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Are all our Alabamians okay? I am just seeing the news!

BFN today, I'm having some red wine with hubby & going to bed early.
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CBAA - I am fine. Once again, the tornado was not close to me (we are closer to Atlanta), but it was near Wissa and Brichole. A student came in to tell me that 2 people died in Birmingham and I immediately thought of wissa and brichole and my RE. Sorry about the BFN.


Shesaid - holy perfect FSH and lots of follies! Looks like a great start! I dream of a fsh as low of yours.


tickletoes - welcome! Sorry about your losses.


brichole - Well, a dog is something to look forward to, but I hope TTC works for you!


Goal - yay to something new! Sounds promising.


AFM - I haven't been doing an AFMs lately because I am just waiting for AF. I think I may have O'd last week, so maybe she will arrive in 2 weeks. Who knows.

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Wissa & Brichole – I’m thinking of the two of you, and I hope you are safe! RCR, I'm glad you are okay!


Tickletoes –I’m sorry about your loss.  I was on the TTC in the 30’s, and have been rooting for you for some time.  I hope the appointment with your RE goes well! Welcome!


Renavoo- Thanks for the suggestion concerning the estrogen support.  My naturopath said the same thing, and I hope my RE is open to it. 


Sourire – Thanks for the link! I made the soup, and it was delicious.  I also liberally sprinkled with feta.  Yum.


Gozal – Isn’t that magic number illusive?  There are so many variables at play, least and greatest of which is the sexual performance factor.  We try to DTD at least 3, if not four times. Regardless of how often we DTD, our timing in the past eight (Yes! Eight!!) cycles has been fantastic.  Sigh…As for you, super exciting news! I hope this IUI is it for you!


Brichole – I hope that your system acclimates to the Celexa and it offers you some relief.  You deserve it.


Chica- I’m so sorry about your never-ending luteal phase.  I had a similar experience with an ambiguous ovulation date, and it was really, really hard.  I hope you can find the space to practice some self-care!


Teresaresa – I can totally commiserate.  I’m 8 DPO, and, based on my estradiol levels, I know that this month isn’t going to have a outcome different than any other month.  I’m excited to finish and start the Clomid.


Cbaa2010 –I’m so sorry about the BFN.  At this point, getting pregnant feels like such an abstract concept.  I hope you are feeling healthier today.  Day by day and cycle by cycle…


Also, on a completely different note, thanks for the link to the blog.  I’m always looking for great infertility blogs, but the ones I come across have always segued to raising kids! Anywho, did anyone dig deep enough into the blog to read her story about her partner’s SA?  His numbers were really poor, but they improved drastically when they switched to a vegan diet.  The urologist attributed it to the decrease in hormones and steroids found in their meat and dairy.  I found that to be nothing short of amazing. 


Sila – I’ve been thinking of you and the start of your PCOS journey.  How are you?


Smilesarefree – Let me preface this with – we are all different.  However, I always had a long cycle (60-80 days) around September of each year.  It’s been like that for the past several years, with the exception of this September where I was supported with Metformin.  However, I always associated the delayed cycle with the start of my academic year and an increase in cortisol, my personal enemy!  Did you have an increase in stress last year at this time? I hope you cycle through and don't have an elongated cycle!


Shesaidbloom –  Congrats on the weight loss!  That’s fantastic. I feel your pain on the cycle monitoring fees.  This is the first cycle that I’ve fully embraced a medical approach, and I am having sticker shock.  I hope this 3rd IUI works for you.


AFM –Like I mentioned earlier, I’m having some serious sticker shock concerning the out-of-pocket expenses for treatment.  I have a friend in Denver who is moving through treatment at roughly the same pace, and her out-of-pocket expense is much lower than mine.  We hope to leave SoCal as soon as possible, and this is gives us even more impetus.  I really wanted to finish my degree happily pregnant, have the baby, rest, regroup, and then look for a job near my child’s one year birthday.  Instead, I am unemployed and, oh, the irony, we can’t really afford infertility treatments until I get a job.  Turns out there really is a recession.  Will research for IUI. thumb.gif

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Cbaa, I'm so sorry. hug2.gif I know there is very little we can say right now to make you feel better but I'm thinking of you and wishing you luck on your next cycle. It will happen. it WILL! And when it does, this will feel like just a bad dream. Big hugs!!


Shesaidboom, yah for fewer symptoms! As for the February 15th date, ugh. Can you maybe ask a quick question during your monitoring session? Your RE will do the US right? If he does, then maybe it's a good time to just pose a quick question about next steps. Or, perhaps you can call and see if you can catch the doctor on the phone- he may not have an appointment to spend with you but he may have time for a quick phone call. I would hate for you to lose out on a month because you couldn't get in to see the doctor! Regardless, though, i hope it's a moot point because I just want you to get your BFP this month. Come on follies!


TickleToes, Welcome!! I'm sorry you have to be here with us and for your losses. I hope you find help and peace with us. I hope your RE helps you with figuring out what is wrong!


Teresa, I agree with Wissa...trust your doctor. My doctor never measured my progesterone during any of my IUI cycles either. I think it's such an individual practice. As long as there are follies growing and your lining is good I would think that things should progress nicely. And the fact that he has a good record speaks highly of him. I'm hoping this is your month, even though you're not feeling like it is. Hey, people have been surprised before!! please let you be one of them.


Brichole, ugh to sleepiness on the pill and then sleeplessness when you take it before bedtime!! That is so awful. Could they maybe change the pill? Maybe another treatment would work better for you? i guess it's best if you wait a couple of more weeks to see if you get acclimated to the treatment. I hope you do. I giggled when i read about the yorkie trade. How funny! And what a good answer. haha that way you get what you want in both instances. ;o) And, I bet your DH appreciates the BDing like crazy. hehehe


Chica, I'm so sorry. hug2.gif I was rooting for you this month. But I'll root just as hard for you next month too. :o)


Wissa, what is up with you? And chocolate...mmmmmm But I have that addiction year round, not just with hcg hehe


Hope everyone is doing well! 




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Sorry about the BFNs chica and Cbaa.

Gozal I'm excited to see how your IUI goes!

AFM - I made it through my 5 days of Femara. I noticed the side effects a bit more this time since I just came out of a month with no meds. Mainly feeling a bit more tired and irritable than usual, and I had a mild headache pretty much the whole time. Anyways my first ultrasound is tomorrow and I can't wait! The nurse at the fertility clinic had ordered us to BD the night before the appointment (tonight) which is a bit inconvenient because DH is working the late shift and normally I'd be asleep by the time he gets home. I guess I'll just have to stay up a bit later tonight!
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krunchyk - that is really interesting about the hormones from meat and dairy affecting a SA. I almost wrote my dissertation on endocrine disruptors in water, but at the time it was hard to find anything written about it. I should have, because it seems like a big issue now, but I didn't connect it to fertility before. We are veggie, but we do drink milk.

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Shesaidboom - Somehow your screen name made into my dreams last night.  lol  In the dream we found out we knew each other in person.  Given we are countries apart I don't think that's likely.  :)


I hope this turns out to be a good cycle for you!  I agree with Renavoo, it might be worth calling the office and asking if you could set-up a phone call.  I've also called my RE's office and left a message with the nurse asking if she could just pass my results by the doctor to see if he wanted to change the plan. 


KrunchyK & rcr - I don't know about hormones and SA.  However, when I was pregnant I only ate organic meat & milk.  I had read somewhere that mother's that drank a lot milk with boy babies could affect the babies future SA (or something like that).  


Cbaa -  hug2.gif I'm so sorry.  I hope you are holding it together pretty well today.  I hate that life is just not fair sometimes.  I know you are frustrated and it's hard to keep going, but I can't help believing it will happen for you one day. 


TickleToes - I'm sorry for your losses. I think your OB is sending you the right direction.  An RE will be able to offer a lot more help than just a regular OB.   Welcome, but I hope your stay is short.  These ladies are really good supporters and have wealth of knowledge.


Sourire - Have fun getting busy.   I told my DH this cycle...Just think how lucky you are...Your wife is actually begging you for BD time. ;)



--The major Storm was actually a bit to the south of us here in North Alabama.  Irony...the tornado in B'ham actually took a very similar path to the one in April (the Tuscaloosa tornado).  They say the things can strike any where, but sure they do tend to hit the same areas.  ;)  I have a fraidy hole just the same.  (Boy o boy does that whole line sound southern). 


--I'm CD 18.  My E2 this cycle was 232 (CD14), which is much higher than the 86 (CD13) last month.  I go in for progesterone this Friday and Beta next Friday.   I'm wondering the point of the P4 since I started the progesterone last night...oh, well.





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::UPDATE:: (I'll go back and do personals)


DH and I went out yesterday afternoon/evening after my appointment so I didn't get a chance to update you all until now. It went well. It seems like SO much information. I'm thankful for all the research I've done ahead of time and for everything I've learned from you guys. I'm so used to a more holistic approach and to treating the whole self. It was kind of overwhelming to go to someone who is "let's get you pg as soon as possible" and 100% focused on that. But that could be a good thing.


I'm starting Provera today so we can get a new cycle started and start the whole process. She looked at my chart and agreed I hadn't ovulated and did a u/s to confirm it and see if it was looking like I might even be starting to O on my own and to measure my lining. Nope. Just 10 or so little follicles on each side not doing anything irked.gif I'll go in CD2/3 for my blood work (and maybe another u/s?) and as long as everything is looking good we're going to start with 50mg of Clomid (CD5). I will be monitored to see how I am responding to the Clomid. I'm really glad she will be doing this. Hopefully by CD15 we'll see a nice big follicle(s) and a good lining. 


We will also be doing a Postcoital test to see how DH's swimmers are doing in there and to see if the Clomid might be affecting my cm. Basically determining if further cycles are even worth it or if we should consider IUI. She'll also test progesterone to see if that is something we need to supplement too I guess (and I think it might be). They like to see it at 15. I can't remember if there are any other tests...maybe...they do 4 rounds of Clomid max if I am having good results but still haven't gotten pg. Still not sure about pcos. It looks like I have it and I have a lot of symptoms, but we will see what my b/w says. I forgot to ask about insulin resistance testing duh.gif


DH is doing his SA tomorrow. I had scheduled it for today but that is a different story ("what if it hasn't been 2-3 days..." banghead.gif ). Krunchy, rcr - He's cut WAY back on meat and dairy and is eating  about 85% vegan right now so I hope that helps! I hope we're dealing with only one problem not two. This way we will know how good they were before the postcoital test too.


Ok, off to pick up my Provera! Anyone who has taken it experience side effects? I also have acupuncture today and have to tell her we've decided to try the drugs. Not looking forward to that. I've read a lot on how doing the acupuncture while taking the meds and during IF treatments can produce really good results.



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Shesaidboom- No, I did not do IUI first. I have diminished ovarian reserves which warrant a more aggressive treatment. Sila- The last SA your hubby did (I think you said he did one), was it at an office or did he do it at home and bring it to an office? My hubby had dismal results at the OB's office but got an A- at the RE's office. So, don't count him out yet. DH is definitely not vegan, nor does he eat well in general, so I don't think that makes that much difference, but we are careful about what meat we buy usually (I'm more careful now for the most part). I forgot who was asking about chocolate and HCG. I did not have cravings with it. All it did was make me nauseous. Tickletoes- I'm sorry you have to be here and that you've suffered so many losses. It sounds like you have an excellent OB that recognized you needed more specialized care. AFM- Have a cold which came with a throbbing headache, but otherwise fine.

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Just popping in quickly to say thank you guys for all the encouragement! I know virtual hugs are not exactly the same as real hugs, but the thought still makes me feel better. I am so glad we have this board to share our journeys with. 


Went to a great concert last night with DH and had a glass of wine...and half a pint of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato when I got home. Definitely a good way to spend the night. I'm feeling a little better--still very disappointed, and still confused (now I'm wondering when on earth I'll O this month), but better. I'm going to really try and stay on top of OPKs this month (although I always end up feeling like I can't interpret them correctly--anyone have a good source, with pictures, to help on this?). 


CBAA, so sorry to hear you got a BFN. I'm still rooting for a BFP though--12 days is pretty early. Have you looked at Fertility Friend's studies? They show that 13.6 DPO is the average for the first positive. I definitely wouldn't give up hope yet (although look who's talking, lol. I know it's hard to even want to remain slightly hopeful). I'll be chart-stalking you!

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Krunchy, yes to the sticker shock! I couldn't believe how much we needed to spend to get pregnant. I still think back to the days where we were taught that if we weren't careful, we would get pregnant immediately. Instead, I end up spending about $30K to get pregnant (shaking head). It'll all be worth it in the end. I hope you are able to start soon!


Sourire, can't wait to hear about your appointment! I hope there are some nice follies growing in you!


Rcr and Krunchy, hmmm DH and I drink a lot of milk too. And now I'm worried about that. haha. It's a never ending stream of worry. Oh boy. I'll have to look into getting organic milk now. argh!


Sila, yah to starting! Hopefully you don't feel any untoward side effects. Let us know how things go! I don't regularly do acupuncture but I did do acupuncture before and after my IVF transfer and it might have helped. Regardless, it is relaxing and I think we all need that these days!


Chica, I'm happy you're feeling better! We're all rooting for you...As for the ovulation strips, if you get the cheap ones, you may want to do them 2x a day so you don't miss the surge. I used to do it once at around 7am and once around 3-4pm. I don't know if it is overkill but it made me feel better because i felt more likely to catch it. Those things are just so confusing though!! DH once stared at the strip and just shook his head because it really is interpretive. 


Hope everyone is doing well!


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Deborah - Just wondering how they found out that you had dimished reserves, I am assuming there is a test for that?

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I feel like I say this as a precursor to every time I do personels- but holy caca is there a lot for me to catch up on! Forgive me if I repeat to anyone or miss anyone.


Chica- I think we should make a pact that this month, as almost cycle buddies, that we get BFPs. I am so jealous of your ice cream eating adventure. I have actually drank half a bottle of red and plan on finishing it (because DH is away) tonight, but I bought coconut milk 'ice cream' and tried it last night... seriously, it isn't ice cream. I want a BFP so I can dive into a pint of ben and jerrys half baked and a slice of pizza. As far as the FertilityFoe studies, I used to spend hours looking at stats... I just can't take it anymore, I rarely go on aside from updating my meds per day, the rest is just too depressing.


deborah- hope you are feeling better, I hear illness while pregnant is really the pits. get better soon!


Sila- I am so glad to hear a plan for you! I didn't have any advice for the Provera but it sounds like all your bases are covered. It is good to get started with a clean slate too. Good luck with the Clomid. What CD do they do the P/C test? Do they recommend IUI if it comes back poorly, would it be this cycle or not until the next cycle. I always find it fascinating how different REs do different things. It is refreshing to have someone that is focused on getting you pregnant as soon as possible. So sick of hearing 'it will happen' 'you still have time' 'youre trying too hard' 'just relax'.


Wissa- all your numbers sound good so far! Did they tell you what your lining was? It always annoys me they don't tell me unless I ask. Crossing my fingers for your beta next week!!!


Sourire- Can't wait to hear your U/S results today (and that you got some sleep last night after having to stay up late to DTD!). Are they doing a postcoital test today? Is that why they wanted you to DTD last night?


krunchyk- you're not feeling it this month either :( Pregnancy being an abstract concept is the perfect explanation... I really do hope that you have a surprise baby in there When do you test?. I'm glad you like the blog. I did read about his SA- it is pretty amazing. My DH is anti-fertility enhancing methods for himself, since his SA came back above average. He is 100% supportive of me and getting pregnant (which is a complete 180 from this time last year, when we were trying, but he was still so unsure). I don't read blogs frequently, but I hope to learn something from Celia's journey, yesterday I was 100% going to call Dr. C today (NaPro), but today I am back to not being able to decide... so many what if's going on in my mind...


rcr, wissa, brichole- I'm glad you are all OK and safe from the storm! I couldn't believe how many there were on the news screen.


brichole- I hope the side effects are temporary, or you find a time of day that they don't bother you so much. My DH pulled a similar puppy story. I was looking at the rescue site and asked if we could take home 'Barbie' and that she would be such a good friend for our doggy, and he said I'll make a deal with you, a year from now, if we still aren't pregnant, and Barbie is still available (which she won't be, at 12 weeks old and in this area, I'm sure she was adopted in days), that I could take her home. Silly Men!


shesaidboom- I hope someone cancels and you get in sooner for your RE visit, actually, I hope more that you are on your way to BFP town and will only need another ultrasound! Your numbers and follicles sounds great so far! I didn't notice the joint pain (in my hands and shoulders mostly) until after O, but I've never had it before this so it must have been the Femara. It does concern me how these drugs linger and change yoru body... but alas, my quest for a baby pushes the concerns aside. When is your next ultrasound?


tickletoes- Welcome to the group! I am sorry to hear about your losses but so glad to know you are seeing an RE who will hopefully offer some answers.


Gozal- OH MY GOSH everything sounds amazing! so you are expecting 4 measurable follicles! Stick Babies STICK!! So you could be at your appointment making babies right now... or maybe you already did it yesterday. Yay!


Teresa- hi cycle buddy. I think the 'no breat tenderness' is a good sign- because if you were getting it before it can be a sign of low progesterone, which means the clomid/femara gave you a big enough follicle that it produced adquate progesterone on your own. I'm on prometrium- so that can cause tenderness because of increased progesterone... which it did in previous months, but not this month... I hope your beta is positive tomorrow. It is time for someone to break this dry spell. My RE doesn't test progesterone so I'm not sure about he medicated/unmedicated... I think it pertains to Progesterone supplement...


AFM- Waiting on my beta results at the same time waiting for AF. Should arrive tomorrow morning. On and Up. I acually am not really emotional this cycle. Let down and frusterated yes. But like teresa said- the concept of actually getting pregnant is so abstract, I think my brain has finally distanced itself from the emotional connection between hopefulness and defeat. I can be hopeful without getting let down. On to one more Femara cycle... not looking forward to the headaches and more joint pain.


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Originally Posted by cbaa2010 View Post


Sourire- Can't wait to hear your U/S results today (and that you got some sleep last night after having to stay up late to DTD!). Are they doing a postcoital test today? Is that why they wanted you to DTD last night?


Nope I didn't do a postcoital test today. I think they asked me to BD in case the trigger was today so that it would be exactly 2.5 days since DH ejaculated when he went to give his sperm for the IUI. I ended up going to bed at almost midnight which is way past my bedtime!


Ok here are the results of my U/S this morning!

1 dominant follicle @ 21mm on the left side

2 other 14mm follicles, 1 on each side.

My lining was 13mm, which the doctor said was great (I did some googling after and found it its a just above the ideal range of 8mm-12mm).

And I get to trigger tonight! I'm pretty nervous about giving myself that injection, I hope DH is willing to do it for me. Oh and I have to trigger at 11pm so it looks like I'll be staying up late again tonight. I need more sleep!!! I'm the type of person who needs about 9 hours of sleep a night so going to bed late really kills me, especially if I have to do it 2 nights in a row.

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I have so much I want to write to all of you, but I'll have to come back later - I have just a moment to write before I have to go pick up DS - but I just had to get in a quick update!


So, my body was very cooperative and did NOT surge on its own on Monday. That means my o day would have been cd14-15 in any case, which is much more like my "normal"! I waited all afternoon Mon. for the b/w results and then had to make a mad dash to get to the specialty pharmacy during rush hour - took me two hours with the fog, rain, darkness, a cranky 4yo, and a cantankerous GPS, but I got the Ovidrel. (Usually I get it in the mail packed in dry ice but there wasn't enough time.) We had a great BD that night per instructions (for once it was relaxed and fun, I think it really helped us mentally knowing we had the IUI for "insurance"). Yesterday we rested up and this morning we went in for the IUI. Everything went really smoothly, except that no one was telling us the SA results and we were starting to get nervous. DH has never had an SA, so we were doing a combo SA/washing/IUI. Finally we were like, "Um, is there bad news that you're holding out on us?" and the doctor told us his count was off-the-charts fantastic and they didn't even look at the details, just prepped it right away. !!!! It was also so nice for DH to be able to come with me - usually he can't get off work. Go, babies, go!

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Just popping in quickly to say hug2.gif to cbaa and chica - as always, I was rooting for and praying for you ladies, and I was so hopeful for you, chica, from your chart.


sourire - Glad everything is looking awesome, hoping this is your cycle!! And my dh did my injection, and he was great, so hopefully your dh can, too. :)


gozal - Yay!! And glad you are feeling optimistic!


shesaidboom - Hoping things go well this month and you don't need another RE consult!


I forgot who asked, but no, I don't remember having any symptoms from Provera, and I've taken it multiple times. One thing that did surprise me is that I didn't get AF until about 5 days after I stopped taking it, which initially freaked me out. Once I knew that, I started taking 8 pills instead of the 10 the doctor gave me, to hurry things along. On the other hand, when I took Prometrium for the same reason (induce AF), I got crazy vertigo. I didn't know it was possible to be dizzy lying down, but I was! I ended up sleeping on the floor a few nights because the bed just didn't seem safe with the way my world was spinning. They're slightly different forms of progesterone, so if Provera doesn't work well for you, you could try Prometrium.


Okay, longer than I thought it was going to be! Sorry that I'm not up to keeping up with personals, but glad that you ladies have each other - it's nice to have such a busy thread.


AFM, still doing okay. Yesterday was miserable, as I tried to get by without throwing up in the morning, and felt awful (and threw up later) as a result. Today is much better, and we're finally buying a second car!! Just counting the days till my next MW appointment, and hoping and praying to hear that little heartbeat ticking along a week from Friday!

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Ladies, I'm 10 DPO and decided to POAS this morning because I am meeting an old friend in San Diego for dinner.  Wine here I come! As it turns out, it was positive.  The damn thing was positive.  It wasn't even technically FMU.  I'm in shock, and I don't know what to think or feel! Scared? Yes! Anxious? Yes! Excited? Yes! Relieved? Yes! Happy, er, Ecstatic? Yes! I'm going to the RE's for b/w in an hour.  


Here's to hoping I'm not one of the .01% that gets a false positive.


I hope that little egg is okay! My estradiol level was so low, and my lining was thin.  


I'm shaking, ladies. 



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krunchyk - joy.gifFingers crossed and praying for you!! I hope this is it - and dang, 10 DPO, too!

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Smilesarefree- I believe it was related to my FSH levels. AFM- Cold seemed to be a 24-48 hour thing. I don't have time to do many personals right now as I have to get down to work, but I'll try to get to people later.

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krunchyk - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time we had a BFP around here!!!!!! broc1.gifThis is so exciting!


Ok I've been googling BD timing and IUI's and there is a bunch of conflicting info out there. All the sources agree that you need at least 24 hours of abstinence, so I definitely won't BD tomorrow. Half the sources say 2-4 days before IUI is optimal (so my BD last night at 2.5 days before IUI would be perfect) and then there are a bunch of more recent studies showing that <2 days of abstinence is much better... there is less sperm but it is of better quality when you do IUI. So my question to you ladies is... SHOULD I BD TONIGHT OR NOT???? I need advice!!! Tonight would be about 36 hours before IUI. For everyone who has ever done an IUI before, what did your RE recommend?

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