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Meal planning software?

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Can anyone recommend good meal planning software or an app? Bonus if it works on the Ipad. Must be cloud-based or have some kind of online component where I can plan at work on my lunch hour but get home and have it on my home computer.



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There's foodonthetable.com - the website and app.  I haven't used it but it's free and everyone keeps recommending it.

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This site looks pretty neat; thanks for posting about it. I wish they would include local grocery stores for the shopping list though, and not just chains.

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I think I'm liking Big Oven, which has a limited trial version AND lets you store your own recipes. Just need to play with the free version a little more to be sure. 

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I've decided I don't like Food on the Table because it's not free. Cheap of me? Maybe. But I just can't see paying for something that I could do myself I guess. 

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After much debate, research and a trial, I've gone with Plan to Eat.  I have a referral link if you'd like to use it ;)


It's not free but totally worth it to me.  I love it can be used with my google calendar, has a pantry stocking feature, you can find recipes from what's available in your pantry, I can take my smart phone to the store for my list, I can drag and drop recipes into the planner feature and I can easily import recipes from the internet. I just purged a ton of paper by putting the recipes in  PTE.

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Last night I made baked salmon in my own house for the first time in 7 years!  DH was at his friends for dinner, so DS and I enjoyed that with steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries.  Tonight we had marinated portabella mushrooms with quinoa topped with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and feta.  I have been so tired from doing night clinicals for school that I am afraid I'm going to get sick from all the schedule flip flopping.  So I am trying to make up for my immune system crashing by eating extra healthy meals!

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I downloaded pepper plate for my kindle the other day. Haven't done a lot with it yet, but its free smile.gif
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Check out ad app http://www.ourgroceries.com/overview

Extra functionality: planning of groceries together, no misunderstandings or forgetting stuff
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