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Adoption and vaccinations

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We have just started saving to adopt (domestically) and have two bio kids already.  We do not vaccinate (well, DD1 had 2 but we stopped).  I am guessing it may depend on the state but has this been an issue for anyone?  I am guessing it could come up on the home study.  Thanks!

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it wasnt an issue for us. I adopted from foster care. I live in a state with very liberal vax exemptions. I did not bring it up to the social worker, however i did have the state physical form for my kids to be filled out (the same one is used for daycares/schools/foster care/etc)...and there was a checklist for vaxes but also a place to check if you claim an exemption. Not a big deal.

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It would likely be a big deal in my state. We don't have philosophical exemptions, though.

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We just had to present our exemption form (religious) for the homestudy for our bio-dd.  However, for the post-placement visits we had to have a doctor's note saying that he approved of our decision to not vaccinate our adopted ds.  Luckily, we have a great relationship with a local MD who would write the note for us. 


ETA- There is no philosophical exemption in our state.  We looked into foster-to-adopt and we were told that we would not be approved if everyone in the home was not up-to-date on vaccinations.  We did not pursue it any further than that.

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We have two older (8 and 6) biological kids and adopted our son domestically last March.  Our domestic agency had no problem at all with no or selectively vaccinating.  They were very concerned about co-sleeping and they still are.   Weird, in my opinion, when it is so good for attachment.  They thought is was really strange that we had never owned a crib.  They said they needed to make a policy about it.  I gave them lots of articles about it and I never heard another word.  We plan to start the process to adopt through them again this year.


We initially were adopting internationally and the first home study agency we called was adamant about vaccinations.  Our international country didn't even require them so I called a different home study agency and was very up front about it.  That agency had no problem.  Be upfront and ask and go to a different agency if you have problems. 

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I should add that our state does have all three expemptions so it may vary.

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In my state I think it would be a problem for foster parenting or a foster-adoption. They require that all other children in the household be vaccinated. They also require that pets in the household be vaccinated (but they don't specify which vaccines the animals need so that's a case-by-case basis).


I've noticed however that each case worker and each licensing worker is different. For example, we were required to put up babygates on the stairs but I know other families with children the same age as ours and they don't have babygates on the stairs.


But when it comes to private adoption then it just depends on the agency. I doubt it would be a problem so long as all the children are in good health and you have the religious or other exemptions.

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Oh thank you everyone!   I really appreciate your answers.   Our state has religious exemption so I think we should be ok.

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I live in Michigan. I openly told our foster licensing worker that our bio kids aren't fully vaccinated. They don't care about the kids already in the house as far as vaxing here, only about the kids you'll have in care. I did have to have our foster children vaccinated, but after adoption it's our decision.

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