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So I bought mine finally.  I got 32 of them, since they came in sets of 16.  So I've got plenty in case we have a sudden rush of people to sign up. 

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I'm a slacker! Haven't bought mine, but have gone to our local bead store to look. I have found many awesome ones that are like a million dollars each that I'd NEVER even be able to afford for myself to have just one. I have a few awesome smaller ones that I really like too. Now I just need to go there and pick them out. I think I'll have the 6 year old come with me to help out! She's good with beads! 

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Have fun while you are there Sara! This is a fun event, low pressure, and should be lower cost!


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we have an awesome bead store around the corner that I am super excited to go to as well.... :)

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Ok- I have barely been on the computer for two weeks but I think I signed up a while ago. I still want to participate. I haven't bought beads yet but I will head out this weekend. Do we have the p.o. box address yet?

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No Lindsay, I will hand that out tomorrow or this eve. after every one has signed up :)

Hope you are feeling better!

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This is great timing for me; we have our annual Gem & Mineral Show starting this weekend in Tucson, so I'll have a lot to choose from; I plan on picking some out tomorrow or Sunday. So excited!

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Is it too late? I'd like to sign up.

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Alright...We have 21 women signed up (whoa, that was my original example number). :) :)

Purchase 21 beads - keep 1 for yourself & Send the beads and SASE to the address I am PM'ing you by Feb 6th :)




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What sort of envelope is everyone using? One of those bubble-wrap style envelopes? How big?


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I don't think it needs to be a big envelope. As a size example, the next up from the smallest is probably good enough http://www.bubblewrap-nyc.sownar.com/bubble%20mailer.htm  ...Use whatever you have :)

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I was going for a prepaid flatrate envelope, than no one has to worry about weight and size should be plenty for 20 beads as well.

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Grace, I assume that in Canada you cant send a prepaid envelope. Just PM me your address and I'll take care of it

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Got our first batch of beads today! :)

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I mailed my yesterday and am so excited! :-) All of the flat rate envelopes at our PO weren't padded, so I just bought a padded one and put $4 worth of stamps on it. It cost me less than $3 to mail mine, so I really hope that was enough postage. 


I felt bad that I didn't include a thank you note or anything, so I'll thank you here instead - thanks so much for organizing this, OneMore! Have fun sorting. :-)


I'm looking forward to hearing about who sent what beads and if they have any significance. Part of me wants to tell about mine now, but another part thinks it would be more fun to wait until everyone has all of theirs. Any preference one way or another? 

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Aww thanks Ruby! It was no problem - you guys can all thank me when I pull this off right. LOL

I'm hoping to get it done with enough time to organize a mama or mama/baby gift exchange (not sure if there is any interest but we shall see)..I just think it is neat to do real life things with the DDC. Especially since some of us (*cough* ok me for sure) don't have friends or family anywhere near by and things like a baby shower are probably not going to happen. This is great because its all going to be a neat story to tell our babies later on :)


As for telling the bead stories, I think it would be neat to do it when every one gets their bead packages back so they have it in hand.



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Mine is going to be a little late.  I've been sick all week and finally went into the Dr. today and got a prescription for a sinus infection.  Hoping to feel well enough to get this done Monday or Tuesday.  I hope that's ok!

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Feel better! No stress. Its ok :)

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Sent mine off today it was a busy week...... I told the post woman what I was doing and she added some "fake" weight just to make sure. I hope its enough postage for return PLEASE PLEASE let me know if not I will promptly send the difference even if I wait because I don't want you spending any extra out of your own pocket! Thanks for doing this, Happy sorting :-)

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Same here -- If I didn't include enough postage (which I may not have -- my beads were pretty light weight, but others might be heavier) just let me know and I'll send you the difference too. 

What is everyone going to do with the beads? Make a bracelet? Necklace? Something else? I'm curious!

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