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Hi Ladies,

I beg to differ. I am pregnant with #2 now. Week 9 and on 400mcg oral Progesterone. My count wasn't extremely low but my doc recommended this method as a suppository and I couldn't handle the discomfort. Since week 7 I've been so much more nauseas than with #1. Every evening I'm vomiting my dinner and I've been so limited on what I can eat. I have to think that it's the supplement since my diet and regimine hasn't changed since the first time. Has anyone else experienced a dramatic change this way? They told me it could make first tri symptoms worse but I didn't think the nausea could be worse than last time. I was wrong!


Does anyone have any good home remedies or homeopathic tricks? I've tried tea, ginger/honey mix, lemon honey, ricola, etc. But still queasy! Help!