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Hi, I am new to MDC - joined in part to take part in this challenge. On Tuesday 1/3 I took 1 bag of clothes to Goodwill and 3 books to a drop-off bin. So 4/2012 so far.

Today, took 4 magazines to the mag swap at my library. 

new total 8/2012

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19 items at Once Upon a Child; 



the 3 items they rejected 



1 bag of paper



5 library books


120+29= 153/2012




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old gardening gloves

4 recipe books

2 piles of magazines





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Hi, I am new to MDC - joined in part to take part in this challenge. On Tuesday 1/3 I took 1 bag of clothes to Goodwill and 3 books to a drop-off bin. So 4/2012 so far.

Welcome! teapot2.GIF

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Only 4 items decluttered today as I was out for most of the day. As soon as I stepped in the house I found four items straight away..


Total: 154 out of 2012.


Still needing another 46 items to meet my goal of 50 for the weekend.

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Not much today...


1 already-outgrown baby snowsuit - to a friend

1 unused apron - donate

2 things crossed off my mental-clutter "house to-do" list - hung up the spice rack, filled small hole left by plumber in wall.



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At the last minute yesterday, I grabbed a stack of things to take to the consignment shop and stopped in really quick while we were out!  They accepted 9 items (6 clothes, 1 book, 2 toys).    I still have the few things they rejected because a couple she said I could bring back (small stains I hadn't noticed) and one I will try to sell online (sling) - the others will go in my donate box for the next goodwill trip.


New total 101 / 2012


This weekend I will focus on getting more things ready to take to consign next week, list some things for sale online and work on pantry clutter.....there is a huge box of old magazines and cookbooks in there that I need to go though.  Most of it will get donated/recycled but a couple things I want to keep.....Did I mention old magazines are a weakness...sigh....it drives me crazy but I have a hard time with them.  Wish me strength!

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I am in for declutter 2012!  I cannot wait.  My biggest problem is the kitchen.  We combined households a year ago and have double everything (save for a few things to DS who went away to college).  With the new baby coming, I want a clean space.  Surely we can do without 6 sauce pans, etc?  Going to look for a good home for them or maybe a garage sale to pay for the new baby purchases (from other recycled stores). 


bedroom photos are beautiful. 

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A few days ago I bought "Organizing from the Inside Out". There is so much work all over my house that need done and a new baby coming in August, with the possibly of moving this spring.

I know it all needs done, and I've done it all before. So first to figure out my needs, goals and how to keep up after I do all this work! Purging will be a HUGE part of that!
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26 articles of my clothes
3 insoles
11 toys
13 pairs of shoes
1 broken flashlight
3 kid makeup
8 stacks of papers
1 puddle pad
1 wallet
3 food items

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25 books sold via bookscouter and affiliated sites. These have been sitting on my desk for months and I never get this done. $56 earned

31 wool sweaters with small holes in them - bought to resell to a cloth diapering mama who has now gone out of business. Boxed for yard sale & put in garage {I don't count things in my garage}

6 maternity tops gone in a box on thredup - $5 credit earned




$66 earned


75 boxes of pasta tossed due to pantry moths. Counting this because I'd been trying to limp along and not toss them - I hate to waste food. 



$66 earned

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3 more magazines...kitchen and bathroom ones I have been holding onto hoping to renovate but it's not going to happen soon.

1 more cookbook

2 broken toys binned

10 toys plus drawstring bag to hold them

2 sets clear stamps sold





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New Total:




Tonight DH and I tackled the Christmas tree and decorations.  We also "decluttered" the Christmas decorations and their storage boxes.  So for today:


1 Christmas Tree

2 cardboard boxes

1 bag of tissue paper/bubble wrap

6 old decorations

1 set of lights

1 set of decorations

one broken stain glass angel I planned on fixing but know I never will.


New Total:



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+ 2


100 / 2012

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8 socks without mates

Bra with broken strap

Tacky hat

Random trash

Papers I'll never look at again




I haven't had any trouble finding 10+ items a day, but I wonder if I can sustain this pace all year. I think my husband is starting to get into the fun of it, though. The tacky hat was his. He brought it into the room to show me before he chucked it in the donation bag, and said "Here's another item for your list."

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Originally Posted by aeterna View Post


Cleaned out my fridge
1 box frozen potato skins, which were gross and should have been tossed right away
1 ancient bag mixed veg
1 ancient bag Brussels sprouts
1 ball of tin foil containing God-knows-what, I was afraid to open it
1 freezer burned bag of corn
1 expired bottle of ranch dressing

and our dressers
2 pairs pants
2 pairs shorts
21 ratty pairs of socks
6 bras that will never fit again after pregnancy
26 pairs of undies (mostly his!)
51 shirts (also mostly his! Lots of old undershirts =P)


1 bubble sword. Don't ask.
(+ 158 prior)
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I would love to get rid of 2012 things this year!!! Wow!!!

We're kind of lounging in bed right now, but I'd almost rather get up and start purging!! smile.gif
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Ok, I just couldn't wait to get started! I decided to clean out my top dresser drawer. Between that and some of the other drawers, I tossed or put in a bag to give away 50 things! And now my top drawer is so light and free of clutter. smile.gif
AND I found my missing See's candy gift card!!!

I also found a nursing tank that needs minor sewing repair. I will try to fix it and then list it on eBay or something.

So 50 things!
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Make that 52
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oh man, i need to do this. i like the idea of posting before and after pictures, but i don't know if i am quite brave enough. i really feel inspired to declutter though.

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