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Diapers on Etsy?

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Anybody buy diapers on Etsy?


I would like to support mom and pop shops as much as possible, so I was wondering if anyone had a referral for an Etsy shop that sells homemade diapers. Thanks!

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I've never bought any diapers from etsy. But I did a search in the diaper forum and got this.........



I have always had such good luck with the well known brands, that I have not ventured into the homemade land of diapers. Though, I would probably only be comfortable with fitted, fleece or wool (homemade). And I don't use either of those much. PUL diapers, I feel safer with the name brands. Silly of me, probably.

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I haven't. I buy tons of other stuff on etsy though! I always buy used... well usually. There was a thread about this floating around on diaper swappers the other day though with store recommendations for etsy. I think it was in the off topic section, maybe diaper chatter q&a.
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i am a huge etsy fan.  i have bought wool longies from Forty 41 http://www.etsy.com/shop/Forty41 in years past.  They were of great quality.   

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