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wrap carrier for a newborn?

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I've used ring slings, SSCs, mei tais, and pouch slings in the past;  The ring slings and pouch slings KILL my shoulder.  For this upcoming new baby (end of January due date) I'm thinking of getting a wrap.  I have heard of the moby but it looks like a TON of fabric, and it starts to get warm here as early as march.  So I'm leaning towards the Bali Baby Gauze wrap in size A (the smallest - I'm 5"4 and a size 4 prepregnancy).  What do you think?  Should I just get a moby for the early months knowing the baby will outgrow or do you think I can get good use out of the Bali from birth.  Or is there another woven carrier I should consider?

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I personally LOVE the Moby, because it is super versatile and, yes, a lot of fabric...but really easy to use once you get the hang of it. My babe was 7 lbs at birth and only let me wear him in he newborn cradle hold for a few weeks before he insisted on sitting upright against my chest, and now he will only sit facing outward unless he's tired and will sleep facing me. I hear you about the temp though, he's got Hollywood Hair and is ALWAYS hot...so even now in winter I only put him in a onsie, pants, and socks before leaving the house with hm in it. I've heard the Sleepy Wrap is better in terms of temperature though I havent tried it!!


Kai is a big boy and he's nowhere near close to growing out of our Moby, becuase you can adjust how tight it's worn. Also, there is a sling carry position...something to consider?


Good luck and congrats on baby!



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The Wrapsody Baby Bali Breeze or Bali stretch are good wraps they can be used longer than a Moby the weave style are different making them more supportive longer. How supportive they are for a toddler I am not sure I have not used them for that purpose.


German style woven wraps are also very good long term carriers that have a good return on investment. Like the Wrapsody's they can be use from newborn to well into toddlerhood.


JMO it is more about how the different wraps feel to you and baby. Google baby wearing groups you will find lists of them.

That maybe local to you, to touch, try and then make an informed purchase from.


Baby wearing wishes!


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especially with a wrap style carrier, making your own is super easy!  less than half the price and you can pick the fabric that works for you.  There are a ton of patterns on line or you can follow this basic pattern: get 5 yards of fabric of choice, mid to high stretch, cotton or cotton blend and then cut it length wise (so you have two 5-yard pieces). Voila, you have two wraps.  you can take it a step further to hem the edges or trim the tails but that is not necessary.  browse the fabric store for something that is soft, lightweight, and stretchy and  there you go. On clearance you can pay as little as a dollar a yard!  

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when you make them yourself, do you just tie the ends together or? 

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I'm not crafty at all, so making my own wouldn't work.  But I heard that you can order a petite moby wrap directly from the manufacturer, so that's what I did.  I'll see when the baby is born if she likes it, and if so, I'll get a small Bali Baby wrap too.

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When making your own, if you can cut a relatively straight line, you can make a wrap.  there is no sewing required, just be sure to use a cotton blend so that the ends curl up (like a t-shirt).  When you pay for a Moby, Maya, Sleepy, or other name brand wrap, there are design aspects that you are paying for and, of course, the name.  Most home made wraps are made from one single piece of fabric so there are no weight bearing seams to worry with.  You can hem the edges if you want, but it is not required.  You can use a three-piece design if you are a little more "crafty" but you have to be sure you use a strong seam like a french seam, something that will holdup under the weight.  Check out www.ExpressionsByJT.com to see some home-made wraps.  When done correctly, babywearing is super beneficial for both mom and baby so pick a carrier that you love and enjoy the bond babywearing brings.  

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I absolutely loved my bali stretch and breeze for the newbie stage! So soft and squishy and last a lot longer than the moby will as far as weight goes. :)

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so wrap carriers are ok for a newborn? they don't put pressure on the sacrum?  or do you just have to make sure their are in more of a squatting position than hanging?

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so wrap carriers are ok for a newborn? they don't put pressure on the sacrum?  or do you just have to make sure their are in more of a squatting position than hanging?

Wrap style carriers are great for newborns.  Like with all other carriers, you just need to make sure the baby is in a seated spread-squat position with their bum lower than their knees so legs are not dangling down and putting undue pressure on their hips/spine. :)

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