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I "get" so much of your post!  There are days where all she wants to do is nurse and I talk to her about when she is older how she won't nurse and she tells me she will till she is 11yrs old (that is how old her sister is) but that she will stop after that but that she will still nurse at 5yrs old (her brothers age) lol. But I too wonder why would I take something away from her that is good for her and honestly there is no reason to take it away beyond people making you feel that it is not normal/harmful. I know of no one who nursed for a long time who remembers it in a negative way for what that is worth. I honestly feel they are closer with their mom/parents. 


I am so glad to read this post!  My DS is almost 5 and 1/2 and still nurses at night.  I. too, see no reason to take something away from him that is good for him and that he loves - the only reason would be what others would think.  As an AP parent, I haven't been concerned with what people think so far, so why start now?!

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My dd just turned 5, and is very distressed at grandma's pressure to wean. It's sad, because otherwise she has such a great bond with her grandma (my mil). I just told her about this thread. She told her daddy, in her best hands-on-hips tone, "Mommy's reading about another mommy nursing a 5 year old! Think about that!" He just laughed. She's gotten a bit of pressure from daddy, too, though not as intense. So, she's thrilled that there are others like her.


I certainly didn't plan this. In fact, I remember one of my first LLL meetings, where I met a mom who nursed a 5yo. I was flabbergasted, not so much out of judgment, but out of sheer new mommy exhaustion. I thought, who on earth would want to do this for five years! The other moms explained to me that nursing an older child was not like nursing a newborn. LOL. She'll still nurse a few times a day, if we're not busy. But fortunately, she no longer wakes me up five times a night! winky.gif


If I thought she'd wean easily with some gentle encouragement, then I'd think about it. but she gets so distressed at even the thought of it. So, for now, I'm willing to be patient, and wait until she's ready.

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Anything humans do is normal human behaviour. Common is another thing alrogether.
My daughter only just self weaned at age 5 and some months. Sometimes I wish that nursing was still an option during times of distress. Here is a "huzzah" for you.
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just wanted to add in that i'm nursing a 6yo dd (7 in june). mostly at night to go to sleep, sometimes during the night (more if she's sick). a couple of weeks ago she was drawing a picture of her favorite thing in her community in her 1st grade workbook. she drew a picture of herself about to nurse and said it was her favorite place to be/thing to do because nga-nga was "full of love." i'm keeping that one forever! love.gif

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I am so grateful to have found other Mums who understand! I am feeling a little under pressure at the moment because my daughter is 5 in a couple of weeks and her Dad is trying to tell her that she is too old as she will be starting school soon. She gets really upset and clingy when he says this, but his family are of the 'feed for 6 months and then go onto formula' persuasion, so obviously I'm odd for wanting to let her wean in her own time.

My Daughter still feeds morning and night and will occasionally ask for it during the day, so I don't think she's ready to wean yet.

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