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Katico -I followed you on Pinterest too!


Diaper change frequency - I don't change DS nearly as often as I should now that he's in cloth diapers. I'm still adjusting to the more frequent changes. In disposables, it always seemed like he was dry for hours and then, boom, the diaper would be soaked. I pretty much just change him before or after every feeding and whenever I notice he needs it in between. I don't wipe for pee unless it seems like he's getting gunky. I do wipe out his big old leg rolls once or twice a day, they get nasty.


AFM (vent!) - DH has caught the same cold the majority of us have had. Now, it's pretty nasty--super gunky nose and lungs, itchy dry sore throat, fever about 101 (for me at least). But OMG. The man cold is in full swing. He's SO pathetic.  Getting in bed tonight he's making sound effects to illustrate that he's cold under his blankets, and then he told me (I kid you not) that he THOUGHT HE MIGHT DIE FROM IT. Oh yeah, die from the same thing I took care of the newborn with for three days? Cuss.gif His theory is because he has an ingrown toenail and a toothache, that his body won't be able to fight all those infections at once and it'll just give up.  The most he did for me while I was sick was get me a glass of water twice--but he needs to be waited on hand and foot. eyesroll.gif I just know he's going to call out tomorrow, completely negating the extra holiday pay he got, plus some. Even if he feels a little better tomorrow he's already made up his mind he's not working so he won't be going. OH, girls, I'm glad I have you to vent to or I might go insane.

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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post Sigh. Why does a nap mess up bedtime so severely?!

My son Alex is about 6 months older than yours, and we have the SAME ISSUE.  I cannot let the kid fall asleep for even 5 minutes, or he'll be up till 10pm.  I feel so bad, because I can see him getting sleepy during the day, but oh my goodness, the 10pm+ bedtime is even worse.  I can only hope he grows out of it soon.  (And it's also crazy to me, because I *enforced* nap time with my oldest 2 kids all the way until my oldest started Kindergarten at 6yo.  But I haven't let my 3.5yo have a nap in the past year, if I could help it!)



Originally Posted by Katico View Post

I rarely wipe for just pee.  I use a wet washcloth a couple of times/day to keep her fresh and for poop but that's it. 

Same here, though if it's been a whole day with no poop I'll just do one wipe-down at the end of the day.  I've never had issues with diaper rash.



Originally Posted by beautifulmoon View Post

livacreature I don't think what you did was CIO at all. Sometimes you have to try to save your sanity. I think when babies get that worked up, anyway, they may not even register whether you're responding sensitively to them or just ignoring them. I had to adjust my expectations for myself in that regard because I was getting anxious and depressed from trying to keep these unattainable ideals. Babies will cry, and it's okay.

Well, I'm returning to work this Saturday. It's only a single Saturday shift for now, but I'm a bit worried because DD still won't accept a bottle very easily. We've only succeeded in getting her to accept the bottle twice. The last time she took it only after she missed a few feedings and only drank a 1/2 ounce or so. Needless to say, DD and I never been apart for more than a few hours either, so it'll be a big adjustment.

Ditto on the CIO topic.  Sometimes babies just seem to need to cry, and if all you can do is hold them (and maybe even cry along with them!), then that's all they need.  As long as they know they haven't been abandoned, I think they're good to go.  And honestly, on my 4th baby here, poor Malcolm has been left to cry longer than my other babies at times, because he decides to wake up from a nap when I really *cannot* come and get him.  I hate to hear him scream and scream ("I neeeeeeeed you mom!!"), and when I finally get to him he's got tears running down his face... but I pick him up and he's forgiven me instantly, greeting me with the biggest smile you've ever seen.  I love babies for their forgiveness.  :)


beautifulmoon:  Good luck with going back to work!  Hope the babe takes the bottle easily.  I haven't tried bottles since my 2nd absolutely refused them.  It was just too stressful.  But then, I've never been in a situation where my baby NEEDS to take a bottle, either.  I really do hope it goes smoothly for you all!  (And as a side note, heard MIL talking to her sister on the phone, and her sister was incredulous that some baby (unknown age to me) wouldn't take a bottle or a sippy cup at all.  I'm a little surprised MIL hasn't pressed the issue with me.  Though, if she started asking, I'd probably just honestly say that I don't have a pump and don't care to spend the money/time on one when I can just as easily take him wherever I need to go and nurse on demand.



Originally Posted by Trinket90 View Post
But OMG. The man cold is in full swing. He's SO pathetic.  Getting in bed tonight he's making sound effects to illustrate that he's cold under his blankets, and then he told me (I kid you not) that he THOUGHT HE MIGHT DIE FROM IT. Oh yeah, die from the same thing I took care of the newborn with for three days? Cuss.gif

I HATE man colds.  I want to throttle my DH every time he gets sick.  I feel for ya, I do.


AFM,  Oy.  My older 2 boys have been driving me CRAZY the past couple days.  They're suddenly throwing tantrums (full-blown, scream-your-head-off, flail-your-body, embarrass-your-parents-to-death TANTRUMS) over the most ridiculous things.  What a scene they're making!  I feel so mortified, because they're doing it in public places.  The best I can do is to calmly (as much as possible) carry them out of the area to someplace quiet, but I feel like everyone who's run into me in the past 24 hours must think my boys are completely spoiled brats.  But seriously, I have no clue what to do about their tantrums.  Just refuse to give into their demands, I guess.  I just wish I knew a way to prevent them.  I don't see any other 6yo's (and mostly no almost-4yo's, either!) throwing tantrums.  Gah. I feel like a deer in the headlights every time they do this. 


Malcolm started getting a runny nose last night.  Yay for 3rd cold of his short life.  And today he started drooling like crazy.  Is there anything that can cause drooling besides teething?  Please tell me he's not teething yet!!  I've never had to experience it this soon....


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naps/sleep - naps and bedtimes: IME so far, kids have really different sleep needs. I am big believer that kids need a lot of sleep, and regular sleep, and I think there are a lot of sleep deprived kids (and adults) out there. but my two olders are very different! DD1 (who is 2y8m) is starting to drop he nap and I am not encouraging it. Without a nap, she goes to sleep at 7PM and wakes at 6 o 6:30. With a nap of 1.5 hours, she goes to sleep anywhere between 8:30 and 10 and still wakes at 6 or 6:30. Which means, she basically gets LESS total sleep if she naps. My son (now 7) was a solid napper until he was 4- 2 hours every afternoon, with an 8PM bedtime. He still napped frequently until he was 5. He and DD sleep a similar amount now, despite very different ages (last night he slept 7:30p-6:15a). He just needs more sleep! DD1 is also more flexible- she can handle some variance in bedtime. DS no. We'll see what the baby is like when she is old enough to be like anything...


anyway, I am having a hard time keeping up here, as usual. But hugs to everyone,


crying- And yes, sometimes babies are crying and you just can't make them stop. And since this is #3 for me... yeah, she cries more often than the others did where I just can't leap to comfort her. She is never alone and never left to cry in a punitive way or anything, but heck, I have a lot of kids who all need me and she sometimes fusses for a bit. IDK. That is just how life is.


wiping- I mostly use some TP when I catch the pees in the toilet, and otherwise wipe if it seems necessary. poop goes almost always in the potty and I wipe with TP and then usually just wash her bum in warm running water in the sink. None of my kids have ever had diaper rash, but I also just count myself lucky on that score.


alright! HAVE to get the apt tidied a bit and dishes done, DD1 has a playdate and they are going to the park but then coming back here, b.c its COLD outside today. Winter is really underway I think.



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Leahs my 7yo totally has tantrums though he does it at home, not in public. I know of at least one of his friends who does the same. IME its usually related to something else- like getting sick, being overtired/stimulated/whatever. But he is also a bit of a drama king and just easily and very dramatically frustrated. Argh. WAY easier said than done, for me, to keep my cool.

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man cold - UGH!!! Last week when I was SOOOO sick dh was great but then we got in a big argument one day when he quipped "maybe you'll remember this next time I'm sick". Seriously? The last time he was sick was for almost 6 weeks right after dd was born & for huge chunks of that time I asked NOTHING of him & let him sleep ALONE, UNDISTURBED for hours!!!! I think that's a hell of a lot better than bringing someone tylenol occasionally. Sheesh! Last week I got ONE two hour sleep completely alone (I am one of those people who most definitely sleeps better alone but I rarely get to anymore so I consider a huge luxury).


sleep - so glad ds is not the only one! Emma - ds is like your dd, with a nap he can actually end up with less sleep than without one. The kicker - last night he finally fell asleep just before 11 & then woke up at 1:30 & was up for almost 2 hours!! WTF?! I have a lot of hope placed in dd that she can prove to the world it's not my fault he's not a great sleeper!!!


It is COOOOOLD here today. Think we'll be spending the day in the house for sure!

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tantrums- my just 5 yr old just started these. He does them at home and in public and they carry on for ages. My oldest did this as well and we just have to see it through. IT WILL PASS!


crying- it is not cio if you are there comforting their child. It is their chose if they choose to be comforted or keep screaming. Sometimes crying is what they need. This being my 5th I might not be able to meet her needs right away but someone usually does although all of my kids have had to cry more than my first. Just the nature of things.


wiping- we wipe with toilet paper for catches on the toilet. If i am not near something to wipe with I air dry her for a second.


changing- I was surprised by the suggestion to change a heavy wetter every 3 hours!!! I didn't ec till my 4th kid but have always used cloth and change when it gets wet (my kids never liked a wet diaper). After ecing I realize my kids pee A LOT. dd2 has learned to hold it for several house but then will fill the little potty up 1/4 full and she is only 11 weeks. I personally think 3 hrs is way to long even for a light wetter. Even if the diaper is absorbing it and it isn't leaking the baby is sitting in their own pee. I wouldn't want to sit in my own pee. Just my take on it.


nap/sleep- my ds3 can not take a nap or he is up all night (he is 5). dd1 sleeps every single day. (she still gets to nurse before nap so reminds me). I find that when dd2 sleeps well during the day nights are good but not well during the day makes a long nap. All of my kids have been like that, kind of counter to what you would expect.


man colds- they suck!!! Makes me so resentful.


AFM- we went skiing yesterday and had a blast. Saphira fell sound asleep as soon as I got on the chair lift and slept all morning and I woke her to take her potty and nurse her while I was having lunch and then she slept again all afternoon. She must have loved the motion (very soothing I guess).

My ds3 and dd1 got put in the wrong classes so they just putzed around the kiddie area all day (once i found out they issued me a refund immediately but it was still so frustrating) they had a blast though so that is what counts.

Ugg christmas/new years is over I need to take down my tree/decorations and clean my house really bad and the kids don't go back to school till wed/thur. Maybe we can get it done fri?

Hope everyone and their babies are doing well. I just can't get enough of my lo! She doesn't smile very often but when she does it is oh so rewarding! Did I mention I AM IN LOVE :)!

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Happy New Year!  We spent NYE at a cabin with old friends.  DD1 had an older friend to play with & they were so awesome together.  I hope someday DD1 & DD2 can keep each other so entertained.  We had a great time.  Yesterday I babysat a friend's 2 year old boy so they could go to the movies.  The kid NEVER SITS STILL unless he's eating!  It was pretty amazing.  And loud winky.gif  This is the same friend who is going to watch the baby while I'm back at work for a few weeks.  She partly wants to do it to see if she can handle having a second kid orngtongue.gif  I am dreading going back to work.  I don't want to go!  But it's only temporary.  Today DD1 went back to school, which is a relief for me and makes her happy, too. 


tummy time I've never made much of a point of it.  DD is pretty strong. She could hold her head up at birth & could support her weight on her feet by 2-3 weeks. She fooled the Dr, who thought she must be getting lots of tummy based on how well she's already pushing up.  I do nurse her laying pretty much flat on my back sometimes, so that gives her some tummy time I think.  I mostly only wear her outside of the house, but I hold her sitting upright a fair amount as well. 


wiping I sometimes wipe pee, sometimes not.  She only gets rashy if she sits in a poo for more than a minute, but we've had good results with CJ's butter stick.  Apply 1x and it's gone.  I did forget to wipe some of her thigh crease for a while and it got pretty funky. Won't make that mistake again!


changing with prefolds we change AT LEAST every 2 hours, but with the BGs we can go slightly longer.  We do those overnight with extra stuffing.  They're discontinuing last year's prints of the BG 4.0s and I treated myself to some new dipes (buy 2 get 1 free). They're super cute.


naps DD1 only naps at school or in the car.  Occasionally for DH when I'm not around.  Sigh.


colds  the baby has her 2nd cold.  It's a little worse than the 1st.  Saline up the nose, eh?  Can I just use neti pot salt to make my own?


Off to weigh the baby.  Fingers crossed.

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This thread sure is moving fast!


Naps/Sleep - The length of DS's naps now (as a 3 yr old) don't really impact when he goes to bed and wakes up the next day.  He could wake up from a 2.5 hour nap and go back to bed 3 hours later and wake up at his normal time pretty much.  When he was younger we had the problem of falling asleep during car rides before his nap time.  If he slept for just the last few minutes of a car ride, he would think he was done napping for the day - sooo aggravating.  As a baby and toddler he was not really a long napper.  I was so envious of moms whose kids slept 1.5-3 hours at a time.  We were lucky if he'd sleep for 1 hour straight.  Usually it was more like 45 minutes at a time.


My Sleep Revelation...needs to be retracted, I think greensad.gif.  Last two night we got in bed earlier (by 9:45 last night) and DD woke up after only about 3-3.5 hours both nights.  And then would wake up again 3-4 hours later.


CIO - Not CIO, livacreature.  I worried about that, too, with DS, but came to realize that, as other moms said, sometimes there's nothing you can do but be there. 


Wiping - We do blot with a damp wipe at each diaper change...more than blot if there's a poop situation, obviously.  No rash issues yet, but I think DS didn't really have rash issues until he started solids.


Pinterest - I'd heard of, but never seen the site before.  Looks interesting...what's the purpose exactly?


Colds - DS seems to be finally getting over his cold..but just started back to preschool today.  I'm hoping he can remain healthy throught the next few weeks cuz we're applying for schools for him for next year and he has two visit days this month.  I want him to be happy, healthy and all about presenting his "best self."  DD just has always sounded congested...it kinda comes and goes over the course of the day, and I've been assuming some of it is just about massive amounts of saliva.  But a couple times the other day I noticed a little drip of mucus coming out of one nostril (always when DH has been holding her for a while...)


theboysmama - Happy to hear you're still in love...(could it be any other way? love.gif).  You've got way more kids than I do, but I did find that this time around I was in love right away, whereas, with DS (my first) I didn't really feel "In Love" until after several months went by.


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pinterest - I've used it to essentially replace my bookmarks. I like that I can open & look at a pic of everything I'd like to try - it's a better memory jog than the list of bookmarks was (I was forever having to open a whole bunch of bookmarks to find the one I wanted). It's also kind of fun to see what other people are up to & "steal" their ideas. I am actually even finding I am putting into action some of the ideas I see online for a change (instead of bookmarking & forgetting them).

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tank good luck with the first day of work! I hope it goes well for you. I keep telling myself that it will be nice to get out of the house and away from baby care for x hours.


I'm hoping she'll use the bottle when there are no alternatives. My MIL said that once she had to leave my SIL with a neighbor in an emergency and SIL (as a baby) just cried the entire time she was gone. Wouldn't take the bottle. So with my DP, she fed him jello water in a bottle to make sure he would accept it. I won't be trying that!


wiping Wow, I'm surprised that no one wipes every time. That's good to know, though, cause it seemed so unnecessary to me, but I didn't want her to feel sticky or uncomfortable when I change her. I need to make an effort to change her more regularly, but I lose track of time.


naps I see my future in reading about these napping toddlers. I had no idea pre-baby that sleep would occupy so much of my parenting worries and duties.


man cold DP thinks he's stoic about sickness as he is in most other areas of life, but nope. What is it about men that makes them crumble in the face of a sniffle? But that's okay for me. My nurturing side comes out when people are sick. 


gotta go. baby time.

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beth, i requested to join pinterest and am checking out your pins--never heard of this site--love the little pants out of nani iro fabric!

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Pinterest -  not_telling, it's a site to organize all your links - by image!  So you can pin all your favourite images, tutorials, recipes, etc.  So instead of bookmarking things and having a list of links you get a 'pinboard' of images from your links.  So fun.


All of you who added me - what are your user names?  for some reason it doesn't tell you anymore when people follow you and I can't seem to pick you all out of the list of people following me!  Rosemary, pm me your email and I'll send you an invite - much faster than waiting for one!


3 day potty:  Well.  I AM SO EXCITED!  We put away her diapers this morning and took our our new elmo and strawberry shortcake undies.  She had one pee accident then started using her potty.  Like...a MILLION TIMES!  So much pee!  She would just say 'I need to pee, mama!" and run and do it!!  I was afraid of the pooping - she has some seriously runny, awful poop - I actually think she may have some food sensitivity that is causing it and I need to figure that out.  She doesn't seem to expect it so I was worried she might not be able to potty it.  And sure enough, we had two poop accidents and it was awful and gross.  But after most of it was out she went and pooped THREE TIMES ON THE POTTY!!!  Not much each time but a definite understanding that she needed to and she made it on time.  So I hope that will help her tomorrow with the big poops!  I am so proud of her.  This was definitely the way to go for her.  We called Daddy and Gramma and she is so proud of herself too.  Such a big girl.  A great start on our potty learning journey!!!


More later...just had to share...because I'm sure you were all on pins and needles wondering how it was going, haha

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katico - that is awesome!!!  My username is tania_

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crying: Thank you for the reassurance.  I'm feeling a bit of guilt with work and supplementing with formula and etc. etc, but this made me feel better.  Last night, she was back to her awesome sleeping self.  Except around midnight, I was finishing up a book/watching her in the pack and play, all of a sudden her eyes flew wide open, she let out two or three of her "terror" screams, I put my hand on her belly and she went right back to sleep.  Do babies this young have nightmares?  Falling dreams? 


diaper changes: It seems like I'm always changing a diaper, but really it is just about eight times during the day and stick her in a disposable at night.  She doesn't leak often.  Actually when she leaks, it is usually right after I put on a new diaper.  Even though I washed them a bunch before use, I think some of them are still just becoming absorbant.  Does anybody know of anything good to put in leg folds to keep them from getting pink?  The harness means she has a perma-crease between her thigh and pelvis.  I've been putting butt paste on it, tried corn starch, but it still looks a bit raw.  Doesn't seem to hurt her, but I worry about it getting worse over these weeks.


naps and potty training: both of these things scare me.  I'm not big on scheduling.  Eep.  I am more nervous about baby becoming a toddler than I was about baby becoming mine!


Man colds: Mine is actually pretty good.  I'm more of the complainer when I don't feel good.  Except when he gets a headache (which happens regularly when he doesn't eat because he's "busy" despite me making sure he always has food at his desk)




AFM: My laptop is possessed.  Hoping DH performs miracle surgery on it while I'm gone.  A certain baby spit up in the keyboard and now it isn't working.  Teach me to burp her in my lap while working. 


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nak.  Trying to catch up reading.  Will write more soon.  Packing the house for our move to Colorado on Jan 26th.  Next time we move across country,we'll make sure Palesa is old enough to help pack.  It is going slow.  Keep having to remind myself it will be worth it!

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Good luck on the move, Amy!  I moved across town when pregnant, I can't imagine across the country with a two and a half month old!  Congratulations!!!!!

Edited to add:  I'm at work and I FORGOT MY FREAKING PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One and a half more hours.  The roads were bad, and I was so fixated on planning my route that I left it next to the door.  I hurt.  Grrrrrr. 

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Man, I can't ever keep up! We have been working on redoing our kitchen and it has reaked chaos into everything in our lives! It was supposed to just be a couple of days to redo the counter tops and sink... it's been over a week. I want my kitchen back! I want a working sink! It's almost done though. And it is looking really nice!


I figured I just jump in and read the last couple of pages because I know I won't be able to read it all... sorry Mama's maybe next week will be better!


Good luck to Mama's heading back to work. Good luck with the move Amy! Packing with a baby sounds tough!


I will add to the playsilk discussion too... love them! I've dyed lots and sell them in my etsy shop. (currently out right now though!). I like to use the acid dyes from Dharma Trading for solid colored silks. I can do a bunch in one batch. Not a do with your toddler project though... but if you are looking to dye a ton at once it works great!


Gotta run- more later I hope!

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Oh, I meant to ask -- where do you all buy the ones you dye yourselves?


ETA: the playsilks, that is orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm so tired.  Who knew saying "are your panties still dry?  awesome!  great job big girl! Remember to go to the potty if you need to pee or poop!" 50 000 000 000 000 times in a day would be so exhausting?! 


But, we had no other accidents!  So thankful it went so well.  Praise and offerings to the potty gods.


Trinket:  I loooooooooove his infection/death theory.  That is so awesome.  Because he's not mine, haha winky.gif


drooling:  ditto here, major drooling, hoping it's not teething


cough  ugh, after reading here that many of you don't suction noses or have heard that some don't advise it, I laid off the suctioning a bit, doing it only when it was really bad.  now it's settled in her chest and she's coughing like crazy and I feel guilty!  She's happy enough and no fever etc so it's not serious but the poor thing :(


Amy: good luck with your packing and move!!!


Playsilks:  http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1741-AA.shtml?lnav=scarves_silk.html



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playsilks: we get ours at dharma also. We haven't died any in a while but it was a fun project. I did it for a (8 or 9 yr old girls) birthday party and it worked out really well. We used coolaid and vinegar. each person got to pick a kit (there were about 10 kids) which included a 1 gallon ziploc with 4 packs of coolaid in it (all one color) and a handfull of rubber bands. Then we had 2 adults in the kitchen and 1 outside (with the bounce house). We did 2 or 3 kids at a time (can't remember the exact details as it was about 5 years ago. The heating was done in the microwave and was reall simple and really fun!


Amy- good luck packing and moving! That sounds like a lot of work.


drooling: dd2 didn't drool at all but she has a tooth. It is just peeking out but she is sooooo much happier since it cut through. The way it is coming in looks like it could be months before she has it all the way through. It really isn't a big deal though.


trinket: infection death theory bwaahahaha!


Katico- Awesome on the potty success! You should just do dd2 at the same time and save yourself the hastle in 2 years :). That way you can get a twofer. lol


livacreature: I hope your laptop gets fixed. How did it go withought the pump?


AFM- so I had a tough tough day w/ ds3. (he is 5). Major tantrums, not listening, lieing, etc. Well we were trying to get out the door this evening and I must have asked him 100 times to put on his shoes and he kept getting distracted and then just insisted on kissing the baby (whom I was holding). I said no put on your shoes and he grabbed her feet and leaned up with a big open mouth AND .............................. SHE SPIT UP RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!! biglaugh.gif I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself. I told him that is what happens to boys that don't listen to their mommies bag.gif. He put his shoes on right away (after we rinsed him off of course).


I am almost done with my annual new years letter. I send it via e-mail (have been doing that for a few years now) so that I can include lots of photos and updates and stuff. I dont' share pics of the kids online but if any of you want to be on my annual letter e-mail list pm me your e-mail and I will add you.You will get lots of pics of my family, etc. Also same for fb (as long as I recognize your user name and you post here often then I don't mind).

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