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doula training

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I'd be interested in finding out more about this.  What's involved. What's expected. etc.

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well, it will depend on what kind of training you do, but for the most part you learn a lot about pregnancy and birth and how to support a women in labor.  My training took 9 months to complete. I choose an online/correspondence program through Childbirth International.  Others will choose a 3-4 day workshop.  Both types of training will require 2 - 3 certifying births before you will get your certification.


Where are you? Here in Alaska, we usually host a Doula Workshop once a year or so.

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Hello January and a new year! I too, am looking for information on doula training this year. I have nine children of my own and have had many different birth experiences. Each one I believe could have been better with a doula in toe. My daycare kids, as well as my own children define who I am and where I can go in the future. I look forward to learning all about becoming the best doula I can be and moving forward. Could someone please provide the necessary information I am looking for. Thanks, Mary Ann in Anchorage, Alaska 

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I"m not aware of any Doula workshops coming to Anchorage any time soon but I think if you contact Heather or Anchorage Doula on Facebook, she might have a lead.


Of course there is also online classes you can take and you can travel to a workshop out of state.


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Thank you for replying so quickly!


How many doulas are there in Anchorage? How many couples does a doula normally schedule?


I did sit down to check out other options for me, as I ran across the online classes. I definitely believe I will enroll in those, though there are a combination of classes and I'm wondering....will I become a well-rounded doula to research them all? Knowledge is empowering, so I'm thinking yes...do all of them! What are your thoughts? Attending births will not be a problem, as one of my older daughters seems to have a flurry of friends expecting all of a sudden. I will hopefully be attending a birth soon...in about three weeks with my one of my daughter's friends.


Any additional information would be wonderful! Thanks again, Mary Ann Morris

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check out www.anchoragedoulas.info, there is a listing of the active Doulas in town. We try to keep that up to date but there could be a few Military Doulas that we don't know about yet.


I did CBI and loved it! I felt it was very thorough.  I have also done some continuing education with DONA as well. I take as many extra classes as I can.


I think most Doulas in town agre that taking up to 2-4 per month is perfect but most of us never get that busy. There are 2 or 3 Doulas in town that stay pretty busy and the rest of us just pic up their overflow. 

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Take heart, there may be a DONA doula training in Anchorage AND in Fairbanks this summer.  Would June or August be better for you?  I'm thinking Aug. 

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Originally Posted by 1stimestar View Post

Take heart, there may be a DONA doula training in Anchorage AND in Fairbanks this summer.  Would June or August be better for you?  I'm thinking Aug. 

Yeah!!!! I'll be looking for details!

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I'm good in June. August is extremely busy with school starting and back to school shopping. I have 5 kids in school this next year, so I'm down one, but still....June is best for me. The state fair is in August also, and that is my families only so-called vacation time.  I would so look forward to any meetings/classes for doula training. Thanks, for keeping me in the loop! Mary Ann, Anchorage

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