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Interesting question and responses.

We unschool but I still like to read in the homeschooling forum.

I feel the most important need is enjoying being around your children.  We all have days where we dream of that big, yellow bus pulling up and shipping them all off!  In general, it is important to enjoy being around them.  Because let's face it, they will be there almost all of the time.

Another is taking an interest in them and what they are interested in.  Like when one of my children "clicks" and understands reading.  That is very exciting for me.  Or when they understand a concept in math (especially when they didn't understand it beforehand) 

I am not overly educated.  I am not overly patient.  I am not a mom who follows schedules or curriculum.  I am not happy all of the time or "on" all of the time.

But I know they are better off home with us.  We love to get dirty.  We love to dig for worms.  We love to walk through the forest.  We have curiosity and follow through.  We laugh.  We cry.  We READ A LOT! 

I find homeschooling has ups and downs just like life.  It is a way of life.

I couldn't imagine sending them to school.  We are so amazingly close.  I love how close of a bond my children share. 

Interest and love are my answers. 

Try it out for a year and see how you do.  I have a feeling you will do just fine. ;)