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joy.gif Krunchyk!!! You broke the dry spell!!! joy.gif
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krunchyk-- ahhhhhhh!!!! biggrinbounce.gif I am so thrilled! Hoping and praying that your test from the RE is off-the-charts positive. So exciting! We all needed some great news and this certainly is wonderful! ROTFLMAO.gif


cbaa -- I'm definitely in on the pact! And FertilityFoe, hah, I love it. :) So true. Stats are totally my guilty pleasure, but when I look back at the hours I wasted pouring over charts this last BFN, I want to kick myself.


gozal -- yay for a great SA! That can be so encouraging, I hope your DH was excited. Go go go! ;)


sourire -- hope the trigger goes smoothly tonight! I would be nervous too. I hear that it gets much easier though, and hopefully it will be quick!


renavoo -- I think Brichole mentioned doing two OPKs a day before, and I just didn't try it last time. I'll give it a go this time, although boy is that a lot of peeing in a cup, lol! 


silamarila -- glad to hear your appointment went well! It definitely sounds like a lot of information. I'm sure you'll be able to process things over the next few days. I would definitely recommend getting your glucose (insulin resistance) checked. I never would have thought I had it, had they not run that test "just in case" (and they probably would have put me right on Femara). 


AFM, we had some great news last night about a possible job for DH, and now it's looking very likely that we'll be heading to the UK in August! It's a long story, but we were planning on heading over there this fall, just hadn't been certain about the timeline. 


So, that means that my chances of having a baby in the US (or having a homebirth with my friend who is a midwife) are slim to none. If I got pregnant this month, the earliest my due date could be is early November, so yeah. Guess I'll have to start investigating what kind of costs there are for birth in the UK (since we can't use their NHS for free). The good thing is that they have very high midwife and homebirth rates, so that makes me happy. It's all a little crazy, but we're not going to take a break from trying. I'm totally fine with moving over there 6 or 7 months pregnant, as unusual as that might seem.


Oh, and I have The Sick. It's some sort of cold/throat thing, and adding that on top of AF has made the workdays pretty unbearable. I just want to curl up on the couch with Downton Abbey and a hot cup of tea...




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OMG Krunchy! Seriously!?!?! Stick little bean stick!

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For the OPK discussion, I vote for doing one every 12 hours. This is what I normally do when I get close to O time and I definitely would have missed a few surges if I hadn't been doing that because 50% of women have an LH surge that is shorter than 12 hours so it's easy to miss if you're testing at 24 hour intervals. Of course you need to get the cheap opk's to test that often otherwise it's just too expensive !

Here's an example of how you can miss your surge if you only test once every 24 hours : http://www.peeonastick.com/opkfaq.html#12
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cbaa: I'm so sorry about the BFN. hug2.gifI'm not giving up hope for you.


Tickletoes: I used to lurk on the 30's thread (not sure why, haha) and remember you from there. Sorry to see you here and to hear about your multiple losses. Are you seeing a recurrent loss specialist?


gozal: Great news about your DH's swimmers!


krunchy: OMG!!! Congratulations!!! Thinking good thoughts for you and your egg!


chica: Oh wow, the UK! My friend just moved to London from NJ after getting married. How exciting and good financial news!


Sourire: I vote BD tonight. That way it's not getting into the 48-72 hour possible malformed/old sperm window, but there will be more than there would be if you did 24 hours before. Excited for you!


AFM: My 1st RE appointment is Monday, same day AF is due (or not due?). I was filling out the patient questionnaire today and actually got excited about the FSH testing, sperm analysis, and post-coital testing. Weird huh?

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I am pretty sure that this is the most comprehensive list I've seen on 'natural' remedies with actual success rates. I'm on my way to buy some black cohosh (whatever the heck that is) I'll tell ya that... I did buy some NAC today and already have a runny nose... Anyway, nothing fuels more pill popping than a negative beta.

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Thanks for the support and the welcome, everyone. I'm just getting started on this amped up TTC path - so I don't have a clue about most of the stuff you all are talking about at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more to say as I figure things out.

Krunchy!!! I was so glad to see your news! joy.gif I hope that your bloodwork shows a strong positive with good numbers. Also wanted to say that I was glad to see a familiar "face" when I peeked in here and considered joining.


and on that note...

Gemmine - thanks for your note, it made me feel more welcome too. And Sourire... weren't you also part of the 30's Bajingo thread for a while? Or maybe the no stressors thread? I recognize your name from somewhere.


AFM - I'm recovering from the miscarriage. Still spotting, but that's really it. I'm suffering from horrible insomnia and my whole body feels a bit out of whack, but the worst is behind me physically. Emotionally, I'm super fragile and go from enforced numbness to crying at the drop of a hat. Joined a support group this week - can't wait for the next meeting, two weeks away. Next week, I have an appointment with my primary doctor to discuss how to handle my depression. Anyone have experience with this while TTC? I might be at that point where a boost from some meds would do me good, but I don't want to go there if the meds will mess with my fertility. The RE called today and my first appointment is scheduled for Feb 20 - which seems so far away. What can I expect from that visit? Just a consultation or some tests? I want to TTC as soon as possible, but I'm afraid to without having all the support and knowledge the RE can give me. I don't think I could bear getting pregnant again and experiencing a fourth loss.

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Cbaa - Buying NAC ASAP! Thanks for sharing! And krunchy too. I should have bought it a few weeks ago when you mentioned it!


Tickletoes - A late welcome! I also recognize you from stalking the 30's thread (I used to stalk everywhere just learning as much as possible). Many women struggling with IF, especially if losses have been involved, also struggle with depression. I think I'm safe to safe many of us have dealt with bouts of it. I hope your Dr. can help.


Gozal - So exciting! How exciting for your body to cooperate too! I'm really rooting for you!


Chica - Thanks, I'll mention the IR test for sure!


AFM - I'm already struggling not to obsess. DH did his SA this morning and all I can think about is how badly I want to know the results! I calculated that in 7 weeks maximum we will know whether or not my first medicated cycle was a success or not. Hopefully sooner as long as the Provera does it's job and I start AF as soon as I finish the pills.

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krunchyK - wow! I certainly wasn't expecting to see this news when I popped in here today! Congrats!!!joy.gif


regarding OPKs - they are pretty cheap if you get the cheepie ones. Before IVF and IUIs I used to pee on those things like every 4 hours when I thought I was Oing, but I usually had it down to the right day, so I was only doing them that often for like a day or so.

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So much to catch up on, but for now I just want to say..... Yay KrunchyK!!!!! Sending you huge waves of positivity!!!

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Sila, I think everyone of us obsesses about every detail, even after getting pregnant so I'd like to think that it is normal :o) I hope the SA results come out well!


Tickletoes, you have more reason than most to be depressed. hug2.gif I believe Brichole also spoke with her doctor about depression so I hope you two can share some experiences. Please don't add stress on for feeling depressed, by the way. It's such a natural state after all you've been through and you're so incredibly strong. I am looking forward to you getting some answers as to why you keep experiencing the losses. Do you have a short luteal phase? I hope it's as easy as maybe supplementing some progesterone to your cycle. 


Gemmine, definitely NOT weird. I loved getting all the tests done in hopes that i would find out why I was infertile. I got a "unexplained infertility" diagnosis because everything came back great, which on some level annoyed me. hahaha But seriously, I think it's normal to want to arm ourselves with a lot of knowledge!


Chica, talk about adding stress! but how exciting to be moving to the UK! Would it be a temporary move or a permanent? If temporary, how long would you be there? Hope you feel better soon!



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Gozal, I'm so hopeful for you!!! Let's count down your 2WW!! Come on egg and sperm!


Sourire, I missed answering but my RE always said that we shouldn't go more than 3 days without BDing. Preferable, BD every 2 days. So we always BDed the night before the trigger and then took it easy the next night. Regardless, good luck!! Let this be your month! Your US results look great! (and 13mm lining isn't bad. I think I had 12+ during my positive cycle :o)


Cbaa, just wanted to give you a hug hug2.gif Did you get your test results back? There is so much going on around here that i have trouble keeping up and I've even had to resort to writing two posts to try to get as many people in as possible! 







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Thanks for the input on whether I should BD or not Renavoo and Gemmine. We ended up not BDing because we had some people over last night and by the time we got a chance it was like 11 and we were too tired.

So everything went well with the trigger last night. DH injected me and the needle was so thin I didn't feel a thing! This morning I took an OPK to check if the trigger worked and it was super ++++. I also thought it would be fun to take a cheapie pregnancy test while I was at it so I did and got to see what a BFP looks like for the first time ever !!!! That was really exciting!

TickleToes - you probably remember me from the no stressors thread. That was so long ago I totally forgot that thread even existed! I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time right now. I hope things get better soon.

I went to see my family Dr this summer when I started feeling depressed and having recurrent panic attacks (I had never had a panic attack before in my life). He said he preferred not to give me any meds since I was TTC and I was glad he said that though I'm sure in some cases the benefits outweigh the risks when the depression is more severe. Instead he referred me to a psychologist. He also wrote me a note to allow me to take 2 months off work on disability leave which really helped me de-stress and recharge my batteries.

The first psychologist I went to made me kind of uncomfortable so I did my own research and found another one who specializes in infertility, she is amazing and I still see her once a week, I don't know how I would survive without her. If you go to a RE or a fertility clinic they can often refer you to a psychologist who specializes in infertility.
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YEAH!!!! KrunchyK!!!!!!!! joy.gif

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Thanks for all the good thoughts, guys!


krunchy - no flippin' way! That is amazing! So very happy to hear it! Keep us posted, okay?


cbaa, I wish I had better words - I'm just so sorry. :( Are you planning to sit down with your doc? Or maybe give the other practitioner a call? Okay, maybe I'm going into my fix-it, plan-y mode here. Sending out lots of good thoughts to you.


Sourire, I'm sure what you ended up doing was just fine, otherwise your doc would have been explicit. Okay, I know I'm late, but... We were told to trigger at 9pm (give or take), BD that night, abstain the next day/night, then come infor an IUI the next morning, then BD the night of the IUI. So that winds up being one BD ~36 hours before IUI and another ~12 hours after. Hey, looks like were are virtually cycle/IUI buddies, right?


I daydream about being able to take a few months "off." I'm really hoping to finish my thesis this semester and just take it easy this summer. Since I passed my comprehensive exams I've had this burden of writing the thesis, and have sort of forgotten what it feels like to be "done" with something, just free. I really need it. Canada is so civilized compared to the US! DH gets hassled for taking oen sick day once in a blue moon. He has all this vacation time that he's never authorized to actually take. So frustrating. Okay, rambling here, what I'm trying to say is I'm so glad you had the space and resources you needed to feel better. There is a support group forming at my RE's and I think if this cycle doesn't work out, I may need to join. I just worry that it may be awkward since I'm dealing with secondary infertility. I don't know...


Sila - hoping hard you get good news today from the SA. I have to admit that the "getting you pg asap" approach is very attractive to me and I admire your holistic view and inner strength!


Tickletoes - welcome - I'm so very sorry about your losses. I would think that your initial consult will be different from the standard first RE visit. Mine was (different problem) because we already had a clue what was wrong. So there are plenty of tests I and DH just skipped. I imagine your RE will want to jump straight into some genetic testing. Hoping for you that you get helpful answers at the appointment - and lots of healing in the time until the appointment.


Gemmine, totally not weird! I get excited every time I go to the RE's. 'Cause the RE's job is to make me pg and I feel I'm in good hands. Here is hoping you get some useful answers and make a major dent in the distance to parenthood!


chica, hope you feel better soon! Very exciting about the UK move. We are also planning an int'l move in 2-3 years' time so I hope you'll share your experiences. Are you guys going to get a container (or part of one)? Or starting over with stuff? Do you have EU passports or do you have to apply? I would totally move while pg, I don't see any problem!


AFM, feeling minorly crampy but that's it.

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Sourire - Hope you get a real BFP soon.  :) 


Smiles - I think for ovarian reserve they run to two bloods tests...FSH & Estradiol.   I've even seen some over the counter tests that claim they can tell you your FSH.  However, I don't FSH is any good without an estradiol level.


Sila - You sound so excited.  I'm excited that maybe this change of direction will lead you to your BFP.  All the "eastern" medicine getting your body balance may help the more modern medicines do their thing.  There comes a time when you have to try everything that you can.  Come on AF, so you can get started.  It is very hard not to obsess.  I think we have all spent numerous hours of our lives obsessing over some part of TTC.


TickleToes - Like everyone says depression for those dealing with IF is pretty high.  I know I've struggled with it.  I can't imagine how devastating your 3 loses have been.  When you talk to your doctor make sure he understands everything you've been thorough.  I don't think depression meds would keep from getting pregnant, but you might not want to stay on them once you are.  Feb. 20th does sound like a long time, but it will be here before you know it.  If you're not sure what to expect at your first RE visit, you can always call them.  I think the RE may want to go head and do some blood work on your first visit.  I'm glad you've found a support group!!  :)  


RE: NAC (krunkcy, cbaa, sila) -- I've been waiting until Feb. to buy NAC.  I've spent a lot $$$ this month and another supplement was just not in the budget.  I talked to my RE and he agreed with me about lowering or just completely stopping the metformin.  So, I'm really hoping the NAC will be a good replacement for the metformin.


RE: OPKs -  I only get positive surges in the morning.  Doesn't matter if I don't drink/bathroom for 4 hours, I've never ever gotten a full-blown surge in the afternoon or evening.  I think you really, really have to play with those things and know your body from them to make any sense. ;)


Cbaa - So sorry for the negative beta. :(    Please, be careful with your pill popping, if you are going try another medicated cycle.   I think you asked what my lining was...I don't know and I didn't ask.  If it was really thin I know they would have told me.  I've gotten to point that if they don't think it's a problem, I don't want to know.  Sometimes knowing things sends me into google mania!!   Plus, I started the progesterone early and that should help build a nice lining. 


Gemmine - Nothing weird about wanting to get some answers!


Deborah - Glad you're on the mend.


Krunchy -  joy.gif  Yeah!!  Wonderful news for you.  I hope this is the end of the dry spell.

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Krunchy- How did I miss your post? Congrats! Here's to a sticky bean! They'll quickly get you on Estrogen support if the bloodwork confirms, so I wouldn't worry too much about your Estradiol levels.

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Oh, I should have added, re: ovarian reserve - my RE considers AMH to be the strongest indicator, though she does the day 3 FSH levels as well.


And about that 13.5 dpo avg for bfps from ff - I have no business thinking this because I haven't seen the raw data, but I am pretty sure that's because the avg user, even on ff, takes a 50 mIU drugstore stick test. I am pretty sure if you ran the numbers on the 25 mIU and under tests you'd lower the avg by 2 days. 


Also, hi Wissa! What's new with you? 

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Tickletoes: I have my first RE appointment Monday (FINALLY) so maybe I'll have some insight after that.


cbaa/Sila: What's NAC? I read back but couldn't find you talking about it.


Sila: When will they give you the results?? Also, did you schedule DH's SA for the same day as your RE appointment? I'm wondering if I should call and ask them or if I can just bring it up on Monday and have him do it then.


renavoo: The unexplained infertility diagnosis scares the crap out of me! Just tell me SOMETHING, lol. But, at least I'll know then that we would have to go the IUI/IVF route. I know you mentioned this before, but did you go straight to IVF? There were so many posts, I couldn't remember!


Hi wissa, deborah, brichole, gozal, everyone!


AFM: My left bewb started itching like crazy yesterday and is still itching today. Almost feels like a mosquito bit me, but there's no bite. That nipple is tender too. PMS arrived last night in the form of 1 itchy/tender bewb and exhaustion at 11dpo, which is normally when I get a temp drop if I was charting. Also have been bloaty/gassy all week. So my body is letting me know whether I chart or not that this cycle flunked out :-( At least I have the appointment Monday. I've never had itchy bewbs (or ONE itchy bewb), so the sparkly part of me got my hopes up, but I'm just going to assume AF is on the way for Monday to avoid disappointment.



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Gozal - What's AMH?


Wissa - I didn't know that you can get over the counter FSH tests.  I wonder if you can get them in Canada.  I am curious because she ordered day 3 estradiol but didn't ask for my FSH to be tested.  Then again, at the moment she is just trying to figure out my wacky cycles.  She has offered to do a full fertlity workup for dh and I but I haven't talked to dh about it yet.  I'm not sure if he would be up for it or not, he is so nonchalant about the whole thing.  I guess I am afraid that he'll say no, especially when he hears about the SA.  DD took us 10 months to conceive and when I got pregnant his comment was, 'well I knew there was nothing wrong with my swimmers!', in other words if there's a problem it's not with him.  Anyways, I guess I just have to suck it up cause if I never ask him to do it will never happen.


Sorry to hear about all of you who are feeling depressed, IF is really a struggle and can easily bring you down.  DH struggles with depression himself and it can be hard for everyone around that loves you.  Take care of yourselves and get the help that you need.

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