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  Hello, My name is Audri. I was 7 when I had lost my Dad and still today He is all ways in my heart. It is hard to deal with the death of my father. But today where I stand Is because him he wanted the best for me. I always told myself God had plain and each and every Day  that he  was part of Gods plain even it was good or bad. If you had ever lost some very close to you just think God have a plain for your love one and the are in a better place. I know its hard to go on in life with out your love one but I did it and people all over the world are living with lost ones. I am steal dealing with it I am in still young today I am 14 years old. I was A DADDY GIRLS all the way I was his only baby girl. Thank you for taking you time to read this.

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Hi Audri. I'm very sorry for your loss. My daughter is 6 years old and a Daddy's Girl and I can't imagine how it would be for her if she lost her dad. You sound like a strong young woman. I'm a parent, so I know if your father could be with you just one more minute, he would hold you very tight and never let go, and fill you all his love. You might be able to feel this in your heart when you think about him.

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What a sweetheart!! I hope my little girl grows up to be as nice of a daughter as you are. How thoughtful of you to remember your Father in such a way, and I'm sure he is as proud of you as can be!


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