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fifths disease is no big deal at all for kiddos. There is typically a lacey rash on arms and legs and the cheeks look like they have been slapped. It is a little more annoying for adults as the joint aching (which kids don't typically get) is really uncomfortable. Don't let him anywhere near a pg woman as it can by very very dangerous for the baby, especially if the mom contracts in in the first tri or early part of second tri. That is how we lost Emericgreensad.gif


rosemary- glad you are loving the new piano!


canned music: it doesn't really bother me when it is used for its intended purpose. (soothing the baby, etc.). What bother's me is when the older kids hit the button over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, etc. even when the baby is asleep. ugggggg


giggles- no giggles here but she just started smiling 2 weeks ago. She is smiling a lot more now and is even making eye contact some (not all the time but some).


baths- the kids bath with me. I started taking a bath every morning when ds1 was born. That is my relaxing time. Sometimes I am alone and sometimes it is really crowded. If the baby wakes up and fusses someone dumps her in with me. The only bad part about this plan is they don't all bath with me every time (which is good:)) but I can never remember which kid bathed when and know that it sometimes goes entirely too longbag.gif


Out of time


dd2 has her first dr appt. wed. hoping that goes well. curious how much she weighs, etc.

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wave.gif Back from winter break, DS1 is back to school and DH back to work tomorrow. DS1 is currently having major grandparent withdrawal.


Katico, oh my goodness. Thank heavens she is OK. That sounds so scary.


LaBruja, I'm so, so sorry about your colleague.


giggles: None here, but we get more and more smiley by the day. He's really starting to interact, and it's so much fun.


sitting: Wow! I don't think I even knew babies could sit at 4 months! My first didn't sit well until maybe 7 or 8 months, I think (?), and I don't think this one is anywhere near it, either. That would be so nice. I agree that they get happier when they can sit up.


bathing: I adore the tummy tub for this. It takes a few seconds to fill it, so we have spontaneous baths pretty often. He definitely likes it, which is such a nice change from my first, who hated the bath. DS2 gets a bath about every day or two. He doesn't need it that often, but he likes it, and it's fun for me. I am considering incorporating it into a bedtime routine.


canned music: Meh. I don't love it, but I don't mind it once in a while. Baby loooooves music, so if he's in his swing or bouncy seat and nothing else is on, I will press the button for the tinny music. Most of the time we already have music playing, though. I usually have Radio 2 on during the day (lots of classical during their daytime programming), which DS2 likes a lot. Obnoxious pop music is his favourite, but I save that for the car because it seriously chills him out. This helped us enormously for our trek to and from my MIL's place this week.


I cannot completely catch up, but have been reading along when I can, and I hope everyone is well. To anyone who is dealing with illness, I hope everyone gets better soon.

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theboysmama - so sorry about Emeric.


sitting - ds sat unassisted for the first time at 3 months, dd is pretty much the same, probably a couple weeks behind. Neither one has been content to recline at all. Right now she is in that prop up to sit but then she sits up further & face plants stage. Doesn't make her happy when that happens.


afm - took ds skating today for the first time this year. Made a big deal about going to get skates, let him pick laces & guards (camouflage!) & then we went just the 2 of us. He only lasted 10 minutes but I think by the end of the season he'll be a pro!


I just took down my poor christmas tree, poor underwatered thing literally left all it's needles on my floor. Still need to sweep...


Ok, so dd is super fussy at the breast. I think the milk just comes so fast & furious she can't keep up. She kicks her legs & flails her arms. Doesn't help that last week when I was sick she nursed pretty much constantly so now that she's dropped back down I'm totally engorged - she pulled off the breast this aft & milk sprayed everywhere & just kept spraying - I had to block it with my hand so we didn't all end up soaked. Dh didn't know what to say.

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lifeguard, me tooshrug.gif i've been sidelying for most of our nursing because of it.


iona slept over 8 hours last night. i finally hooked her u to nurse. weird and out of the blue!


ETA: Someone I've known as an acquaintance for years who is the sister of another woman I've been getting to know just asked to come over to visit me today. She's got a ds who is a month older than Iona; gotta love when babies bring people together. I know it's because we are both home with babies now. She's always been someone interesting to me!

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The sleep fairy seriously dislikes me. The last few weeks ds & I have been sick so no sleep. Then ds has been doing this frustrating thing where he wakes up in the night & is up for HOURS completely unable to fall asleep (it truly is him being awake unwanted - he's not up playing or being "bad" in any way). Then dd had 2 nights where I couldn't let her go or she'd scream, but ds slept fine. Last night dd slept - we're going on 10 hours now with only one wake up but ds was up for 3.5 hours in the middle of the night. Seriously?! Not only is this leaving me exhausted but it's totally messing up our days completely 'cause our schedule is all off - today we're supposed to go swimming & then to ds' gymnastics (when we drive all the way into the city I like to make it more worthwhile by doing more than one thing) but now swimming is out of the question 'cause we're up too late & of course ds is going to be some unhappy when he finds out but there is no way for me to remedy it because of how the schedules run.

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It is 2am - not read to catch up yet - just home from Newfoundland and packing to move accross the country so we wont be on much


Faolan is sleeping beside me in the bed and I am loving it:)


my older ones have their own beds in another room and I miss them way too much


ds just turned 5 and still won't sleep through the night always wakes and yells out for mom and dad - so dad is sleeping with him in his single bed right now ;)


dd who is 2 has taken to sleeping on her own like a fish to water and I ache for her to come back and sleep in our bed :(


well we will be driving accross the country in the winter 2 weeks from now keep safe thoughts for us


miss you all - will be back like a bad rash when we get settled in



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