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I am in. My house needs a deep deep decluttering... I can't take it anymore.   I will be back later with stats.

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2 things today.  There are a pile of tiles I need to get rid of ... can I count tiles individually because that's about 100...  he he he!

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I gave a box away to a friend yesterday

2 lamps


1floral arrangement

2 magazines




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2 phones

3 broken flash lights

numerous containers that were not needed I'd say about 10

Another bag of clothes and shoes  23 items




Oh and a vacuum cleaner


So with the tiles and all this junk it's about 141 for today and I think I was at 112 already so 253!



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I just hit 100 for the morning, so I'm going to take a break and do some (paid) work. 



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I'll join in again this year. I didn't make the 2011 goal, but I still got rid of over 1600 items which I was pretty proud of. Our house has a long way to go, so I think I will be able to make this year's goal if I can keep myself motivated.


stack of coupons

1 item from the fridge



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Count me in!


I'm at 100 already!


Gave a whole bunch of craft stuff to my neice, cloth diapers and clothes back to my sister and glass and plastic containers to my MIL.  Plus the Christmas Tree is gone and stand returned to my aunt, a bunch of old ornaments tossed and all my boxes from Christmas are ready for the curb.


Bedroom purging and cleaning is underway and the bathroom closet is next!

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Returned 2 towels to Target that literally fell apart after 5 weeks. Got a refund so counting that as $$ 'earned' since I won't be buying more towels. $17.47 to a Target Gift Card, why they didn't put it on my Target card is beyond me but $$ is $$ and I don't care lol






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Originally Posted by pixiemammy View Post


Also, I'm going to continue to count items that I successfully remove off my huge to-do list in the house as these are such mental clutter for me (and often physical clutter too)!


- random rubber tube removed from laundry room wall & binned

- gutters thoroughly cleaned and deforested!


Total: 60/2012

This is a really good idea! I think making myself accountable for tackling my to-do list will encourage me to stop putting things off.


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Zebra that is awesome you took them back... those are the things I mean to do and never do and you are 17 dollars richer!!!

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3 g diaper covers

9  g diaper liners

1 infant dress


13 + 37 = 50/2012


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Random things- bowls etc. 12


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I'm in again this year. Made it to about 1500 last year which is pretty good since I really don't have that much stuff compared to most. However, I apparently have more than I need....

Today, I dropped off the following to goodwill:

2 cups
4 bowls
6qt crockpot
Wine gift bag
2 plastic pint glasses
Cheese grater with broken handle
VHS player
12 VHS tapes
16 Clothing
Pillow case
2 Expired food
Broken Door stopper
20 pc misc garbage plus
File folder of notes
Misc Box
2pc Snowman chotcke
4 Bag
Extension cord
Votive candle
2 Jar
tiny dreidel
Toy car
4 half used beauty products
Used bottle of wax off
Mixing bowl
stack of check stubs shredded
Kitchen towel
Box of screws

Total 94/2012

Good luck to everyone! Seems we are all off to a great start!!!
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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post


So that is 83/2012!

Today I returned a pair of boots, a shirt, and a pair of pjs back to the store.


I found another toy that DS never plays with that can go to consignment.


I got rid of 13 greeting cards and a plastic tray.


18 items so far today!


Total so far: 101/2012  


ETA: Just found 12 more toys to go to consignment.  113/2012!


Everything is in the car and going to Once Upon a Child right now!

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Christmas tree out of the flat tonight

at the new/this year/town organized recycling point for Christmas trees



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Started today - 


1 Christmas tree taken down and stored away for next year

1 box of ornaments put away.

1 pile of papers from table to recycle




Slow start, but I'm about to start in cleaning up my daughter's room, which should up the numbers lol

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ok i really want to be part of this, i need a cheering section. i am sure i have 5000 things to get rid of easy.  


so rules? i see folks are all a bit different.




  • do you count things that are just clearly trash or just item that you could have held onto and decided to throw out (this is not to say that i haven't held on to things that are clearly trash, cause i havebag.gif)
  • like when it comes to food, I'm thinking it just counts when i clear out pantry items, not when i throw out bad milk?
  • i dont think i get to count weekly recycling, i order too much on amazon, might be counter productive to give myself credit for all the shipping boxes!


so you subtract from the number when you buy non consumable things?  ouch




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took me more than 3 hours but am + 68 items



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1 random extra sock

1 suitcase

1 broken radio plus remote

1 broken dustpan

1 random babything

6 toys

1 unused chore calendar

7 CD's

13 electronic things

2 cassette tapes (yes, I said cassette)





I don't count recyclables and only count food if it is canned or boxed.

I try to count stacks of things if it is alot because I probably have 2012 random pieces of paper on DH's desk

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Thread Starter 

I don't count food out of the fridge unless I am doing a big clean-out and then I just count the bag it's all tossed into as one thing. Things from the pantry in packages are counted though.


I don't count pieces of paper. I count recycling by the bin-full or box-full...so if I have a bin of newspapers and a bag of paper from the shredder, then that is just two items.


Cardboard boxes (like small ones from Amazon or cardboard diaper boxes) are not counted individually...DH takes those to the recycle bin at the school down the street and I count one load in his small truck as one thing.


Things like toys that have multiple parts (like a set of Duplo blocks or a ring stacker) get counted as one item...but I count items individually if they could be played with individually (like small plastic animals).





I don't subtract what comes into the house cause that gets too complicated.


I don't count the regular trash in the count cause that has to be taken out anyway...even if I wasn't doing the challenge. While this may seem silly, since I count the recycling, most of the recycling trash comes from my decluttering, so that is why I count it.


Anyway, that's how I do it...but I think everyone kind of makes their own rules for themselves that work for them.

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