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+ 1


178 / 2012

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I haven't been making any progress the last 2 weeks or so, but I managed to toss some stuff.


Start: 719


5 take out menus- recycled

2 dvd cases- trash


New total: 726/ 2012

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1 old plastic storage box

1 baby stroller


= 96/2012

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37 items gone from the linen closest and hallway bathroom. 


Total: 854

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+ 1 (mental clutter ... a letter I was due to write for quite a while, done, weighed on the machine at the post office and put in the letter box, Yeah !!!!!)


179 / 2012

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Cruddy pair of jean shorts

1 disposable diaper in a brand we didn't like

Drawstring to pajama pants (don't feel like rethreading it)

Random piece of mail from before Christmas

Random trash x3



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Hey all,


I've gained a sudden interest in decluttering, so here I am. It's cool to be joining others who are also on this journey. I'll post more about what I am decluttering (and why) in a bit.



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Thread Starter 

Finally getting some of the stuff we decluttered last week out of the house today...so here it is!!



6 expired things from spice cabinet

6 random pieces of trash cleared out from bedroom

2 pairs of underwear

1 broken pair of eyeglasses

1 broken cat teaser toy

Total: 16



25 clothing items

2 crib sheets

1 changing mat

2 burp cloths

4 salsa bowls

1 pack of swizzle sticks

1 lunch bag

9 plastic cups

2 plastic popcorn containers

3 glass jars

1 lampshade

3 spice jars

1 plastic pitcher

1 child's apron

1 bib

18 random small kitchen things

1 small mixing bowl

Total: 76


New Total: 511/2012

More than a quarter of the way there in one month!! YAY!!

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I tackled the coat closet and wound up with a big back of 17 items to donate (coats, sports equipment, wreaths). Then I vacuumed the floor for the first time in longer than I care to 'fess up to. lol.gif

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pile of old papers

6 pr old undies

old toiletry case

2 old bottles

6 bottles of expired meds

DDs old Halloween candy

nail file

1 winter decor

4 kids books/toys

1 vase

2 pieces of jewelry




26 + 130 = 156/2012

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Some washcloths, expired meds and a couple of other things so insignificant I can't remember what they are.

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post


New Total:




Continued in the master bedroom.  All my stuff is done now, so next we'll be on to DH's side of the closet....


18 items (clothes and jewelry) to consign

9 hangers to go back to the dry cleaner

1 bag of misc. garbage 


New Total:


$85.35 (found some change in the closet wink1.gif)

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Originally Posted by aeterna View Post


73 articles of maternity clothing
2 baby baths
3 used-up gift cards which were kept for no clear reason
1 frequent-rewards card for a product we no longer buy (gifted on Craigslist to someone who can use it)
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3 mesh baggie things

2 expired gift cards

1 pile of papers from the desk

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Start- 726


7 magazines/ catalogs- recycled

1 stack of junk mail I found in the office- recycled


Total- 734/ 2012

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 I joined the 100 items/January thread and thought I'd add my total from there to here. 44/2012 so far this year. A ways to go but I am still feeling inspired.

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10 items for trash
45 items for thrift shop
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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

New Total:


$85.35 (found some change in the closet wink1.gif)

2 Items off the mental clutter list: Opening a bank account for DS and opening a Registered Education Savings Plan for DS.  Edited to add 30 hangers to be gotten rid of.  Anyone know if metal hangers are recyclable?  Or should I just take them to the dry cleaners?


New total:

574 604/2012



Edited by nstewart - 2/2/12 at 7:11pm
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I finally tackled the hallway closet/medicine cabinet. I thought I would find more things to throw out or donate.



6 yucky zip-lock bags

1 lid

3 expired meds

6 empty packaging

3 old bandaids

2 old single use wet wipes

2 piles of old recipts

1 bra

2 items from fridge

contact lens container

2 body paint

2 dried up mascara



1 iron-on patch (wrong color)

1 cup

1 baby plate

sand timer

1 zipper


Donate to make hygiene kits for women's shelter

box of ear plugs

perfume sample

7 dental floss

2 tooth brush

1 hand sanitizer

1 lotion sample


Used up

7 items from freezer and pantry (I'm counting those because those were things we don't usually eat/use and they have just been sitting there and I was tempted to just trash them)


I also brought some items to the consignement store and listed some on Craig's List but I won't count them until they have sold.



$ 42.58




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I haven't been on MDC in a long time and just found this thread. I want to get rid of excess this year.  I am going to join in even though I'm a month late in starting.


I took a box to the Goodwill last week, so I'm counting that:


4 towels/washcloths

1 Plastic file box

4 clothing items

1 Decorative plate

4 books

4 jigsaw puzzles

2 necklaces

1 large toy dump truck



21/2012 so far.

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