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Not my 3rd pregnancy, but just wanted to chime in that there might be some carseats you can switch to and fit 3 in the car. Radians are pretty good at fitting 3 across. Obviously there are other benefits to getting a second car, but I just wanted to put that out there too. smile.gif

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We have my 2 year old niece here all week. And it's been extremely eye opening. My husband and I have talked quite a bit about how we would help my 2nd child move into middle child position. But he's been mostly fine. It's actually my oldest that is struggling HUGELY with another child in the house. He's a mess actually. I've never seen this reaction from him and am completely surprised. So now I'm thinking it's him that I might have to worry about when the baby comes.

But I keep reminding myself, babies don't come out running and snatching toys and getting into everything. So I know it will be different. I'm actually glad for this experience, because now I feel I have some insight into my oldest and possible reactions to new baby, and can maybe strategize a bit to help him.


So lets talk about this. 


How do you think each of your older two children will respond.

How will you help them through the transition...books, activities...etc etc.


In the meantime I'm trying to find my zen place for another three days, but it's raining like mad. Wish me luck.

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This is our third and I guess it hasn't really hit me yet.  Our oldest is 6 and in school so I will really only have 2 kids during the day.  I am concerned about our car situation though.  DH drives a beater '95 honda civic, even with Radians I don't know if we can fit 3 across the backseat.  I drive a Mariner but we are selling it to pay off our remaining student loans.  I love that car and will miss it so much!  I know we will be better off debt-free though.  Our plan is to save for a used Sienna.  Sleep arrangements will have to change as well.  Poor DH is sleeping on the couch because the girls sleep with me.  Hopefully we can convince our 6 year old to sleep in her room.

Man, I hear you. My husband has been on the couch because the 5 year old has been waking nightly and comes to bed with us. My 2.5 year old still wakes nightly and so I lazily let her stay with me at that unholy hour. Husband has to leave so early he for work that rather than risk waking them and me he sleeps on the tiny loveseat. I feel so bad. And our bed is only full size cuz our house is ridiculously small. I feel your pain! Hoping to get them both back in the other bedroom in time for the newborn.


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I'm here with #3 as well.  Glad to hear that other people are sleeping with their older kids.  My three year old can't sleep through the night on his own and my five year old would rather not.  Mostly I sleep with them both...the five year old on is on a little mattress next to the bigger bed that the three year old and I sleep in.  Husband is alone in the king sized bed...he misses me there. All three of them (kids and husband) want to have me and only me in the bed with them.  Baby will *need* me and only me in the bed.  I feel stressed about this part of the equation.  Oh...and all the other aspects of #3 to be frank.  It's still almost impossible to imagine that this is happening.  I can't tell if I'm in denial or just relaxed?

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