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Here are the last few things I've gotten rid off.


1 hair dryer

1 stand mixer

1 coffee grinder

1 video game console

1 recipe box

1 magazine holder

4 hangers

1 spray mop

5 gift boxes

2 toy cars

5 medicines

1 scissor

1 leather jacket

2 camis

1 suede basket

2 towels

5 thank you notes


subtotal 35


new total 268+35= 303

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7 Books

Accordion File


10 + 1105 = 1115/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post




7 Books

Accordion File


10 + 1105 = 1115/2012


$68 + $78 = $146


Wow, I can't beleive you've managed to get rid of over 1000 things already. I'm not even over 500. Way to go!


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Originally Posted by macandcheese View Post

a baby jail activity center




Originally Posted by green_momma2007 View Post

Forgot the pic of my dining table (it's right next to the sofa).

Great pictures :) Thanks for sharing. I like how the mirror in the living room makes the room look huge and reflects light. I actually thought it *was* a really big room at first.


Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

Well, I haven't been able to get any decluttering done.... greensad.gif








.... because I had a baby!! biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gif

Congrats! Enjoy your time and don't worry about any chores or decluttering :)


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Cordless Phone Adaptor

Phone Cord

1 Book tossed

2 Books repaired



 5 + 1115 = 1120/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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We finally got a our new bunkbed for the 2 kids. They've been sleeping with me in a queen sized bed and it's getting crowded, and they seem ready to try their own bed. I'm excited, maybe if they actually sleep there, my partner can come back to his bed.. lol.


-1 new bunkbed

-2 twin mattresses

-1 mattress protector

-4 sheets

-2 pillowcases

-1 refillable travel bottle for shampoo/body wash/whatever

-5 shirts for me

-1 kids dress

-2 kids shirts

-1 baby hat


flat sheet that was hanging from the ceiling to make a fort- no room for that particular fort with the new bunkbed and I'm going to use the flat sheets that match their new bedding for forts. who has time to straighten flat sheets everyday? I don't!

fitted queen sheet


old pillowcase


paring knife

2 play hot pads


6 pair underwear


3 kids pjs

1 kids dress


kitchen timer


window fan



we own 524 less things than we did on Jan 1st.


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Shower Rack

Apartment winky.gif


5 + 1120 = 1125/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Shower Cap

2 Tooth Brushes

Shine Spray for Hair

Empty Q-Tip Box

Empty Cotton Ball Bag (from Consolidating to 1)

Hair Brush

Crystal Deodorant Mist

3 Chopsticks


2 Cigarette Coupons

Expired Egg Replacer

Expired Instant Milk

2 Articles of Children't Clothes

8 Articles of Baby Clothes

Old Electronic Cigarette Charger


27 + 1128 = 1155/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Uno Card

Candle holder

Old remote control


3 Corn Holder Dishes

32 Articles of Baby Clothes Size 0-3 months

Diaper Bag

Pile of Papers

Old Shoe

Diaper Cover

Makeup Bag

Bag of Magnetic Numbers and Letters


46 + 1155 = 1201/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Stack of Breast Pads

Flyers/Informational Packets


Candle HOlder


Key Chain


6 + 1201 = 1207/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Along with march out went 233 items....bringing this years total to 533/2012. Bring on April!
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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post





Shower Rack

Apartment winky.gif


5 + 1120 = 1125/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

Did you move or are you taking life to the road?


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10 kids shirts ($2.69)

93 post cards

3 boxes


been moving stuff to friends house for yardsale (will count when actually have said yard sale)


*moving no later than 5/1/12






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I feel way behind! But I've just found the group and I'm way in!


I announced to my DH (um, first time I've ever typed that, feels awkward, I do mean husband in case I've misunderstood previous DHs and DDs and DSs and the like) that last year, 2011, would be my "year to de-clutter".  And announcing that was as far as I got.  We're talking major amounts of stuff.  DH constantly accuses me of de-cluttering his items but not my own.  Things sometimes appear in order but really I've just crammed like things into the same area awaiting ME to go ahead and de-clutter.  Projects!! **sigh**


I like this definable goal!  I just took a sack of stuff to Goodwill.  So wishing I had counted.


So If I buy something (I hate shopping, just curious) am I really subtracting that? I know personal goal. Still, brutal.

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welcome lexymom...I have been writing DH for years and it still feels a bit weird, especially on days when I am not feeling inclined to call him "Dear Husband"!  lol.gif


I don't subtract things if I buy stuff, it's a personal choice to do so or not.  Frankly I would find it too discouraging to keep chipping away at my number and would then probably give up!


Today I got rid of:


1 pair broken sunglasses





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Adding 51 for the trash- feeling slightly defeated as the vacation/ road trip plans are coming up quickly and this apartment is still FILLED.  Having a bit of panic today.






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120 items sold at consignment

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I'm going to add 100 more things from moving day. We got rid of at least that much., although I was not able to record everything. 



100 + 1207 = 1307/2012


$68 + $78 = $146

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Originally Posted by SomethingAnonymous View Post

Did you move or are you taking life to the road?


LOL! I moved to a new apartment. LOL I just had to declutter the old one. I am so happy to be rid of it!

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Its been a month but I have a few new additions:


10 pairs of old shoes (I'm ashamed to say we had over 40 pair in our garage plus prolly 15 more inside-those ten were garbage, the rest we will sell and I'll post as that happens.)

3 43 gallon bags of random trash from the garage (includes some leaves, but I'll fudge a little here!)

1 old lotion

1 outdated medicine

1 half used art kit (and by half used I mean mostly eaten by the littles...it was a source of much discontent!)

9 old makeup products

3 holey shirts

21 items of kids clothes to the consignment shop

1 blanket


50 items total


Old amount: 138/2012

New amount: 188/2012


I'd feel a lot better about the things moving out if my mother wasn't determined to have multiple things for me every time I go over there. I'm helping my dad out after surgery so its darn near daily! irked.gif I really don't need two more jars of peanut butter, a new shirt that's hideous, two belts, skirts, shoes for the boys etc etc etc...Ok, rant over!

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