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Oh Forest, you're not a slacker mom! I know stuff comes up...If I didn't live 5 houses down from the teeny rural towns post office, I would be 'slacker' mom also!

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I'm right there with Forest hide.gif. Total loser! I actually have my beads and planned to ship them the day we were originally supposed to ship weeks ago. I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. I apologize for not being in contact. I can either ship them tomorrow (from Arizona) or I would COMPLETELY understand if you think I should just drop out. I feel ridiculous at this point.

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Ship them tomorrow, Sandy. :D Totally not stressed if no one else is.

Really I just don't want every one to think I am a bead stealer.. lol

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Hey chickadees, not hounding (I promise!) but ----did beads get shipped this week? Thanks so much for communication. I still love you all either way, just let me know <3

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All beads are organized and ready for shipment tomorrow morning. I decided to wait until DH's day off so I don't have to go deal with 3 kids at the postoffice.


With the leftover/extra beads I sorted them as randomly and with as equal of numbers as I could. Almost every one got atleast 4-5 beads extra, so if you get doubles or triples in your plastic bag - don't be alarmed. Just were part of the extras :)

Some of you sent a return sase in a typical envelope - after what happened to a mama on here with her envelope getting ripped and beads getting lost - I just got some bubble mailer envelopes to ship your beads back in. Totally don't want that to happen to any one else! I hope thats ok.


Every ones beads were put in a plastic bag with their name and address on them in case something unforeseen happened, the beads will be together in a bag with your addy on it.


I've had a few accidents in my years with post office mailing, if you can't tell. LOL


These are so beautiful and I can't wait for you all to get your beads!!! <3

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ooooooh! I'm excited :-)

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I can't wait!! :)

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I can't wait!  Thanks for everything!

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yay! thanks so much again for organizing this. I can't wait smile.gif
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Yay!! Thanks so much.  Can't wait!

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love.gifThank you Onemore!!!!!! 


Thank you so much for organizing this thing, getting the bubble mailers for those (like me!) that sent paper envelopes and making this all happen!!!! Got the beads in the mail today and they are great!


It is so neat to have a bead from each of you ladies! <3 

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I read Meredith's post and ran out the the mailbox!


Awesome beads everyone and thanks Onemore!

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I got my beads today!!!!! <3 thank you they are beautiful!!!!

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Mine are here too :) Thank you so much for all the sorting!

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I got the beads today!  I love how they all coordinate!  Lots of blues, greens, and purples.  :)


Thanks again for organizing this!  :)

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Can't wait to see what everyone does with them...I couldn't resist buying some necklace supplies today! And I got some pretty greenish blue jasper stones to fill up the necklace. Shopping for supplies is more fun for me than actually doing something with them though so we'll see if it actually gets made...

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I'm thinking I want to do a memory wire bracelet, since I have far better luck with those than necklaces.  I may hand the baggie off to nana though to string it for me - she can string it and have it done in 10 minutes, and has the supplies on hand to fill in if necessary. 

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Canadian mamas get their beads yet?

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I haven't gotten mine yet - I hope that they'll come soon! priority mail is usually fast, so I hope it didn't get lost somewhere.

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Hmm Maryam. I for sure double checked the postage on yours cause of yours getting returned due to insufficient postage....

I will check my po box today and make sure it didn't get sent back.

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