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Merry Christmas Mamas!

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We all got our best gifts a few months ago so I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy the family today! I only popped over here while little man is napping and I'm on the pump, but wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all! 


And for us first time moms, let's enjoy our leisurely adult-paced Christmas - I have a feeling next year our kids will be joining the super excited crack of dawn camp! 

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Happy First Holiday season to all our new little ones.  It was such a great morning when my little one and I had some alone time before the big kids woke up with the Christmas lights glowing.  It was far to little time but so memorable for me :)

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Oh we made it through December!! I was really beginning to think that wouldn't happen...

Baby's first Winter Solstice celebration was a hit!! I even got a couple glasses of wine. Seriously, I missed booze.

Hope you are all doing REALLY well, spending time with your families and lovin' on our kids :)


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Our christmas was not great due to Luke having some major sleep issues christmas eve and several days prior and completely melting down when we went shopping for last minute stocking stuffers and to church on christmas eve. Sighhhh. but it was okay.


re: missing booze - I had a half glass of beer last night with dinner, I don't even usually like beer at all but I had a sip of my husband's and it somehow tasted great.


Here are the older ones greeting Luke on Christmas morning - since he was up til 11pm he slept in! Ha ha. My older son has his new soft bunny toy which he is still a little young for.





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