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DH was in a wreck

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Thanks :D

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So glad he is ok. Boyfriend rolled his car 5-7 times a few weeks ago- very scary. Glad your guy is alright. no advice on the seats

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answered you elsewhere ;-)

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Is your other TF an extra seat? If you wanted to keep your DS RF longer you could maybe get a Nautilus and a radian R120. Put him in the radian for now and DD in the TF. Then put him in the Nauti and pass the radian down once you want to FF him.
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Yes Eresh, it is.  I can't buy a Radian, it is not the same price range and wouldn't be reimbursed and DS is already RFing in one in my car right now anyway.  I am comfortable with him FFing in DH's car which he rides in less frequently and actually plan on him FFing in my car by spring/summer as he's in a growth spurt and won't be under 45 lbs for a lot longer!

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Maybe you've already picked up seats .. if not ..


For DS: a Graco Nautilus or Argo or an Evenflo Securekid if you can get one yet.

For DD: a Graco myRide or Evenflo Triumph 65


You could get both for $250ish with sale shopping.


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Another option would be something like two My Rides, then have one Radian and one My Ride in Each Car.  When DS moves to a booster, then DD could move into the Radians.


Glad to hear everyone was safe!

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