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Help me find safe foods to eat! Losing too much wt!

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Hi mamas! I need your help. I'm nursing my dd who is 8 months...I'm on a restricted diet: no dairy, nuts and peanuts. My other two children have a history of milk allergy and my 10 year old is still very allergic to it.

Now my dd is reacting to beef and pork as well. greensad.gif. She gets very flushed cheeks after nursing when I eat them. Her poop is normal, though she gets rashes quite often.

I don't mind so much taking foods out if they bother her, but I'm losing too much weight! I'm two pounds under my pre pg weight and struggle to maintain that. I can't seem to get enough calories. Dd isn't eating much yet either in terms of solids.

Thanks for reading.
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Quinoa, rice, beans, all come to mind. Avocados, olive oil, coconut are all good sources of fat, too. You can make smoothies with coconut milk, avocado and fruits that you can drink to get extra calories. Good luck, I hope all the dietary issues sort themselves out!

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During lent it appears meat and dairy isn't eated. When I was off dairy I found a recipe for ash wednesday fish pie http://www.cookitsimply.com/recipe-0010-016d729.html Obviously fish can be high in omega oils so that could help you. Things like pizza are easy to do dairy free. If you have lots of topping you don't need cheese. Can you have goats or ewe's milk?


I think this http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/6036/vegan-brownies.aspx is the recipe I used to use when I needed a chocolate fix. google oh she glows. Vegan cooking.

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Thanks for the recipe blog link, I'm always looking for new recipes eat.gif

I tried goats milk cheese once, I don't recall her reacting. I drink rice or coconut milk now. I'm fine without dairy, though I do miss cheese at times. I eat lots of avocado and olive oil with everything.

Btw, my daughters name is Claire smile.gif
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I was suprised how easy it was to go without dairy. Dairy free sponge is easy to make, it just has no fat in it. I used to put a marg and cocoa powder mix in th emiddle so it was like a choccie biscuit. Things like quiche were a hasssle as we have them a lot as they're so easy to bulk cook. I had to do a quiche for my OH and an onion tart with roasted goats cheese. The ash wednesday fish pie helped. Plus have things like fish topped with a herb crust - garlic, olive oil and herbs and breadcrumbs. Oh another  recipe my fishmonger told me is grill hake with a touch of salt and pepper, after 5-10 mins when it's basically cooked put on a slice of ham and some mayonaise, put under the grill (I think in 'american' you call it a broiler, overhead heat source for cooking) to brown. If you normally have butter and milk in your mash just put in olive oil and sweet potatoe. The sweet potatoe cooks at the same time and gives it a nice extra flavour without being flat and missing the butter and milk.


Yeah cheese is a downer. However see if you can try ewes or goats cheese. The proteins are smaller so generally tollerated by a dairy free youngster. Soya is no doubt going to be a problem so soya stuff is out, so is the lactose free as it contains the cows milk protein.


Well your daughter has a superb name so that bodes well for the future!

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