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I'm having trouble installing a brand new 2012 Complete Air 65 LX RF in my 06 Sienna in the captain's chair, for a 20mo.

The bolsters on the side of the car seat bump against the contours of the vehicle seat back. With the vehicle seat back in the upright position, I can't get a tight install (LATCH) at all.

If I recline the seat back, I can get an almost tight install (more than 1" sideways movement at the belt path, but not much more) but when I put the vehicle seat back into the upright position, it's rock solid.

Is that an acceptable install?


Right now, I'm trying it at the more upright recline level for my toddler.

I can already tell that I'll need a towel or noodle to get the right angle for a younger baby, though, and it doesn't fit well behind the front seat without moving the front seat quite far forward, which limits us to passenger-side only.