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Those are the fertility yoga DVDs I use!! You are right, they aren't traditional yoga- I did an hour vinyasa Saturday morning and I'm still paying for it! But I will say, after doing them a few times, it is a more relaxing/rejuvinating feeling than it is a workout. It makes a lot of sense how they are supposed to work. I'm going to try and be more dedicated this cycle... somehow it doesn't always happen!


I'll be back for personnals!

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Cbaa & Krunchy - those DVDs sound fabulous. I think I'll buy them.

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that all these meds are killing your brain cells? I just feel plain dumb some days. I noticed that I felt a lot smarter in the month I was off meds so I'm almost certain this is caused by the meds. Here are some examples of things I've been doing:

- realizing I just spent 10 minutes staring blankly at my computer screen at work
- heating something on the stove... I see it start boiling so I turn off the heat, then I spend the next half hour waiting for it to boil and then finally realize it already boiled and the heat isn't even on, though I have no recollection of turning it off.
- being unable to calculate the correct change when I am the banker in a board game, and not realizing I'm getting it wrong, and having everyone else get super annoyed with me.

All of these things kind of upset me, and DH too. My whole life the first word people have always used to describe me is smart or intelligent. The last example is especially disturbing because I'm a huge math geek, I studied math in university, was always top of my class, and my job is 100% numbers and calculations.

Has anyone else ever had a side effect like this? I think I blame it on the Femara because I took a month off meds, then I started noticing it again after I took the Femara, but before the trigger or the progesterone. Please tell me I'm not alone!
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Shesaidboom - Thinking about you?  How did the appointment go?  I hope you got some better news!


Krunchy -  High beta = Girl...I'll remember that.   My husband family claims they only have boys.  So far, it's been true.  My DS was #7 and I was so sure he was going to be the 1st girl.  Maybe one day I'll get to test the beta thing.


Gozal - How was your P4?


Cbaa - Sorry you're having yet another cycle on the Femara with the headaches.  They stink (I know!).    We just have to keep eye on the prize...


RE Yoga:   Yoga always sounds good, but I'm with Gozal.  I don't know if I could do it at home without a little monkey thinking it was playtime.


Sourire - I just stood in my pantry looking for an item that is stored in the freezer.   I think your hypothesis that fertiltiy drugs makes you dumb is correct.  lol. Of course, the dumbness you describe also over took me when I was pregnant.  I guess it could be all the hormones.


Me - The 2ww is really the worst.  I'm trying not to over analyze and look for symptoms that aren't there.  Bbs feel sore, but that could just be the Progesterone right?  ughh.  Trying to distract myself.  I think I'm just afraid to hope.



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cbaa - nope, nothing to up the chance of a mature egg. Two follies were bigger today, so I don't think we missed O. I'm going to make a note and ask about follistim when I see the RE. I really don't want my cycles to follow this pattern from now on.
I hope the headache goes away soon and some exciting TTC news comes soon!


renavoo - Thank you! There was a little growth spurt. Two follies are getting there. My estrogen went back up to my day 3 numbers. I'm hoping for a big jump tomorrow!


Sourire - Thanks! I think things are just going very slowly this cycle.
I always end up doing that with shows once I get hooked. Dp and I just started watching Dexter a couple weeks ago and we're already halfway through season 3.
Oh my gosh yes, I totally feel you about the meds killing brain cells. Sometimes I just feel so stupid when I'm on them. You're definitely not alone. At least it goes away on off months though!


gozal - fertility yoga feels so good! Definitely give it a try. I don't know if it's helping me at all fertility wise, but I love the stretches.
The only s/e I noticed from the trigger shot was itching around the injection site. I'm sorry you're experiencing some. I hate that there are so many side effects involved from all this medication. I hope you get some good news with your p4 levels.


monkey - they are weird numbers, aren't they? I've been going back through posts trying to compare because for some reason I didn't think to keep a record of all my cycles. The estrogen is what worries me most though. It has always gone up really quickly and today it was only back to my day 3 levels. I responded so well the first two cycles so I have no idea what's going on. Maybe it was taking a cycle off that messed things up.


krunchy - thanks! Fortunately the follies are growing now. I hope tomorrow brings good news. Thanks for the dvd links. I definitely want to check it out.


wissa - thanks for the good thoughts, I really appreciate it. Thankfully the follies are growing now! Still a bit confused by the numbers though.
Oh, the 2ww. I hate that 2ww, especially when progesterone is involved. It totally mimmicks the symptoms and even though we know that, how can we not over analyze and hope for the best? I think it's almost cruel that we have to go through this. No, it definitely IS cruel. I am praying for a BFP for you.



AFM, went in for cycle monitoring today and got my results. This is CD13..


estrogen 86 (81 on CD3, 54 on CD10)

LH 13 (2 on CD3, 15 on CD10)

progesterone 5 (4 on CD3, 6 on CD10)

11 follies on the right with one at 1.2cm, the rest under 1cm

13 follies on the left with one at 1.5cm, the rest under 1cm


I'm glad the follies are growing, but the numbers are still confusing to me. I don't know. I guess we shall see what happens tomorow.

In non-fertility news, last night I hurt my ankle pretty badly. It dislocated, then popped back in. It started turning black and swelling up right away and it's still pretty swollen. I've been trying to rest, keep it elevated, and ice on and off. I really hope that injuries don't make bodies want to avoid getting pregnant. I mean, it's my ankle and it's really not THAT bad, so I can't imagine it would affect anything, but the thought crossed my mind and of course I like to worry about this stuff.


I'm getting really worried about Brichole too. I hope she's just crazy busy with work and everything else is going well.



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My acupuncturist just sent this to me, it appears to start at 930pm my time, 630 california time. Interestingly, it is done by the same guy who helped to create the fertility yoga DVD we were talking about. I am going to try and tune in so if anyone is interested I'll post what I learn.



brichole- also sending out an update request, are you okay?


wissa- be hopeful, if it is positive you will have a head start, I've started figuring, if it is negative I'm going to be crushed regardless so I might as well embrace the 2 weeks I can have hope! As far a a little monkey with yoga, my dog and cat both want to know what I am doing on the floor!


krunchy- a girl would be nice, so would a boy. Not long til your ultrasound! Could be two, that one perfect egg could have split!


shesaidboom- I'm glad the follicles are growing, I had to edit when I saw I crossposted with you! The estrogen is confusing, hopefully as those 2 follices finish maturing your estrogen will follow. My RE said they like 200-250 for each mature follicle, so I would assume with 2 they would want you around 500.


sourire- as long as someone else is going dumb too, I will join in with blaming the femara. I can't pinpoint any specific situations, but I for sure feel out of sorts. Your smarts will come back, but probably not for a few years after baby... we must just be getting ultra prepared for pregnancies and being a new mom! I am making gluten free carrot cake right now with jarred cream cheese frosting (who knew duncan hines was already dairy free!) so totally not as good as the real thing for either I'm sure... but I am hoping it kills the craving you gave me!


gozal- the only trigger s/e I had was burning nips the first month, after that I haven't had any. The progesterone on the other hand... you know that deal...


AFM- the headache is gone!! I went to group weights class tonight instead of fertility yoga... going to be better tomorrow... arr... time for carrot cake





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Whoa! Brandon Horn is cute.  Thanks for the link cbaa!

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Sourire, the "hormone fog", as I call it, only gets worse. haha i find myself doing everything you're saying and more. Sometimes, all I want to do is put my head down and take a breather before I start screaming at my own inefficiencies. But it'll all be worth it in the end :o) and anyway, after having to deal with the fog pretty continuously for more than a year now (since I started medicated cycles), I find it's easier to laugh at myself than to get that upset. DH and I joke about it constantly. So, you're definitely in good company. hug.gif


Shesaidboom, you're getting close! When are you getting your next check up? I bet that you'll be ready in a few days. How is your lining? By the way, UGH to the ankle. I hope it's feeling better. Do you typically hurt your ankle? I've twisted and sprained my right ankle so much since childhood that the doctors actually think i need surgery at this point but every time I twist it again, it hurts for a while and then I just walk it off, even when it's completely swollen. oh well, nothing like TTC to keep your mind off the pain :o)


Cbaa, you and your carrot cake. Seriously, I want some. :o) Yah to the headache being gone! So what is your next step? (sorry, I can't scroll back to see! There's always so much action on this thread!)


Wissa, thinking of you during your 2ww. Hopefully, it'll go by quickly. When do you test?

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I started up the FEBRUARY ONE THREAD, so when you are ready, feel free to move over there. Tickletoes, I added your blurb, and krunchyk, I moved you to graduates! WAHOO! That definitely doesn't mean we don't want you in the Feb thread though. We want updates!


cbaa - That's what I was worried about. I was hoping my estrogen would at least be over 200. Hopefully it will be today!
I'm glad the headache is gone! Mmmmm carrot cake. I might have to bake some. I have a whole bag of carrots in the fridge.


renavoo - I had another monitoring session this morning and I should be getting the results around 1 or 2pm. No idea on the lining. For some reason they don't usually update me on the lining, which I think they should, especially with the Femara.
I sprained my ankle in dance class when I was 14 and that loosened the tendons a lot so once or twice a year it'll give out and my poor tendons stretch again. It sounds a lot like your situation. I probably need surgery as well, but like you said, it usually just hurts for a while and I walk it off. This time was much worse though since it actually popped out, but I can still walk on it so I probably won't do anything..and yeah..nothing like TTC to distract me! :)

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Krunchy:  I have to say first congrats!!! I am soooooo super excited for you!!!!


Everyone i am so sorry i've been mia!!!  I've been working 2nd shift for the past 3 weeks now and looks like they have decided to move me to 2nds for good.  I have mixed emotions about it but at least my 70 year old grandmother who watches emma while i work won't have to be getting up at 5am anymore just to help me out.  There aren't any daycares in the area who open before 6 and i have to be at work BY 6 so go figure!!!  I want to appologize for not being around much this month. I've been  on an emotional roller coster all month but my medication is finally helping me with that problem!!!  Now i'm trying to deal with the fact that my cycles went from being perfect 21-28 days for the past year to being almost a week in half late so far and nothing!!! I have tested everyday almost twice a day just to make sure and just getting BFNs!!! I am frustrated at this point!  I get one problem fixed then a new problem starts!!!  I hope that everyone else is doing well!!! I have really missed you ladies!  I am praying that DH isn't too tired at night when i get off work to DTD because if he is then looks like it might take us much longer than i thought to get pregnant and it's already been almost a year that i've been trying so who knows.  I'm still frustrated that my new insurance doesn't cover fertility at all because my insurance i had with emma covered a great deal of stuff and it was nice to be able to be monitored during my cycle. 


real quick.  My period is late by like 18 or 19 days i think and i was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with really bad cramping and "heavy" uterus feeling when AF is later than usual?  I have a very weird "heavy" feeling and i feel it all the time not just when i sit or lay down....it does get worse when i lay down but that's about it.  I think i might be getting a UTI too on top of my period being late so that has me frustrated too....i hate when i get those and i did so good for the past couple of years and haven't had one!!! (I use to get one at least 1 time a year) Well, i really do need to get going for now...i will touch more on personals as soon as i get more time....i hate when my schedule doesn't allow me to have time with you ladies!! I need the encouragement these days because i'm feeling defeted again.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling dumb these days haha. Though I guess I should mentally prepare DH for the fact that it will get worse when I'm pregnant based on what Renavoo said.

shesaidboom - I wonder if our bodies get "immune" to these meds after a while? I noticed with both Clomid and Prometrium
that they worked way better in the beginning and after a few cycles on them they didn't do as much... Though you just came off a break cycle so I'd have thought that would have "reset" everything.

I agree that Dexter is pretty addictive too!

Gozal - I didn't notice any side effects on the trigger that I didn't already have from the Femara. However I did feel my O a lot more strongly this month than I did when I was on just Femara... The pain was around my left ovary (where the Dr said my mature follicle is) and lasted for about an hour. I felt really dizzy too at the same time and almost fell over when I tried to stand up at one point. According to my OPKs I still have quite a bit of HCG in my system and it's been almost a week!

Cbaa - if you learn anything interesting at that webinar I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy your carrot cake! I'm so glad to hear you're getting a break from those horrible Femara headaches. I had them too this time but they were pretty mild (I'm not prone to headaches). At one point I did a yoga routine that included a lot of poses with the head down (downward dog, etc) and it made the headache sooooo much worse! If I were you I'd be careful what yoga poses you do.

Brichole - glad to hear from you. Are your new meds still causing you sleep issues or have you adjusted from them now? I wonder if your unusual cycle could have something to do with the Celexa? When you google that med the side effects do include menstrual changes.
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Sourire:  I bet you are right....i had forgotten about that side effect!!!  I sure hope that my body gets use to the meds completely soon so that my cycles can return to normal lol.  This running to the bathroom everytime i have really hard cramping is driving me crazy lol.  The sleeping issues have finally corrected themselves so i have continued taking the Celexa at night right before bed...and since i don't get home until about 1030 it works just fine : )  I still end up getting out of bed no later than 630 most mornings, but i feel more rested these days than i use to.  I've also lost 6lbs in the past 2 weeks and i'm wondering if it has anythinng to do with the medicaion or if my body really does like me better on 2nd shift schedule of being able to be at home during the day and go to work at 2pm.  I know that my grandmother has appreciated the break.

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Cbaa- Duncan Hines is gluten-free, but I don't see evidence of the cream cheese one being dairy-free. Is it a particular kind you are eating? I can't have soy anyway so it's a moot point, but I am curious.

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