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Over the last week:  


Ready to go to thrift shop:

22 clothing items in good condition


Ready to pass along to my SIL:

7 clothing items in excellent condition


Ready to pass along to a friend:

6 work outfits I no longer need.



35+ small junky items (WHERE do they keep coming from?!?)

7 pairs of holey socks



Successful Craigslisting:

2 main items plus accessories (15 or so little pieces) = $75!


Subtotal: 79 +





Need to Tackle:

Basement storage shelves

Outgrown winter gear

Clothes--sort and pare down (x 5 people)...ongoing!



Dedicated space for home office and sewing/craft studio 

Stop wasting time/energy looking for things

Save $$ by using what we already have

Set better examples of organization for children

More productive in work and leisure activities



Running Total:  361/2012 & pocketed $75


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It's been a while since I posted but I have been plugging along slowly.

3 phone books

1 broken keychain

1-finally sat down and organized the files on our laptop & deleted a bunch of junk we don't need

manicure scissors

hair tie

4 items from bathroom

tape dispenser

snare drum stand, 2 cymbals, 5 drum heads donated to drum school

3 more items from bathroom

car cd changer given to friend

3 items tossed from fridge

dull scissors




I brutally attacked my closet for today's donation pick-up but I still need to add up that list.

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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

Prepping to move (yet again)


18  Photos  (starting to wonder, if I really dont like these people, am I going to be able to live with them??)

1 tupperware

1 empty tape dispenser


Today's total 20

Todays added bonus : found cash in the drawer!!  *$18 for me, not added to the total- yet






I wouldn't  be able to live with someone I didn't like,  but I guess you do what you have to. Hopefully it's temporary!

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3 more shirts into the donation pile




1 of my beloved woven wraps sold to a friend who just got her adoption referral!!!  SOOO excited I could pass on our loved wrap to such a lovely new family!  Eases the pain of selling baby stuff!


4 more items



=411 and $102.00!

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+ 29


294 / 2012


1718 to go !

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+ 16


310/ 2012


1702 to go !

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packed up to go out the door for good:

15 video cassette tapes DS never watches anymore (or never did watch)

6 old nailpolish bottles


=432 total

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21 items today!  I can tell it's getting much easier to clean with less stuff around. On the flip side, the lack of clutter is bringing to my attention things that I've been able to overlook in the past. like the dusty baseboards. 


506 + 21 = 527



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1 book - donation

1 skipping rope - donation

2 completed colouring books - recycling

6 unwanted but new cups - donation

1 new badge - donation


I found a recycling facility that will take DVD's, CD's and VHS tapes and is local - Hooray! I had approximately 100 obsolete ones just sitting there, not knowing what to do with them. I'll add them to my total when they're ready to go. Next up is to find a recycling facility that will take computer bits and peices as well as cords (and spend a few hours convincing hubby to part with all this useless stuff that always stays in a box from house to house).


I'm in such a ruthless decluttering mood and loving it! After having tried different methods over the last several years, I think having everything packed up and then unpacking is one of the best ways to declutter. I already know what I miss and need even before unpacking.. so once I do open the box, I'm instantly able to find those items and put them aside.. Everything else that doesn't illicit that particular response stays in the box, gets taped up and sent off.


New total: 436 / 2012

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1 book - donation

1 small doll - donation


Total: 438 / 2012


Hoping to reach 500 by the end of this week. I might be in nesting mode - I'm 39w6d and waiting.


My motivation is this quote:


'Minimalism involves reducing a thing to its fundamental principles or essential elements without sacrificing its function and aesthetic appeal.'


My ultimate goal is to reduce all our house hold posessions to the absolute essential, without sacrificing everyday functionality or aesthetics.


Tomorrow I'm off to drop all the items collected thus far! It's fun to pack them away and add them up but it's even better when they're out of the house. thumb.gif



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So some of this is just from a list I haven't posted but lots of it is from us actually cleaning out one of the storage areas in the basement!!!!  Whew.  I'm really excited.  I'm even excited about mopping and cleaning the area! 


We finally got a huge pile of stuff out the door...  we're sending:


64 household and clothing items to Goodwill

27 childrens clothes and toys to DD's preschool

22 books to a local charity's used book sale


and we trashed (or left out early on garbage day for someone more enterprising to take):

15 clothing items (into rags)

1 old coffee maker

2 old candles

1 giant awning that was on the house when we moved in

1 metal old-school kids desk

1 old metal school chair

1 broken bike

1 broken vacuum

3 closet shelves

4 packs of ramen

6 old placemats

1 lotion

1 bag

2 old nightgowns

pile of cards

2 prs of tights

1 pile of kid art

1 kids crown

15 old spices and teas

1 pile of kids valentines day cards

1 pile of kids goodie bag stuff

20 odds and ends from kids toy box

1 puzzle

2 old pr of sunglasses

2 pr of shoes

1 box of foreign coins repurposed as pirate treasure for kid bday party

1 bag other art supplies repurposed

1 collection of polly pocket stuff

2 matchbook cars

5 old doors


I needed the calculator to conclude that we've gotten rid of 209 items.   Unfortunately DD1's birthday is next week and we're having her kid party on Sunday.  Here comes another several dozen items...  Yikes!


209 + 191 + 5 = 405/2012 (one fifth of the way there!)

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Finding this thread way late but totally psyched about it!!!  I moved into a house packed to the gills with my husband's stuff - added my stuff - and then the next year, added the baby's stuff!!!  We are in total stuff overload.  Constant clutter and frustration over not being able to find anything.  Can't wait to get started and play catch up! smile.gif

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9 Videos

17 Books

3 CDs

3 IDE Cables

Vegetable Chopper

2 Glass Jars


Video Card

Trivial Pursuit

Sound Card

30 Empty CD Cases

3 Stacks of Hanging Folders

3 Stacks of Old Records

Guitar Balloon


Food Dehydrator


6 "D" Batteries

Electric Can Opener

Metal Part

Hook Lock


2 Window Plastic


Old Mop Handle

Tape Measurer

Book shelf

4 Screws


2 Speakers

3 Phone Cords


CD Writer

Computer Drive Case Frame

3 CD ROM Drives

Support Gloves

2 License Plates

2 Phones

3 Adaptors








413 + 131 = 544/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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56 Software discs

13 CD Cases





544 + 70 = 614/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

New Total:





So I've been slowing down a bit on the de-cluttering lately...sigh.  Time to get back to it!  Tonight I continued in the office.  Got rid of 52 more items, really a random mix of items to donate or recycle.  Some scraps of scrap booking paper, old greeting cards and even some old "school work" from when I was 6 that my mom brought over some months ago.  She'd saved it allll this time, which was nice, but then I had to decide what to keep and what to toss...  Anyway, more stuff gone!


New Total:




Less than 700 to go!

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322 articles of baby clothes



322 + 614 = 936/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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94 more things decluttered




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13 books - some donated, some recycled

6 soft toys - some donated, some trashed as they were really old, ripped and missing parts

1 artificial christmas tree still in great condition but unwanted - donation

4 brand new but unwanted badges - donation

1 more mattress - awaiting pick up

1 bunch of recycling from the purge

2 lamps - donation


New total: 466 / 2012


More to come....! Hope to unpack around 2-3 boxes tomorrow.

40w1d and waiting. So hard to do work with a big belly and painful sciatica. sleeping.gif

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More to add... I was able to do some work sitting down.


46 magazines

1 book


New total: 513 / 2012

I hope to get to 600 by the 1st of April. Going to be a challenge as I'll most likely have a itty bitty newborn biggrinbounce.gif but I need to keep at it and stay on my 'ruthless' path.. We don't have much stuff in comparison to most households and yet at the same time it's crazy how much stuff has actually come out of the challenge!


I keep envisioning the floor completely clear (except for furniture and permanent structures) and everything that is staying, having a home to go into when not in use. Have to envision this every 10 minutes - LOL. I'm very much looking forward to posting pictures when I've completed the job.


Anyone have any progress pictures to share????


(ETA: more items)




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3 coats i never wear anymore

1 toy

1 shirt

1 teach your baby spanish cassette tape we never listened to

4 necklaces

1 pendant

1 crusty tide pen

3 piles of papers

1 pile of garbage from under a shelf unit i re-placed

1 - phone packaging i was keeping for some unknown "maybe i will need this reason"

1 magazine (many more to be counted...)

1 tupperware

1 sweater

26 magazines

15 pieces of daycare artwork immediately into recycling


=61 more, total 493

and now (most of) the above is now sitting nicely in my cleaned out car truck ready for donation!



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