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wrap conversion

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Hi, we have a 5 meter + storch wrap and NEVER use it b/c it is just way too ungainly for us (we are both 5'5" and I'm not sure what we were thinking when we ordered such a long one!).  Can anyone recommend companies that do wrap to mei tai conversions?  I think a mei tai made out of the storch would be unbelievable comfie!  I did find a UK company but would rather go with someone in the US.  

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Search for people who make mei tais on etsy.com, and ask one of them if they would do a custom job.

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Etsy is a great idea. Another option is PaxBaby.com, which offers custom Wrap to Mei Tai conversions for something like $10. I know they like to work closely with the mamas to get all the design details right, but I haven't purchased a conversion myself.

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Search ObiMama on facebook.  I also think there is an obimama.com now.  She does wrap conversion slots on Friday evenings on etsy and does a fantastic job!  Other well-known wrap conversions are done by Wrapstar (which I believe does have a connection with PaxBaby, as recommended above), Bamberoo, Dream Carrier, Boutique Bella Bambini, and I'm guessing you already know about Ocahs.  If you like Ring Slings, you can always chop it in half and do that, too.  There are a bunch of ring sling makers that do conversions, most well known being Sleeping Baby Productions, Comfy Joey, and Kalea Baby.



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Thank you!

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