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Happy update- Babies are doing great! One even caught up and measured 10 weeks 5 days (I am 10 weeks 5 days pregnant today). We heard the heartbeats and didn't see anything wrong with the placenta. The OB thought it was all the medications I've been on and that, though baby aspirin is now given pretty standardly, it can increase incidences of vaginal bleeding without there actually being anything wrong. I have my next OB visit 1/16.

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Hi everyone! I'm back home after a quick getaway to my mom's for the New Year, so sad to go back to work tomorrow! I'm going to try to get all my personals in!


It is sad that we are all reunited here- gozal, sourire, gemmine, silamarila. But, I am glad to not have to search high and low for updates on all of you! I do believe you Sila that statistically, we are all getting the heck out of here eventually... let's hope that happens soon.


It had gotten so routine around here I felt like I was talking to my sisters, it is great to have so many new faces but I'm a little overwhelmed trying to get everyone straight, please be patient with me! I will learn about everyone I promise. I hope that in the next few weeks we all clear out but until then, I can't wait to get to know you all!


silamarila-I wanted to comment on waiting before trying meds, RE's, etc. I just finished reading Inconceivable by Julia Indachova and she felt the same way and did in fact conceive without intervention, the book goes into detail about everything she did. Her diagnoses was high FSH (42) and not PCOS, but after reading it I have a new inspiration for lifestyle changes. My only western diagnosis is unexplained infertility, my eastern diagnosis is weak liver & kidneys and mucus stagnation. The Clomid definitely screwed up how well I could monitor my own health vs. the side effects, I am hoping switching to Femara will give me some of my body back.


gozal- On the topic of setting boundries on how far you will go with IF treatments and when to move up or to stop- I think it is important to decide when you embark on IF treatments what your boundries are, it sounds like you and DH are on the same page and for good reasons.  We've decided to do 2 months on Femara and 2-3 months of Injectables before calling it quits to try and get my fertility in line naturally. I am inspired by my recent read (see above), but I still feel like I want to try a little longer with medicine (and lifestyle stuff/acupuncture). It is so interesting to see and hear how people end up where they are, even though none of us asked for it. I'm glad you have a plan but I hope you get your take-home baby before you need it!


rcr- I hope you are responding well to the meds!! What is your schedule for appointments?


Welcome MegEliz & krunchyk- I hope you don't have to stay long & we can be a support for you both while you are here.


sourire- good luck with the gluten free diet! It does seem a little easier to get gluten-free alternatives now. I love the Mi-Del brand Gluten free gingersnaps. I hope you see improvement from the diet changes.


shesaidboom- I'm happy to cheer you on with your diet! I'm not a gym or health nut but I do my best to get in healthy doses of both, so we can encourage eachother. How is your natural cycle going? Any sign of O yet??


theresa- I am starting Femara after Clomid this month too! I hope it works for us both, what CD are you?


sila, theresa, shesaidboom- ugh to friends TTC... I am fortunate nobody around me is 'ttc' that I know of, likely because they are all preggo or recently had babies... I was worried about my cousin then my sister stealing my names but so far nobody has. It just causes so much more anxiety, I know everyone has said 'it's not a race/competition' but it is so hard not to have that stomach churning, heart racing anticipation that it has to happen soon. Let's just settle on the fact we will all be pregnant in 2012 and then it won't matter anyway!


gemmine- damnit AF- I wish the New Year didn't start out this way. Sending hugs your way.hug2.gif


AFM- I started Femara last night, I didn't have any side effects and don't expect any. I also borrowed my mom's juicer and am starting to make my own juices in an attempt to... well really I'm not sure why but it seems like a good idea to get more nutrients. So far my combination of kale, carrot, apple and lemon was not so good. I will try to do better tomorrow! Anyone do any juicing that can give me some tips? I also have a pharmacy of new supplements that are a regimen used by the RE with the highest IVF success rate out in Colorado. Also I'm trying to cut out milk to improve my mucous stagnation... but it is really hard to stop eating milk. Seriously, at my moms NYE party potluck they had crackers and cheese, cheese soup, lasagna, cheesy garlic bread, tiramisu... I literally had to eat salad & crackers... I did end up eating crackers with Brie because after too much wine I decided I would 'start tomorrow'.... then today I had 2 donuts from my favorite shop by my moms. I am doing better now, I had fresh juice and sprouted grain pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. I'm off to attempt cleaning the juicer... seems like an awful lot of work for ummm... 5 ounces of juice?!


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cbaa - my first appointment is on Thursday morning. Hopefully good news that all these drugs was useful for something. when you say that you, gozal, sourire, gemmine, silamarila  are reunited- what thread is that from? I buy juice from a natural food store every once in a while that has beets, apples, and a little carrot in it and it us yummy!



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SilaMarila - welcome, or should I say welcome back. I'm sorry you are still struggling, and I do hope your stay here is short, but that we can support you through this hard time.
I have PCOS and it took a LONG time to get diagnosed. In my case, I didn't know I had any problems until more recently because I had always had regular (although extremely heavy) cycles. It wasn't until I went off the BC pill that my cycles just stopped completely. I had one period every 6 months to a year, and I gained a lot of weight suddenly. My doctor kept brushing it off, so I changed docs and again she brushed it off. I kept insisting something was off and she agreed to send me for an ultrasound where I finally got the results. It took about three years of fighting to finally figure it out. An RE would probably be a lot more helpful than a GP since they are more experienced with this kind of stuff.
I'm sorry about the situation with your friend. It's such a hard place to be in!


jukim - I think I misunderstood where you were in your cycle. Hopefully you're ovulating around now and you will get your BFP this time!


cbaa + renavoo - thank you for sharing your experiences, it really does make me feel better about feeling the way I do. At the end of the day I do love them and want the best for them, but I still want it for me first!


skeemama - you never know, it could be a sign! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it is.


Sourire - glad you had a fun week with the fam! Good luck with the endometriosis diet. Can you try eating a different type of pasta? Egg or rice noodles?


teresaresa - the holidays tend to do that, but you're right, today is a new day! I haven't heard of the Dukan Diet, but I'll look it up.
I'm sorry a similar thing happened to you with your friend, and yes, it really is a constant battle, that's the perfect description! Happy for them, sad for us. I do feel much better about feeling the way I do when I share here and people really understand and can relate. I don't want anyone to have to, but I'm glad it's normal to feel the way we do.
Good luck with the Femara! I hope it works out well for you.


gozal - I'm glad you had a great holiday, aside from the few family members who don't get it. Good for DS for correcting them though!
I really like your BFP system! I think all of us would be right up at the top.
I hope that you get your BFP this cycle and don't have to worry about injectables later on!


renavoo - what does OOP mean? I guess there are a few terms I'm still not up on!


Gemmine - I hope this cycle is much better to you.


deborah - I'm glad to hear that the babies are doing wonderfully! Hurray!


rcr - thinking good thoughts for you this cycle!


krunchyk - Welcome to the thread! I hope we're able to support you while you're here, but that you get your BFP quickly and won't have to stay long. I'm hopeful that you are able to conceive naturally and won't have to worry about fertility medication.


cbaa - I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday/today, going by cramping and CM signs. My temps have been off this month since I'm fighting a cold, so charting hasn't been working well.
I'm glad you aren't having any side effects on the Femara! I've always wanted to try juicing, so I'll be excited to hear about more of your juicing adventures.



AFM, pretty sure I ovulated. Not 100% sure, but pretty sure. Dp and I have been trying to DTD every second day, just to make sure. I'm thinking that if this natural cycle doesn't work out, we should be starting the next IUI cycle by the 19th (dp's birthday). I'm really hoping this one works out because I am not looking forward to another medicated cycle, especially the Ovidrel trigger. I have a lot of anxiety over needles, not the needle part itself, but injecting things into my body. It makes me very anxious. I would be horrible on a cycle of injectibles! I'm nervous about the third IUI cycle not working out and deciding on where to go from there...another IUI cycle on femara, try something else, or move on to IVF. I think we need to meet with our RE to discuss our options.

I hope everyone's 2012 has been kind so far. I'm thinking we all need some BFPs early this year to make this year really great!

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HI ladies!

Shesaidboom, OOP means "out of pocket". Sorry, I forgot about the shorthand and should definitely explain it next time! i really hope you ovulated...that would be fantastic because I think you have a good chance of catching an egg and getting your BFP! As for your fear of injecting something into your body, I totally get it. I sometimes wonder if having used so many hormones will eventually lead to some long term effects! And also, injectables seems so much more "real" to me...a pill has been normalized because we all take pills. But injections? They still seem a little more serious! i really hope you don't have to deal with figuring out what to do next. Let's go BFP thumb.gif


cbaa, haha to your statement about doing so much work to get 5 ounces of juice. And apparently not tasty ones either! I think i would just stick with the tried and true fruits in smoothies like berries and bananas. I doubt they are as healthy as kale but I would talk myself into that as opposed to drinking the more healthier ones. DH used to try to make me drink protein shakes (prior to TTCing and he had to make sure the protein powder was safely in the fruit juice! Hopefully, now that the holidays are over, you have more luck with your diet. I think we all probably aimed to be healthy but for me, the little italian cookies were constantly calling my name! 


RCR, darn it! It would have been great if i could have given you the drugs! I think I have someone that may potentially need it now anyway so I'm waiting to see if she requires an additional cycle. I'm hoping not so if that is the case, i would happily still have the drugs and STILL not know what to do with them. haha. As for my appointment, it went well. Everything is going fine so I don't go back for another 3 weeks. Oh my gosh, i didn't realize your dose of drugs were so high and that you had to inject yourself twice a day. You are amazing. Are you injecting yourself or does DH do it for you? I hope that this new regimen gives you a lot of mature eggs at the end (and quickly too!). Are you just using follistim or do you use menopur as well? 


KrunchyK, welcome and I hope your stay is short. I also hope you get answers from your second RE. I had to switch REs too because my first RE wouldn't listen to me and I was really happy I did. Hopefully, you find some good answers with your new one and you get on a path that you're happy and comfortable with. :o)


Sekena, i hope that your doctor is right and you get pregnant within the next three months! Otherwise, I know how annoying it is to wait around each month, especially since you've been doing it for a year but hopefully, the next three months will fly by and you'll have graduated from here :o)


Sila, I hope you find a doctor that will give you an accurate diagnosis. I think the worst thing about unexplained infertility is the unexplained part. i always wished that DH and I knew why we were having so much trouble getting pregnant. I think it's all on me since his tests all came back perfectly but then again, so did mine. Oh well, that, in part, led to us going to IVF...we didn't know what the heck was happening so we just wanted to take as much control as possible. I really hope that if you have PCOS that they diagnose it and give you treatments that help you on your way to a BFP!


Ladies, it has been fun spending the last year talking to you all and I'm looking forward to cheering you on during the next year!


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gozal: Good to see you again. I'll definitely be interested in your journey and whether you choose IUIs or not.


renavoo: Thanks for your fertility backstory; I don't think I knew that!


cbaa: Dairy can be a tough one. Sila and I definitely have a lot of dairy free recipes if you want to try them! I agree with renavoo and recommend smoothies. I use almond milk, OJ, strawberries, and bananas so you can even forgo dairy in there!


rcr: The TTC One thread is where we all once were. cbaa and I ventured over to BSL as well (did anyone else?).


shesaidboom: I hope this is your cycle so you don't have to go on to the needles! Fingers crossed for you.


Hi everyone else!


For those who list their Eastern diagnoses: Did you get that from your acupuncturist? I am really interested.

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Gremmine - I thought I saw you on the bsl thread. I was there for years, but then I left when I started doing IVF, and kinda stopped being bitter and more accepting of IF. I was on the ttc one thread for a while a long time ago - like 4 years ago now. I have been ttc for 4 years and 1 month, so I have done the round of threads here on MDC. The bsl and the IVF thread is where I was the longest though. I was on the BSL thread for like 3 years, but almost everybody that I knew from there has gotten pregnant by now, except a few who gave up. I took a break from TTC last summer, which did really great things for my mental state about IF, and when I came back most of the BSLs that I knew for years were on the BSL grad thread, so I never really posted there anymore. I saw an accupuncturist, and she was always really vague about my diagnosis. I think it had something to do with kidney function. I actually didn't think she was very legit, so I stopped going to her. I live in a small town with few choices, so she was the only person to go to.


Shesaid - hope this cycle works and you don't have to move on to shots.


Rena -yea, like I said on the IVF thread, it is a ton of meds. I can't believe I am actually doing it. I set my alarm on my clock for when I have to do them, and I got DS some movies so that he can watch them while I am doing the shots and he doesn't bother me or try to grab stuff. So far it has worked. I am doing 75 units of menipur with the 225 units of follistim in the am, and then in the pm I just do 300 units of follistim with no menipur. I hope my appointment on Thurs shows lots of growth because if I stim for more than about 12 days I am going to have to buy more follistim OOP. Glad you think you found somebody to give your meds too. I think I remember you and blue talking about them (but I hope she doesn't need another cycle). If not, I would just hold on to them and see if anybody pops up on the IVF thread who needs them at some point, since they don't expire for a while. If I am successful this cycle, I will have a bunch of menipur and gannirelix and one HCG shot leftover, so maybe somebody could combine ours and get meds for a new fresh cycle.



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cbaa - I'm interested in hearing more about your new supplement regimen! I'm also giving up dairy, it's part of the endo diet. So far that is easier than the wheat part, I've replaced butter with coconut oil and milk with coconut milk. Cheese is difficult though. I think you're going to LOVE Femara, I certainly do! It's soooooooooooo much better than Clomid. I didn't have a single side effect in the 2 months I took it, and it improved my cycles a lot (the complete opposite of Clomid!) Honestly I have no idea why any doctor ever prescribes Clomid anymore now that Femara exists.


shesaidboom - I picked up some corn pasta yesterday, we'll see how that tastes. Overall though I'm not a huge fan of subsitutes though, I'd rather just find food that doesn't have those ingredients in the first place. When I grew up my mom used to substitute everything in recipes (she was vegetarian) and I do not have fond memories of her cooking. In fact I think that the amount of soy she fed me as a child is partially responsible for my current fertility issues (studies have shown that soy can impair fertility) so I'm kind of bitter about that.


rcr - I'm glad you were able to come to a less bitter place with your IF issues, considering you've been TTC for so long! I was also on BSL for a short period but found that having people encourage me to be negative was not improving my quality of life :P I'm negative enough on my own! I had a really bad few months last fall but I've found that I'm starting to be more accepting of everything now... though I had a bit of a relapse around New Year's eve because I remember thinking 1 year ago that for sure I would get pregnant in the next year and it was tough to let go of that. I am more accepting of whatever outcome occurs in 2012, I may or may not get pregnant but all I know for sure is that I won't give up trying!


AFM - I've almost made it to O with no spotting! I'm so excited, because all 3 months I took Prometrium, I started spotting on CD10 the next cycle and it continued until I started Prometrium again or until AF if I didn't take Prometrium. My Dr switched me to Crinone in the hopes of stopping that spotting (DH was totally grossed out by BDing while I was spotting). Now I'm CD14 and I haven't had any spotting so it looks like the Crinone did work better than Prometrium!


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Hi, I'd like to be added to the thread please.  I was on the bsl thread for almost a year but have been losing my bitterness, not that it doesn't rear its head every now and then but I am becoming more accepting of the fact that I may never have another baby.  I'm 37 trying to conceive #2 since April 2010.  I have a wacky cycle that started after having my dd and it is getting progressively wackier.  No known reason or other issues, going to see a new doctor this month hopefully that will lead to something helpful.


Hello to everyone, I recognize some of you from the BSL, hopefully we can all get our BFP's in the near future.

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Sila, Smiles - Welcome! I remember both of you.


KrunchyK - Welcome to you too!


sekenamom - I have LP issues as well. How long is your LP overall (including the days you have spotting)? In the time I've been on the MDC TTC threads, I've seen a lot of people with LP spotting issues get pregnant as long as their LP was a normal length. However I am having more difficulty because I usually start spotting at 7DPO and my LP is only 9 days long. For most people that is an easy fix by taking Clomid/Femara and/or Prometrium, but for me that didn't seem to do the trick but recently I tried Femara + Crinone and finally had a normal cycle! I suspect that my LP issues may be caused by endometriosis which might be why some of the meds didn't work for me.

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Hey ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year. :)


I'm cutting my lunch short today, but wanted to say hello and welcome to all you who are joining us in the new year. While it stinks that you have to be here, I hope we can support each other and share in celebration as we all leave this group (hopefully very soon)!


I'm still sitting around, wondering if I ovulated. My temps have been a bit scattered, but it dropped yesterday and rose today, even though it's only a fraction above the coverline. I'm really hoping for a slow, continued rise to confirm it over the next few days. DH and I have been knockin boots like crazy!

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Welcome everyone!! I promise that once i FINALLY get a mouse to hook up to this laptop i will update everyone's blurbs and add anyone who isn't on the list yet!! You ladies have bee busy bees the past 4 days!! I have been in hiding while AF took over my life lol.  I know that it's a long shot but I am really hoping that this is our month!!! I am going to go ahead and TTC even though my surgery is still set for february.  I'll probably have to change my surgery date anyways because of my insurance changing!! I still haven't heard when my new insurance will go into effect!!! I hope it's soon though because i'm really needing to get in to talk to my OB/GYN about maybe trying clomid again.  I know it didnt' work last time but i think that was because my cycles were longer then and my doctor didn't take that into consideration.  I am willing to try anything right now to get pregnant because DH has given me a deffinate deadline of when he is going to stop being on board for us TTC!!! DECEMBER 2012!!! SO i have 12 months to get pregnant and if i don't then he's done!!! I am on CD5 now and i swear this has seemed like the longest 5 days of my life!!!  I have my opks ready to start taking them tomorrow because i don't know if i'm going to O early this month or not.  I hate the unknown!!! I think that instead of every other day like we did around o time last month we are going to dtd every day at least 24 hours apart from each other.  I know that someone will walk away with a BFP in january....i hope that all of us can  :)   


Deborah & Renavoo: Im so happy that the twins are doing well!!! I have been thinking about the two of you a lot lately!!!!   The weeks are just moving along!!! I really hope that everything keeps going well!!!



again, i do appologize for being behind on everything!!! I took AF showing up pretty hard this month, though i have tried to find the good in it!!! I am happy that me and DH were able to get in a lot of practice with my LP getting longer...but still, i would rather have come out of it with a baby growing in my belly!!!

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Shesaidboom- Thanks! I am still bleeding off and on which is no fun, but at least it isn't constant and I know I saw the little ones yesterday. I kind of wonder whether I may also just be having decidual bleeding. In terms of your suggestion for Sourire. Egg noodles won't work because they typically have wheat in them. Rice noodles on the other hand are a very good option, but are much thinner so I recommend stir-frying stuff with them unless you are talking about rice pasta. Yes, they are different. Sourire- Not sure if you have access to it, but I've found Daiya dairy-free cheeze to be excellent for cooking. It does not have dairy, soy or wheat. 

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Hello Ladies!! I have been on the BSL thread, but I too find I'm just not bitter. I have beta tomorrow morning, which I think will be negative.  Thus - I was going to wait and ask join later this week.   But I came across some information today and would like y'alls input on it.


I was hanging out in BAM today with DS.  Of course, he plants himself down to look at his books right in front of the pregnancy section.  (Thanks little man)  So, as I'm sitting there thinking about how my back hurts and AF is looming I saw this book "Making Babies".   Unable to help myself I started reading it.  I found the section on PCOS and it actually mentioned something I hadn't heard before.  The RE that wrote book recommended giving dexamethasone along w/clomid to help lower the male androgens.   His example, is a women who took clomid for a year had O, but never a BFP.  After he added the dexamethasone she became pregnant.  Have any of you ladies ever had your RE to do this? Heard of it?


Aside, from the dexamethasone this book was really interesting because it was written by an RE and acupuncturist.  So, it gave information on both things.  Told you how to find your type then gave you a food and supplement guide based on your type. 


I don't always get the chance to log-on long enough to see what everyone is up too, but I promise I will try my best to keep up with everyone here!


sekenamom & Sourire - Since I had DS I have always had spotting issues.  The only time I didn't was after my lap for endo for about 3 months.  I haven't had any this month on progesterone.  ....Anway, just wanted to say I think endo can explain LP spotting.


Smiles - Wonderful news about the new Doc. Hope you get some good advice and help! :)

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I am hopelessly behind on this thread and all the new members but just wanted to say to wissa - Yes, my RE prescribed dexamethasone for the first 10 days of my Femara cycle. Obviously, that cycle didn't work for me, but I honestly think much of that was due to difficulties with timing BD and with stress. So there is at least one RE out there that does that! I actually read some stuff from a doctor in Australia that recommends low-dose steroids on an ongoing basis as a PCOS treatment, but haven't really heard of anyone who's actually done it.

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I don't have PCOS, but my RE had me on it and I am sitting here 10 weeks and 6 days pregnant with twins today. She did it with a gazillion other things too. I have Endo.

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Wissa - I don't have PCOS either, but I am on it from when I start stims until the HCG shot. I don't really know why I am on it.


Smiles - Hi. I remember you from the BSL thread too.

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Yay! Bleeding is almost gone and I'm feeling sick again (never thought I'd be happy about that) along with other strong symptoms. My cramping is lightening up a bit too. It was pretty awful this afternoon, but seems to be better. I imagine I've grown some more. I will have to take a picture tomorrow to see.

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Yay Deborah!  I am sending you strong babies mojo!!!



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rcr- I think someone answered already, but we were all together on the One Thread in TTC sometime in the last year. I'm not sure there is a single soul left there from when I started, but I'm glad the few of us stragging along have found eachother again here!


smilesarefree- welcome! I think I've seen you on BSL as well. I have to agree with the other former BSL that my bitterness really reared it's ugly head about 6 months ago- maybe more, when I realized TTC was going to be PITA. Although BSL is safe place to let out that anger at everything and have it be acceptable, I felt like I couldn't expess hope or  encouragement or expect to receive it because it was a place to be bitter, I like it here and hope you will too, it is acceptable to vent and get understanding but also encouragement in return. I'm glad you are here.


wissa- welcome! I am sad to hear that you are expecting a negative beta, I will say a prayer that your instinct is wrong, but I know that feeling all too well, so be kind to yourself whatever the outcome. I haven't heard about dexamethasone, I wonder what it does... My RE hasn't done anything outside the norm...


gemmine- I did smoothies for a long time but stopped after I found out I was eating way too much pineapple (caused thin blood and bleeding)... I am going to try to simplify my juices and see if that makes them taste better, I think maybe I'm just shoving too many things in there. I have also found I love Almond milk, I just tried my first chocolate almond milk and I'm so happy (with cocoa krispies). I am going to make corn chower with rice milk this weekend, but I would love some recipe ideas!


chica- I hope those temps keep rising! Yay for your BD marathon! DH and I havent DTD since last O blush.gif Too much travel!


sourire- I agree with trying to stick with things that already don't include it instead of substituting... my sister tried 'macaroni and shreeze' last fall when my niece was diagnosed with dairy/egg/soy allergy and she was BFing... it smelled and tasted horrible! I will recommended (again) cocoa krispies... dairy and gluten free... amazing... we all need a special junk food in our healthy diets for the new year, am.i.right?


hi monkey- hope youre doing well!


brichole- looks like we are on our way to cycle buddies again! I hope we are both moving on to DDC soon. I'm glad you're crawling out of your AF induced stupor... it is the suckiest time of the month.


AFM- I wish I could say I am having a glorious Femara experience, I am not however. I have a raging headache which has not been relieved by... well, anything. I also have an insatiable hunger for again, well... anything. Cocoa pebbles are both gluten and dairy free.... they may become my favorite comfort food. They have hot however cured my headache... boo. I actully forgot to take my Femara last night, I had such a headache I went to sleep at 9 and woke at 1 am thinking Oh CRAP I never took my pills! Of course now that my headache is subsiding, it is time for me to take some more pills and go to bed. I have to get up super early to take my car to the shop.

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