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12/26 Weekly Chat Thread

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Thebyr, CNM appointment 12/27
monkeyscience, birth center tour 12/27

bootsvalentine, ultrasound 12/28
Sallyrae17, ultrasound 1/4

andaluza, ultrasound 1/5

LilyTiger, ultrasound 1/5
eleuthia, birth center visit 1/10

dovemama, ultrasound 1/12

Mama Chickadee, appointment 1/18

Lisanne, orientation/appointment 1/23



I just copied/pasted the dates from the last thread so let me know if I missed any or if there are new ones.


I hope everyone had a good holiday/weekend.  I enjoyed everything, except we had my family here on Sunday and my house is still a mess.  I just don't feel like cleaning anything or making anything to eat - we've just been grazing on leftovers the past two days.


I'm pretty crabby today.  I need a nap really bad but J decided he needed one more so now I won't get one before I have to go to work.  The way the day goes I don't need a nap until after he comes home and he gets up super early so he's crabby too.  Since Elsa doesn't nap anymore there is no time unless someone else is watching her.  Blah.  I know he works really hard at a physical job but I'm kind of growing his child here and I think that since he's able to doze on the couch while the baby plays I should get first dibs.

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I've got my 8 week ultrasound tomorrow!

I'm getting soooo nervous that something is wrong. I have no real basis for this. I keep imagining them telling me there is no heartbeat or the baby stopped growing two weeks ago. I can imagine this but I can't imagine them telling me everything is fine and seeing the heartbeat. :(

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I am only 4 weeks and will have to get some insurance nonsense figured out before I have any appointments but I am really, really looking forward to having an ultrasound and seeing a heartbeat after having a loss a couple of months ago. It was my first loss after 3 healthy babies so I know it is very likely that everything will go well this time, but I am a bit of a nervous wreck at the moment and really hate to think about the many weeks to come before I will feel like it's going to be OK!
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I finally got my referral and made my appointment. It will be January 23rd. They made the required orientation and my appointment back to back so I wouldn't have to wait any longer.

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How'd your appointment go, Boots?


My u/s is on 1/13

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Hey Veritas, thanks for asking. It was good, we heard the heartbeat with the mic on the vaginal wand but the nurse didn't show us the screen, which was kind of annoying. We did get pics and a weird "heartbeat picture" but I'm really looking forward to actually being able to see the babe at the next U/S, not sure when that will be, maybe a 12 week. The first U/S was at a fertility clinic so maybe once you're pregnant they just want you to graduate and not stay and coo over your ultrasound. ;)


How far along will you be when you get your u/s?


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Just under 8 weeks, so I should be able to hear the heartbeat as well.  I'm pretty excited about it. 

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