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Expired tortillas and tofu - tossed

Butter box (left in frig) - tossed

Combined bottles of facial cleanser  - one tossed


4 more items!



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2 tubes of superglue with the lids glued shut




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Tossed 7 things from bathroom drawers while looking for a band-aid.

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I haven't posted for a while, but I have decluttered.. I've been deleting emails lately, which I don't count, but as for real items I've gotten rid of some.. today I was going through my jewelry.. I probably got rid of more then 2 dozen pieces between the trash and donations, but I didn't count them all, but add a few of those to the other items I've gotten rid over the past week brings my grand total to 240! (not as nice at the 1,500+ number for emails I got rid of, but still better then nothing!)



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Previous total: 463


3prs of shoes- donated

24pcs of clothing- donated

10 random bits of broken toys and pieces- trash

2 McD's toys- trash


502/ 2012

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1 pair of torn mittens - garbage

pile of papers from my desk - recycled

pile of clothes from DD that no longer fit or she doesn't like - to be consigned ( will count as they are sold or donated)



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total 197/2012


2 rags in trash

4 small things in trash

1 item returned to store (for refund)


total 206/2012


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I got rid of 17 expired bottles of pain relievers and pain medicine. I'm not sure why we had them in the first place since neither DH or I take much of that sort of thing.

Also got rid of a magazine, 5 pieces of old mail, 13 holey or mismatched socks, and 5 pairs of holey underwear.


I've also started a box for consigning some of DS's clothes, but I won't count that until it makes it out of the house.



Previous 137+ 41= 178/2012 joy.gif

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1 Cloth Diaper Liner

1 Stray Sock

1 Pen

4 Fitted Diapers

2 Diaper Covers

1 Receiving Blanket

1 Burp Cloth

11 Prefolds

5 Cloth Wipes

28 Wash Cloths

4 Flat Diapers

1 Toothbrush

16 Baby Items to Sister

1 Base to Baby Monitor to Sister



66 + 77 = 143/2012

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Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post

citrus squeezer sold on ebay

cross stitch kit sold




$148 + more pending

Congrats on the money made! Strong start!!

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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post

Congrats on the money made! Strong start!!

Thanks Poetry!  orngbiggrin.gif


Must admit I find it quite tedious listing stuff on ebay. but I am feeling motivated this year to recoup some money and get more minimal round here at the same time, so I am going to persist. 

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5 Mothering Magazines to My Sister

1 Decorative Box that housed 3 books of Poetry on my bookshelf for YEARS until my toddler pulled them out today, at which time I looked at the empty box and asked myself Why am I keeping this?


6 + 143 = 149/2012

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Originally Posted by mamapigeon View Post

I got rid of 17 expired bottles of pain relievers and pain medicine. I'm not sure why we had them in the first place since neither DH or I take much of that sort of thing.

That's a lot of bottles for people who don't take many pain relievers!  lol.gif   Sounds like you won't be missing them.


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2 days' worth (forgot to post yesterday as went to bed early):


3 items from first-aid kit

Random trash x5

Junky soap dispenser

Disliked baby clothes x4

Papers from files (counting as 30 b/c I made that many separate decisions)

Wet bag with huge tear in lining

Apple corer

1 set dead markers

1 dead paint set

3 dead ink pads

2 packs thumbtacks (we never use thumbtacks)

1 junky box that held art supplies

Crappy pens & pencils x15

Disliked hair tie

3 dry erase markers (sending to school with hubby--he'll use them, we don't use them at home)

Dry erase board

Plastic silverware

2 carabiners

Key ring

Random CDs x7 (drivers for stuff that doesn't need drivers, games that aren't compatible with my computer, etc.)

Disliked earrings x2

Recipes from recipe binder x4

Unused recipe booklet

Husband's recipe binder (got rid of binder, integrated desired recipes into other binder)

Old but good-condition binders/folders/notebooks x20 (will go to school with husband)*


Total: 347/2012



*These are the remnants of a purge we did last summer. We had even more before! Realizing I'm done with school and don't really use these anymore, and my husband can get them free from work, means we really do not need to keep even this many. I kept ONE binder and ONE notebook, and got rid of the rest. It feels good.


Also in the process of finding recipients for several cloth diapering items I do not and will not use.


I am feeling for the first time like I might really be able to make 2012! Wow, I have a lot of stuff. I also found a lot of awesome markers that I didn't really realize I had and am not going to get rid of. Instead I am going to use them to draw things. I am really eight years old, you see.

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7 pantry items



1 bunch old cards

1 bunch kids' school projects/artwork

1 bunch bad pictures (We have boxes and boxes of pictures.... it's ok to trash faded fuzzy pics with no one in them, right?)

1 nasty old toothbrush

1 bunch wrinkled/ripped scrapbooking stuff



1 broken bowl that went with the food processor that has been replaced



6 craft frames and 1 Christmas tin to Michael's--$8 back in my pocket

1 unworn pair of jeans to Target--$16 in a gift card

1 unworn nightgown to Tuesday Morning--$21 back on my credit card

1 book to the library


153 +23=176

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15 magazines

puzzle book

scrapbooking catalogues

empty photo envelopes

big pile of paper scraps

broken glass gone into glass recycling

old lollies




$148 + more pending





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Originally Posted by erigeron View Post
Wow, I have a lot of stuff. I also found a lot of awesome markers that I didn't really realize I had and am not going to get rid of. Instead I am going to use them to draw things. I am really eight years old, you see.

Hahaha love it! kid.gif

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Hello~ This has been fun to read and very motivating!  I'm only going to count substantial things, not the every day tossing/recycling I generally stay on top of (generally...not always!)


Here's what has been removed so far:

  1. Toddler Bed-- gave to friend  
  2. Bag of outgrown but good shape kids clothes to church thrift shop
  3. Bag of misc. crap  decorative items to church thrift shop
  4. Donated about 10 toys to co-op play group
  5. Trashed/recycled @ 35 pieces of small junky items from bathroom
  6. Consolidated bathroom supplies, combined 1/2 used containers of stuff




Sorted and Ready to Go:

2 old bedspreads to humane society 

2 old pillows to humane society

1 pair boots to thrift shop

1 pair outgrown dress shoes to neighbor's son

1 pair decent slippers to thrift shop

1 pair too small ballet slippers back to ballet school stash of extras


Need to Tackle:

Basement storage shelves

Outgrown winter gear

Bathroom storage cupboards/closets (x2)

Clothes--sort and pare down (x 5 people)



Dedicated space for home office and sewing/craft studio 

Stop wasting time/energy looking for things

Save $$ by using what we already have

Set better examples of organization for children

More productive in work and leisure activities



Running Total:  6/2012




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charity shop:

7 clothes hangers

2 baby-gros



1 bag of mouldy clothes pegs


to a friend:

1 too-small dress-up costume


5 things ticked off mental cluttery to-do to-do list:

- repurposed old torn princess dress into ballet costume for DD

- installed baby locks on kitchen cupboards

- bolted fruit & veg trolley to wall (it was just too tempting for DS to push around the kitchen)

- made a "lost socks" peg board to corral all the lone laundry socks (love this!)

- hung up hooks on our bedroom door for dressing gowns


I must say counting my to-do list is really helping to motivate me to get things done, and along the way it is helping me mop up half-finished tasks, which is helping with the clutter - things that are waiting to be used/hung up etc. I put everything I think of on the list no matter how big/small or how far in the future the task will get done, it is a big list! Fab to watch it slowly get smaller, I'm quite confident that the day we tackle the item called "clean out shed" the decluttering totals will shoot up :)


16+233 = 249/2012



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7 cookie cutters

bag/purse thing

4 toy cars

3 stuffed animals

11 little books


old cell phone


2 knit hats that don't fit anyone's head

9 doll accessories

2 pair shoes


pile of papers

8 handfuls of little broken crayon pieces - counting as 1 item

4 books


22 kids clothes

3 eyeshadows


2 reusable bags

2 baby clothes


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