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Tell me where to move!!!

Poll Results: Where should I move?

  • 28% (2)
    Ashland, OR
  • 14% (1)
    Bellingham, WA
  • 42% (3)
    Bend/Sisters, OR
  • 14% (1)
    Sandpoint, ID
7 Total Votes  
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My husband and I are considering leaving our home in the New York City metro area for a quieter, simpler life with our two kids.  We are both originally from Portland, and want to head back West.  We want to live in a town with a Waldorf school and with easy access to nature.  So, please tell me where to move!  what do you like or dislike about the following towns we are interested in:


  • Sandpoint, ID
  • Bend or Sisters, OR
  • Ashland, OR
  • Bellingham, WA
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I don't actually know about any of the other cities you mention, but I love Bellingham. I live on an island off the WA coast, near Bellingham, and I go there often as a day trip.


It's right near Mt. Baker in the Cascade mountain range, and all of the hiking, skiing, backpacking, snow-shoeing, etc. that that would bring. It's also close enough to Seattle for an even larger urban fix, or the San Juan Islands for more nature. Bellingham has great restaurants, stores, and music venues, and a lot of young families. The public transportation is quite good, if that's an issue. The city itself is fun, and it's so close to a lot of great outdoorsy trips, too.

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Ashland is lovely, beyond lovely. Very crunchy. Really a slice of heaven.

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We moved to Bend 10/10 and love it. It's a nice balance of warm/cold weather and a mix of mountain/desert.  We get rain but not nearly as much as the valley.  The city is very active and friendly.  A fair amount of cultural events, lots of kids activities, groups, concerts.  There is not a day of the year you won't see people outside running, biking, hiking, skiing, etc.  We love it and don't know why we would ever leave.  There are a couple of Waldorf schools in town.  If you have any questions, let me know!

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I said Bellingham because that's where I'm from.  I love it there.  The housing is getting cheaper and it's so pretty!!!!!!  They have so much going on all the time.  I still check the paper to see all the pictures of the week and get all sad at all I'm missing.  Living in SA has it's benefits so I'm staying here but if I could do it I would move back.

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I have to agree with the OR and WA options.  I have lived in Bellingham for many years absolutely love it.  I disagree it is getting less expensive to live there.  That is why I am not there now.  The influx in population has been amazing since I left 4 years ago.  It was voted the best place to retire a few years ago, as well as being environmentally thoughtful... the masses have moved there. 


I lived on the outskirts of Eugene and really enjoyed OR.  Been a WA native my whole life and there was a certain vibe about OR that I really enjoyed.  Seemed even more crunchy than WA. 



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I love Bend,OR.  Great city!  I actually live in Portland, but we head over to Bend whenever we get a chance.  My sister is as crunchy as they get & she is moving there soon.

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