared for 3 months, there's no way that that could happen again at the exact same time of the year??!!!  I'm sure I'm just being paranoid.......

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Hi Ladies!! Yes, I did go to the doctor yesterday and he put me on Celexa.  He diagnosed me with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).  One, so insurance could cover it and two, because he thinks it's something i really am dealing with since my symptoms are worse right before AF shows up.  I am on 20MG a day right now and I have to call the office right before my month is up and let him know if that dose is doing the trick or if we need to come down or go up any.  I also will have to call them as soon as i get a BFP because I'm not supposed to take it too long during the 1st trimester.  I hope that it works though because i'm tired of feeling the way i do.  I would love to be able to afford to go to therapy but my insurance doesn't cover it and i don't have the extra money right now.  I'm getting closer to my cycle being over...I am on CD21 or 22 today, i'll have to take a look at FF to see lol.  I don't have high hopes for this month but you never know lol.  I won't be shocked if i get AF before i decide to test though.  



Do i have any takes for the february thread?  I've really enjoyed being the thread keeper this month and i'm sooooooo happy with how much this thread has taken off this year already!!! I hope more women who are having problems with TTC will feel comforatable enough to come here over the next several months.  I don't think i would be making it thru without you ladies!!!! 


Chica:  I really hope that these high temps turn into a late BFP!!! If it makes you feel better, when I was pregnant with DD#1 i tested a month after my last AF and didn't get a BFP when i thought i would so i didn't think about it anymore and didn't test again until another month later when one of the girls at work talked me into taking a test.  I thought there was no way, and thought that maybe AF was just late because of the stress of my x-h's granddad passing away....when i tested i NEVER got a very positive test and i was already 8 or 9 weeks pregnant...so i guess everyone breaks down HCG different so PRAYING that you get a bfp soon!!!!!



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Chica - another high temp today, I see... Hmmm.

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Brichole- i think shesaidboom asked for the feb thread
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Cbaa:  Thank you!! I have been so out of it lately that I haven't even had much time to read all of the posts with my new job...we have people standing over us the entire time we are in here and emma has been all over the place at home some i haven't had time to get on there much either.  I feel like a horrible thread keeper this month, but i've tried!!! :)


Shesaidboom:  I appreciate you wanting to take the thread and come February 1st it's all yours!!! :)  And you get an extra day in the mix because of it being Leap year this year :)


Speaking of leap year, my birthday is next month, i turn 28, and I never thought that i would still be TTC now, it's been 9 years since i got pregnant with jayde, and I don't know that I was really thinking that i would only have 2 kids in that 9 years after how fast i got pregnant with jayde!!!  I think this and all of the stress of my every day life is the reason i'm having to find help thru medication at this point.  I hope to one day not have to rely on medication to be happy.  I want to be myself again...and i hope that can happen within the next few months!!!  I am worried that things might get worse if/when i get pregnant again but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

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I wanted to share this blog, it is actually a friend of my sisters from high school. She has done IVF and has moved on to NaPro technology, no take home baby yet but from what I have read so far she calls to attention so many emotions I have seen go through here. She is inspiring, strong, and determined.


Today is the first I have read her blog, but interestingly, she is being treated by the very doctor I have been pondering making an appt with since September. NaPro is an alternative to IVF, being Catholic, I have always felt like it was something I should pursue, but being impatient and wanting immediate gratifcation without the legwork, I settled on my RE and Clomid, which then led to IUI, and now Femara, and next injectables. I am now certain I need to call and make an appt. Except it always leads back to 'if this cycle doesn't work' because 'wouldn't I feel silly to make the appt and then find out I'm pregnant'. So my deadline now is once DH's work moves to Chicago for the summer (or spring really since it goes from April-August) and I can't guarantee a sperm donation for IUI while he is gone, I will make the appt to start being see in March. So 2 more cycles at my RE- one on Femara, one on injecables, and then on to NaPro. Hold me to this, please.


Tonight I am feeling inspired and at the same time doom and gloom... I just am not physically getting better . I wake up every day with stiff/tight joints. It has gone from just my hands to now my hands and shoulders. I bet if I wiggled my toes theyare stiff too. I'm not sure if it is food allergy or something worse. I also can't believe that my body can do anything different with any quality egg if there is still something going wrong inside other than that. I am at that point, 9dpo, where I neither feel pregnant, nor can imagine a.n.o.t.h.e.r month that it didn't work. How do we keep going?

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Originally Posted by cbaa2010 View Post

. I am now certain I need to call and make an appt. Except it always leads back to 'if this cycle doesn't work' because 'wouldn't I feel silly to make the appt and then find out I'm pregnant'. So my deadline now is once DH's work moves to Chicago for the summer (or spring really since it goes from April-August) and I can't guarantee a sperm donation for IUI while he is gone, I will make the appt to start being see in March. So 2 more cycles at my RE- one on Femara, one on injecables, and then on to NaPro. Hold me to this, please.


Do it. And will do. 


We carry on because statistically it will happen. Because not doing anything hurts more than trying everything.

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Cbaa - I think your NaPro technology plan is an excellent idea.  I also have some religious concerns with IVF and NaPro has some excellent statistics.  Hang in there - as others have said the numbers say it will happen.


The femara makes my joints hurt.  You've been on it for at least 4 months (right?).  What I have found helps for me is taking a bath with epsom salts.  Honestly, it has made me feel so much better!  Epsom salts are just magnesium and your body absorbs it thorough the skin...  I have also started taking MSM.   The MSM is generally paired with glucosamine and chondroitin, it works as an anti-inflammatory.  I really think these two things have made the difference for me.  Don't give get up on your body just yet.


Brichole - So glad to hear your doctor was understanding.  It's also nice that she understood the insurance issues.  I hope the medication kicks in soon for you.  Sometimes our bodies just get drained and they need to get back what was lost.  I have high hopes that you will feel more like yourself soon.


Smiles - Yeah for a new Doctor that listened to you.  I really hope that the blood work will give you some clue as to why your cycles have been so short and crazy.  Finally, having a doctor that is listening to you is exciting. 





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Holy WOW... 46 new posts! No way I can respond to all of that, but I continue praying and hoping for all of you (and chart-stalking chica!) Renavoo and deborah and I are having fun over on the grads thread, but we could definitely use some new faces. Hoping to see many of you there soon!


Just a few things that stuck out in my brain: As far as AF induction, I've had 2 different docs just give me a pregnancy test and a script for Provera. Which is irresponsible, because I could be in my LP and really screw things up for pregnancy. But since I personally charted, I knew I hadn't ovulated and just took the medicine. Also, progesterone levels - my RE refused to check them and just insisted everyone needed to be on progesterone as a "just in case." I didn't do them, but I paid out of pocket for my progesterone level, which was 19 at 7 DPO. I've also read that anything above 10 is good enough, though some doctors like it higher. I think there was something else, but I've forgotten it now.


AFM, finally starting to feel better. More details on the grad thread, don't want to bog things down here.

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Monkey, Chica, Wissa - Thanks for weighing in on my AF induction question. If there is any ambiguity as to whether I have O'd or not I'll request blood work before agreeing to the Provera.


Chica - Down a little today?Maybe you really did O later. But your CM just doesn't make sense then...

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Wissa, yes, down a bit today, but we are staying at a friends house so I was up late and slept on a couch. Not sure if that has any effect. Also, I think I'm coming down with something, because I've gotten progressively more and more stuffed up as the day has gone on. Now I have a headache and am all achy feeling. Blah. I just want to sleep. I know there's a chance I could have O'd later, but I do usually have a fallback rise and just a slight initial temp jump, and my CM is usually pretty spot on. Who knows--no test today, but I probably will tomorrow again. 

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Cbaa, hug2.gif NaPro sounds great. When i was switching REs, I made the appointment early even though i was still cycling. i always told myself that if I got pregnant along the way, they would probably be happy that i was canceling (not losing the revenue but RE's probably understand the heartache!) When are you going to test? I hope all this is a moot point with you being pregnant this month!!


Monkey, can't wait to check in on you soon on the grads thread!


Chica, I hope you're still on your road to a late BFP. By the way, one of my major signs of pregnant was a really stuffed nose. In fact, I currently spend most of my day congested. I can't tell you how many boxes of tissues i've gone through since getting pregnant. So, I'm weighing it as another (cautiously) positive sign for you. orngbiggrin.gif


Wissa, welcome to the 2ww!! I hope this one leads to your BFP. 


Smiles, yah to a new doctor who listens. It would be great for you to finally get answers or at least, some support! i think after so many years of experiencing IF, anyone would be a little paranoid. So don't worry and let's hope this new year brings answers and a BFP for you. 


Brichole, I'm glad you got something to help with your depression. I just wish I could give you a big hug in real life. I do hope that it helps and that one day you can step off of medication. but until then, I've always said that we're so lucky that we have the technology to help us through so many things we suffer from, from infertility to depression. I hope the Celexa is successful in giving you a measure of peace. hug2.gif


Sourire, how are you doing?


Sila, i think that is a great plan to get tested before Provera. Let us know how it goes!


Ladies, I hope you're all having a great Saturday! 




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Chica- I had a similar experience to Renavoo's.

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