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Thanks for the pep talk, JPack and DoulaRebekah. I am feeling a little more positive today, after a great session with my therapist. It may be a good thing for me to take a month off and do a cleanse and re-establish good exercise habits. It is not about a number of pounds I want to lose, it is just wanting to be fitter and stronger. We'll see how I feel when I ovulate, I may just want to go for it... :) But either way, I am beginning tomorrow with clean eating and more activity. Banning sugar will the be the biggest thing!


I love the idea of a Wednesday workout check in. That would be so good for me! Reminder that I am not alone...


Good luck all in the 2WW! Happy BDing to those in the waiting to O category.



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Anylily...   I started dieting last spring and it has actually helped me to not stress as much about TTC. It gives me something else to work towards with my body that is pregnancy-related since it affects my health, but one in which I can see positive results in the weight loss and loss of inches. Every bit of fat I lose in my stomache gives me hope that it is what I needed to finally get that BFP too. So, one can diet and TTC at the same time. I do not have a exercise regime, I dislike exercising. I have started some light stuff though, like a few minutes here and there on a home stepper.

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Welcome dbl_my_luv! Good to have you in the group. How're you finding the Vitex? My naturopath prescribed it for me but I wanted to wait until my next cycle before I start taking it so I don't mess with this first time charting. I'm think I'm ovulating ok, but my cycles have been a little erratic in the past and some on the longer side so I guess that was reasoning for it. I look forward to seeing how you go!


anyalily - you're welcome! I'm thinking that if we don't make it this cycle, I might do a cleanse in the new year, also. It seems like a good way to start 2012! 


Maybe for a Wednesday Workout check in, those of us who want to be involved can have some kind of weekly goal and on Wednesdays we all dish on how we went? I'm happy to start if off, being that we're in the future here in NZ!


AFM - I had a huge amount of EWCM yesterday and a massive temp spike this morning, which makes me wonder if I'm actually ovulating now, or have only just done so....any helpful eyes on my chart would be great!

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Is there anyone who would mind if we use the One Thread as the place for our work out check ins?? I definitely could use some accountability! I need the stress relief, which will hopefully help me get pregnant, and then I want to have an easy labor! I keep telling myself that exercise is one way I can exert some control over my body (compared to getting pregnant) yet I still don't regularly get out there and do it.


Doularebekah- I don't know what to say about your chart, but I am interested to see if FF will change anything if your temp stays up...

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doularebekah, thank you for the welcome!  I actually haven't started the vitex yet either.  Also waiting til the next CD1.  From everything I've read, it doesn't seem like it can hurt, and I'm willing to try it if it might get everything balanced out for me!  As for your chart, I'd agree with O on CD16 since that's where you had a longer pattern of fertile CM. 


AFM, we're starting a New Year cleanse as well.  Some of my local friends are doing the Whole30 program, and my husband has been wanting to go paleo for a while, so I figure we can at least do it for 30 days.  Not sure yet though how I'm going to work the kids onto the diet.  They're generally healthy eaters anyway, but at the rate they are growing, how active they are, and low on the BMI charts... well, I don't think some good carbs would hurt them.  Also starting some exercise.  I came across something on Pinterest with a super gradual 90 day exercise program.  I mean, it was almost ridiculously easy... the first day was something simple like 10 jumping jacks and 10 crunches.  But I need something I can check off and say I accomplished so that I don't defeat myself.  Hopefully it'll stick :)  And I'd be great with checking in here about workouts!   

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I just posted this on the Dec TTC board..ooops.  So here I will try again :)  

DS is 13 months and I still do not have a PPAF :( 
In Oct i started OPKs hoping to catch the first ovulation before my husband deployed. In Oct my husband was gone and i got a + using Wondfo, but no AF. November i wasn't diligent testing, no AF.  In December i OPK tested everyday, sometimes twice, just hoping to get a +opk before my husband deployed.  Dec 6th i tested at 4:30pm using a clear blue easy digital test (the ones that show a smiley face if you ovulate) and i got a smiley face. I didn't beleive it, so at 9:00 i tried testing again using the Wondfo's and it came back negative. I know its possible that I could have caught the surge at 4:30, but i'm assuming not.  12/16 before i left town, I thought I would HPT just for the heck of it,  I got a BFN. So  I'm not sure if my hormones are just gearing up but i'm not ovulating.  
My hubby is deployed. I am really hoping to start ovulating again by the time he gets back (April-ish) so we can TTC #2   
My DS currently is nursing in the morning, sometimes at nap time, and bedtime. I have also started wearing a shirt and bra to sleep in cause he is a lil houdini and will get to my boobs while we sleep :)  I have been trying to cut down on the length and amount of nursing sessions.  Tonight was the first night where he nursed for a few minutes and then I pulled my bra down and tried to just cuddle with him. He fussed for less then a min then laid right back down to sleep, yeaaah!!  I am hoping that maybe if I can wean him down to just 1 nursing session a day my period will return.  I REALLLLLLY would love to tandem nurse but i'm starting to think that isn't possible. I just really don't know what to do.  Any thoughts or suggestions for me?


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Stevi: When I got too obsessed with TTC, I found other things to occupy myself, as well (I focused more in school, planned my wedding, relaxed while waiting to O, allowed myself to have a drink.) and the month I "quit caring" is the month it happened so I definitely believe that stressing over it affects fertility.


SleepingBeauty: I'm jealous you're off BC. LOL I just started taking mine two weeks ago. O_o


AFM: I just finished my first week back at work. It went well. I took Fenugreek for a couple of days to help up my supply to make pumping easier while I worked, but I was able to get by the entire week without having to supplement my little guy. WOO!!! I was so scared of having to supplement. Formula=Expensive and having to get a 2nd job, LOL.


Here we are last night. He's 8w5d. Good lord, where has the time gone???


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Hello ladies! I'd love to be added in to the mix! Tomorrow on New Years Day I'll be 8 DPO. My chart can be found here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/31a8e8  Trying to not worrying or think about it but I just NEEDED to find some others who are TTC too. Tons of dust and sticky to all!!

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Excited to find out who are first 2012 BFP will be! Happy New Year ladies!

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