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Hey ladies Happy New Year to all of you and hope 2012 is filled with lots of good news.After today I wouldn't be on until the 10th. I'm going on my third honeymoon. joy.gif Cheers!!!!

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cbaa - We are reunited again! I've been stalking this thread for a little while (deciding if I should join) so I've been stalking you too winky.gif With love of course. I'm rooting for you! 


renavoo - Thanks for the welcome and thank you so much for posting your experience. If I do it I will definitely be doing it with someone that will monitor me. Not only to see if it is working and if my lining is ok, but for timing. Right now since we have no idea when I will O we just BD for weeks on end. Right now I don't have a CM problem. I have fertile CM for weeks on end (a pcos symptom). Congrats on your pregnancy!


Jukim - I want to go on a another honeymoon!


Looking forward to "meeting" more of you! I'm ready for the new year...


ETA: Here is the link to my chart BFPChart2.gif

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Hey all, I haven't really been keeping up with this thread because I just got back from spending a fun week with my family. I've decided to try an "endometriosis diet" starting Jan 1. The diet mainly involves not eating wheat which is going to be difficult! DH is Italian and we eat a lot of pasta...
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Sourire- I am highly intolerant to gluten and I can tell you I eat lots of pasta and pizza. There are so many substitutes out there. Not sure if it's available in Canada, but I really like the ancient grains quinoa/corn pasta. It's pretty close to the real thing. I use Udi's GF pizza crust, but don't know how available it is outside of Colorado since they are a local company. I'm sure Canada has some substitutes though.

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It is one in the morning & i drank too much wine & ate too much triple cream brie... Hoping for answered prayers & lots of babies in 2012. High hopes...
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Hi Ladies, just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!! I am looking forward to 2012 being a year to remember because of the record breaking number of BFPs! :o)



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Happy new year everyone! Here is to a stress-free fun filled one!

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Happy New Year all! Here are wishes for lots of BFPS and otherwise healthy, happy years!

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Happy New Year! AF said the same to me with today being my CD1 after a 16-day LP.


Sila and Meg: Hi, my dear friends. Sad we have to join another thread, glad to have my friends for support.

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Happy New Year everyone!! Hoping that in a few short months, we can all reconnect over in the pregnant forum.


shesaidboom: thanks for the congrats. I found losing weight to be a good distraction from not seeing a BFP each month. I let the holidays win (or my sadness at another year gone by), and I’ve regained about 10lbs. Boo. Today is a new day though! WW never worked for me either, but I’m super impressed that you’re doing this on your own. I was/will be on the Dukan Diet which I found to be mind-numbingly easy to follow.


It sucks that your friend announced that he and his wife are TTC. I remember complaining to my friend (the FB one!) that everyone I knew was getting pregnant around me, and how hard that was. She said to me, “Well, you don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant first – I wouldn’t do that to you.” Which is obviously a completely ridiculous thing to say, but still, when she got pregnant I was totally annoyed! I also face the same name problem with her – especially with boy names. I keep telling my DH that I have a constant battle going on in my head – happy for all of my pregnant/recently gave birth friends while at the same time jealous and sad and then guilty for having those feelings. It helps to know that we all experience some version of these feelings and that I’m not crazy J


SilaMarila: It’s so nice to find someone who is committed to the holistic approach. I was part of another forum at one point where there was no support for what I was doing. I’ve finally started in with medications, but like you, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea. I’m still not thrilled, but I’ve come to peace with it. I have a great book that I could loan you (Fully Fertile) – it’s all about acupuncture, yoga, qi balance, diet, etc. Also, if you suspect PCOS, my  acupuncturist once recommended rubbing castor oil on my lower abdomen several times per week. Don’t know if this actually helps, but he used it with his PCOS clients with good results. Let me know if you’re interested and we can connect offline for address, etc.  I’ve done one month with Clomid and this month I’ll be switching to Femara.  I’d be happy to answer any questions for you on either!


Skeemama: I hope your DH is right!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! When do you test?


Renavoo: Thanks for the validation. I love her dearly, but she’s driving me bonkers! I’ve heard of Shady Grove – I think maybe some of the women in the Resolve group went there.  A money back guarantee sounds amazing. I’m not sure what the steps are between Clomid/Femara with an IUI and an IVF are, but part of me thinks it makes sense to just skip to the IVF. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard after nearly three years!


I’m so glad your doctor did an u/s at your last visit. I’m sure it’s reassuring to have confirmation that all is going along the way it should. Having twins sounds amazing. My doctor said that with the IUI and Clomid there’s only like a 1% chance of having twins. I know it’s higher for IVF. And, I’m also wondering if it’s higher if you have twins in your family (which I do).  I’ll continue to send you healthy baby vibes this month!


Sourire: Good luck with your new “diet” – I had no idea that there was such a thing as an endometriosis diet! Though, my acupuncturist did recommend a gluten-free diet. I ended up eating a lot of rice and quinoa! Deborah’s right, though. There are so many substitutes now – you can get practically anything. And I’m sure if your local store doesn’t have a selection, you can surely find items online.


AFM: Went to the doctor on Friday thinking it was Day 1, but turns out that I was just spotting. So, yesterday ended up being CD 1. They’re putting me on Femara this cycle (starting tomorrow) because the Clomid gave me hot flashes and itchiness around my neck and shoulders. I have an u/s and a p/c scheduled for CD12 which will be 1/11. Depending on p/c, may have to go back for IUIs. Any way you slice it, I’m hoping for a really BFP this month for us all!!! Happy New Year J



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Hi guys! I missed you! Sorry I disappeared on you. I ended up being really busy all through DS's school holiday. We were visiting family and friends and spent a long weekend away without internet - it was awesome. Sorry to hear so many of you had stressful holidays - what is wrong with people?! We managed to get through without too much drama. Some of DH's family are Christian and while most of them totally get/respect that we are not, some of them...don't. DS sort of took care of business for me though. If someone wished him a merry Xmas etc., he was just like "No, happy Chanukkah" and that was that. It's definitely less awkward when the kid says it and not me or DH!


cbaa & brichole - I have a new plan. BFPs should be handed out according to the awesomeness of the mom. Don't you think that would be a better system? You would both be instanteously pg. Seriously though, I am so sad and frustrated to hear about the BFNs. It really is unjust. I'm so sorry. 


Okay, so I have so many new people to welcome! Ugh, I'm sorry you all have to be here. I'm just so sorry. It is awful, but we are here for you. This is the best group of ladies you could hope to find - they are amazing. gtree, I just finished my first Clomid cycle before this one - doing one natural and then two more Clomid back to back. So we can be Clomid newbies together!  Sekenamoon & wissa, think I somehow missed your stories somewhere between the threads - do you have a plan for next cycle? Theresaresa, sorry to hear your horrible experience with the first clinic. It's night and day, a good practice/doctor vs. a bad one. It's like, how can these even belong to the same profession? Hoping you are now in good hands. MegEliz, wow, I think I need you to teach me your zen trick! Actually in some ways I feel like I used to be zen, went through a valley of freak-out, and am starting to climb back up the mountaint of zen lately. I slip down a lot though. I really hope you find some answers here, too. Sila, I was hoping your time away from the One Thread was a good sign...I'm so sorry to see you here. I guess you, me, Gemmine, cbaa, and Sourire were all over there on the general ttc one thread at an earlier point in our journeys...and hopefully now we will all graduate together from here. Right? Right!


I know there are many others that I'm missing, please forgive me while I catch back up!


AFM, we managed to get in some well-timed BD this cycle despite being ultra busy. However I still ovulated early (for me) which seems to be my problem now, so I am not getting my hopes up.


Also, I don't remember if I updated on my last meeting with my RE, but she recommends two more Clomid cycles without IUI, and then injectibles. DH and I have decided that if I'm not pg by 1 June (a year from when I got pg last year) we'll do IVF. I'm not really sure if I want to do injectibles at all, since it's all OOP. It seems like maybe it would be better to invest in 1 IVF cycle and hope for possible FETs if needed, than to spend the same amount (potentially) on 3 rounds of injectibles only to get to IVF then. While age isn't a factor in this pg we really, really want to have more children. So age will be a factor for sure for future ttc. I really trust my doctor though so if she thinks injectibles are the way to go we'll probably do it. If any of you have any advice, please share, I need it!

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Gem, Meg - I wish you didn't have to be here too, but I'm also glad to have friends here.


teresaresa - Thank you for the support! I'll have to look that book up and get back to you winky.gif Is it similar to The Infertility Cure? I've actually been doing the Castor oil packs. More like I start out doing like every day after AF, then after a weeks and still no O, it kind of tapers off into not doing it. I should start again now that AF is done. 


Gozal - Hi! I'm sorry you're here too. It really does suck. I like you valley of freak-out/mountain of zen analogy. That's totally me! We WILL all graduate from here! I mean statistically, we really will...


Sorry I have a lot of questions. I'm new blush.gif Ladies here with PCOS (or other annovulation issues), how did you get diagnosed? I'm assuming I really need to see an RE.


My best friend told me yesterday that are going to start ttc #3 in March. I'm of course happy for her. But, even though she has a feeling it will take longer this time, she got pg the very first try with her first 2. So, naturally I'm afraid that that will be the case again and I'll still be stuck here. It just sucks to be here, the beginning of another year, in the same.exact.place. I was a year ago.

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Hi everyone! 


Gozal, it's so great to hear from you! DH and I made the same plan where we decided on 3 clomid cycles. RE told us our chances lowered significantly if we didn't get pregnant off of 3 clomid cycles so it didn't seem worth it after our three cycles). Not to mention, I had such awful lining with clomid it just seemed like such a waste. We moved on to IVF really quickly after that even though our insurance would have covered 3 IUIs (we did one femara cycle for a BFN and decided that we were done with IUIs.) It is a difficult decision to make considering the OOP costs so I hope that you get pregnant by June but I am absolutely ecstatic that we went on to IVF not just because we were successful but also because EVERYTHING is so controlled with IVF. I felt like I knew what was happening with every step and that gave me a measure of comfort.


Teresa, DH and I decided on an aggressive plan because I'm older (I'm 35 now) and after trying for about 2 years, we just wanted to take back as much control as possible. Having unexplained infertility is so difficult for me because i have a borderline A personality. haha not really but I really do want to know what is happening as much as possible. It is such an expensive procedure but as i told Gozal, we would rather spend the money and have a better idea of what is happening then continuing on with more IUIs. Initially, we were paying OOP for IUIs as well so we spent thousands of dollars on the 3 IUIs anyway. It just seemed like a better idea for us to move on. Twins are definitely higher risk if you have twins in your family as the egg could split as in a natural pregnancy. We are having fraternal twins because we transferred 2 embies and they both implanted but DH also has twins on his side of the family. However, I know that the twins are a result of the transferring of the 2 embies in this case :o) how are you doing on Femara? A lot of people seem to like femara better than clomid because the side effects are milder (i didn't have many side effects on either of the drugs so I was good either way but femara plus estrogen ended up giving me a nice 9mm lining which I was MORE than happy with considering i had 5mm or less on clomid.) I am hoping we get a BFP announcement from you in a few weeks!


Sila, ugh I'm sorry you're now stressing about your friend. I know it's difficult to remember that this isn't really a competition but it still hurts when people are able to get pregnant so much faster and with so much more ease than you are. here's sending you lots of vibes so you get pregnant soon and then you don't have to stress


Gemmine, hug2.gif hope this cycle works out better.


Hope everyone else is doing well! I can't believe our vacation is almost over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. sigh. Oh well, at least it has been a few beautiful days in NYC!


Big hugs!!


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Renavoo- My understanding is that identical twins are not thought to have a genetic connection. Fraternal twins are generally thought to be genetically linked (if not from IVF). AFM- Heading in to the OB in a little bit. Attempted to treat a possible yeast infection, woke up this morning and found red on my toilet paper (more than just a little). I am cramping a little, but not doubled over and I'm hopeful that it's just a burst blood vessel or something like that since it has already stopped, but will still feel better after I see my doctor (he's being really nice and seeing me on his lunch hour). I think I'm pretty happy with having chosen him for my OB. Not all doctors would do that. They might send a person to the ER. Please everyone cross your fingers for me that all three of us are fine.

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Teresa - welcome


Rena - I wish you had follistim. I would be happy to take some of that off your hands! How did your appointment go?


Meg - welcome.


cbaa - sorry about the negative beta. Even if it was expected, it still hurts.


Bricole - sorry about AF


Wissa - why not join us over here? Looks like the BSL thread is dwindling away.


Shesaid - ouch about the friend TTCing and the names. I would just tell her that you would be hurt if she used your names if she does get pregnant first. That way she knows in advance so there can't be any surprises. We have had names picked out for a long long time and I would be crushed if we couldn't use them.


Sila - welcome. Wow, so many new people! Sorry you have to be here.


Skee - yea, like rena said, it would be wonderful to start off the new year with a BFP. Hope your DH was right.


OK, I have been gone for so long I have two pages to catch up on. So this is going to be a double post because I have to move to the next page and I don't want to loose everything that I just wrote.

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Jukim - have a great trip!


Sourire - I read so much about wheat-free diets, I bet it is easier now than in the past to give it up. How is the new diet going so far?


Teresa - hope the femera works for you.


Gozal - we moved straight to IVF because it has a higher success rate. It didn't work, so we ended up doing five IUIs with injectibles, but that was because the RE thought that my eggs might do better inside my body than outside.  As much as you are paying for injectibles, sometimes it does make sense to skip the IUIs if you are going to be paying for meds anyway. But you may want to factor in the different quantities of meds with IVF versus IUI. I am doing 545 units of follistim for IVF, and I only did like 225 for IUIs. That is a huge cost difference. Do you know what kind of protocol you will be doing if you go with IVF?


Deborah - I am hope everything is ok. It does sound like it was just the yeast infection meds, since it happened the next morning. Glad you got in to the doc right away.


AFM - started stims on Sunday, and lupron on Friday. my new protocol has me doing meds twice a day, which is a lot to take.

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Thanks RCR- I read (too late and was not told by the RE) that applicators should be avoided, so I imagine that's the issue. Still will feel better getting checked out (never hurts and I'll probably get to see the little ones again smile.gif.

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Happy New Year, Ladies! This new year marks my one year ttc anniversary.  I’ve been following along for several weeks and I think this forum might be a great resource – both emotionally and with the practical matters, as well.  I would love to join you all on the journey.


Blurb:  Me (32), DH (33), ttc #1 1/11.  Diagnosed with PCOS at 19.  Eastern Medicine diagnosis of phlegm stagnant.  Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture.


Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/krunchyk


A bit about me: I feel like I’ve been doing this for so much longer than a year! In anticipation of ttc in 2011, I started charting my cycles in April of 2010, as well as working with an herbalist to shorten and regulate my cycles.  By seeing an herbalist I hoped to regulate my cycles and eliminate and/or shorten the long cycles.  I really wanted to empower myself to ovulate and conceive naturally.  However, seeing an herbalist didn’t do or change a thing.  It also didn’t impact any of my PCOS symptoms – namely acne.  In August of 2010 I upped the ante and embarked on a PCOS diet using a popular e-book.  I also didn’t experience any relief from symptoms or change in my cycle from the diet, which is said to be instrumental to regulating PCOS - similar to a diabetic eating an appropriate diet.  After four months it was clear that herbs, diet, and exercise were not going to be enough to regulate my cycle.  In fact, due to work related stress, things were only getting worse.  In January of 2011, the same month we started ttc, I started working with a Naturopath/Acupuncturist.  Chinese herbs and acupuncture also didn’t do a thing to change my cycle.  In May of 2011, after the recommendation of my Naturopathic doctor, I saw an RE and started taking Metformin, which finally worked to balance my hormones.  In the midst of all of this I also had a blocked fallopian tube that was cleared out with tubal canalization.  Since starting the Met, I’ve had six 30-34 day cycles in a row, and I am currently on CD 5 of the seventh.  A total of ten cycles in 13 months.  My RE’s next course of action is IUI when we are ready.  I’ve scheduled an appointment with another RE to get a second opinion.  Primarily, whether or not there is value in supplementing the Metformin with Clomid or a similar drug.  Our insurance covers fertility diagnostics, but does not cover IUI or IVF.  My very last effort to conceive naturally is the addition of fertility focused meditation and yoga to my fertility regimen (Assuming one doesn't count Metformin as a fertility drug!).


SilaMaria – Hi! According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a PCOS diagnosis generally requires that a woman test positive for two out of three criteria: anovulation or irregular ovulation, elevated androgens, and cystic ovaries with 12 or more follicles on each ovary aka the “string of pearls”.  Other indicators include an increased LH (fsh:lh ratio is typically 1:3, normal is 1:1), insulin resistance, acne, male-pattern hair loss or hair growth, and obesity.  Your OBGYN or RE should order a whole slew of tests to rule out other issues before she gives you the PCOS diagnosis. Good luck! 


Welcome to the New Year, ladies! Here's to hope, peace, and joy. 

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Hi Gozal,


I am officialy past the one year mark as far as TTC, but my husband wants to wait 3 more months before we visit an RE, since my current Dr says I should get pregnant in the next 3 months. I'm not sure since i think that I have a luteal phase defect, I start spotting at dpo 10 or so.

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Thanks for the welcome rcr! Good luck with all the meds. I'm hopeful that this all will end in a baby for you!


renavoo - You're right. It's never a competition. Thanks for the reminder and the good vibes.


Krunchyk - Welcome! I'm sorry you have to be here too. We have very similar situations. I PM'd you but am responding here too incase other's can chime in with expert knowledge winky.gif Thanks for the pcos criteria. I DEFINITELY have (and have had my whole life) irregular ovulation, my ovaries didn't appear to have cysts on u/s but the tech kept saying how I had so many follicles (which she  said isn't really a good indicator of pcos but sometimes a lot of follicles can obviously be a symptom) at least 12 I'm sure, I've had some blood work and LH seems to always been within normal range. However, I also had my regular GP do hormone blood work for me and my DHEA was really high. Which according to Dr. Google can be another indicator of pcos. I do sometimes have a few weird stray hairs here and there. Other than that my only other symptoms are: I show fertile signs for weeks on end (EW CM and HSO cervix), and I have cramping/a lot of pressure in my uterus area pretty much my whole cycle. Definitely going to ask my Gyno questions about more tests at my appointment. Congrats on 30-34 day cycles! I'm jealous. But I guess most of that is my own fault since I haven't seen an RE yet...


I'm learning a lot from you all already!

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