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Didymos sizing?

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So I have decided to take the plunge and get a woven wrap.  I would like the shortest one I can get away with but still want to be able to do the front cross carry that I've been using with my Sleepy Wrap.


I am 5'3", was 121 lb and size 4 prepreg, currently 140 lb and unknown size (I'm squeezing into my most forgiving prepreg pants but with an enormous muffin top, awesome).  The Didymos website says I still need the 4.2m wrap for the front cross carry; however I searched around and found an old thread where someone only slightly smaller than me said she had lots of wrap left over in a 4.2m.


Would I possibly be able to do this carry with the 3.7m wrap or do I for sure need the 4.2?  I think the Sleepy is 4.7 and I have a fair meter of fabric left after a double knot in the front.  Of course the Sleepy is much stretchier but I see the Didymos is a parallelogram so is it a bit more than the stated length from tip to tip?  And if it doesn't quite reach, could I just knot directly in the back and still have a secure carry?


Also, will there be much shrinkage?  I was thinking I could get the 4.2 and dry it on hot if it is longer than I need?

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I think it is a smarter buy to get a wrap that is a bit long than one that is too short. You can always trim down.

Will your DH or other being using the wrap? If yes then go with the longer wrap.


For a beginner I recommend wraps that may have one or more of these features to help with the learning process,

of tying on the wrap with ease and with comfort in mind.

Double faced wraps,  a solid color on side and a different solid color on the other.

Will show if you have a twist in the fabric that will cause discomfort. 

Wraps with rails (the edges that go length wise) that have opposite colors along then again offer visual cues.

A wrap with horizontal stripes will help in defining how fequently you should pull the fabric to develop the best support for you and your baby.

(photos upon request)


 Pulling the fabric and shoulder shrugs will take a wrap that is marginal and possibly make it work.

  This is a link to a German babywearing instructor who uses this technique, she demonstrates in German, yet her demonstration well shows what the technique.



I prefer the pocket carry she demonstrates to the typical cross carry as I think it is cooler and more comfortable for baby.


If you have any questions I am happy to help.

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Thanks for the input!  After some more research I think the shorter wrap will be best (I am not handy and would never get around to modifying a too-long wrap) but I will definitely take your advice on patterns into account.

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