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Moms of Many?

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Any other MOMs out there?? :)

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I have MANY.  We are on number 7. Just as excited about number 7 as any of them.  So weird. 


We have 1 boy, 5 girls and are hoping for a boy.  LOL

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I'm only pregnant with my third, but I'm the oldest of 9 kids and I love seeing big families on here :)

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intime, I love your enthusiasm.. I'm back and forth about this one. Totally unexpected pregnancy and not the best timing (for me... but obviously my feelings on timing don't apply to the baby, lol) I'm mostly nervous about other's reactions about it. With all of the other stuff we've had going on I can feel a lot of judgment about to come our way. I always wanted a big family.

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Oh and I have 3 boys (16, 12 almost 13, and 10) and 2 girls (4 and just turned 1) there's a part of me that's kind of hoping for another girl so things can be even because that's the way my brain likes things, lol. My hubby has also made a few references to having the brady bunch, lol.

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I'm just on my 3rd, but I'm also from a huge family (I am #15 of 15!) - and I would like to have a big fam myself.  We're hoping to pick up the pace starting with this one, but a lot of that depends on whether or not my husband can transition to becoming the main breadwinner again (we've flipped back and forth a bit over the years)... he's a violinist and is trying to get a full-time slot in an orchestra - if that happens, I should be able to stay home and start baby-making/raising more full time!

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How awesome Lizbiz... 15! Wow! I just bought my oldest son an electric violin at his request for Christmas. He taught himself to play the guitar (bought his first one at 9) and used the knowledge he had from that and applied it to the violin. Anyway... :) interesting and I do hope he gets the full time slot with the orchestra!

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Hey Demeter... That's great your son is so into music!  My husband started to play when he was 10 (late for violinists) when he heard a violinist at his school make cool 'bat noises' on her violin during a Halloween party.  And... he pretty much never looked back!  He begged his mom for lessons, went to music festivals during the summers, and started studying with a professional in high school.  He wasn't quite up to speed when he hit college, but he auditioned well and got into music school in a good studio, and again, never looked back.  


He is also from a big family, #2 of 7.  Just to encourage you... they were never well off - always had help from their families and are just a beautiful, lovely family now with going on 16 grandkids.  My husband's dad is a university professor in philosophy and his mom is a piano teacher - not highly lucrative professions, but they both love what they do.  My parents had 8 kids already when my dad graduated from medical school and everyone thought they were nuts.  They were so so poor.  The stories from that time are incredible.  My grandpa sat my dad down before he even started medical school and asked him why he wasn't just getting a job to support their growing family.  He eventually was very supportive. It was a dif't age back then, but still, my family raised lots of eyebrows. 


I know not all large families are happy families, but ours are very happy.  My parents went through a lot raising all of us (we were not a walk in the park - there were some very difficult times), but now, I see them and I know that raising their family, at least in part, made them who they are.  They made it - they did it - and they have a lot to show for it.  I don't have the energy to count just now, but I believe they have about 60 grandchildren and great grandchildren at this point.  


My parents are now quite old... and I wish you could just sit down with them for a while and share your concerns about your 6th baby.  I know they'd put all your fears to rest!  


Anyway - looking forward to journeying with you over these next few months. :)

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Not a MOM yet (or even a mom... this is my first!), but I just wanted to say, you go ladies! I come from a family of 5 kids (me and 4 brothers), and I think it's great. Not always easy, but great. And I didn't really think I came from a "big" family - in my mind, big meant at least 8 kids! But obviously 5 kids isn't the norm for most of America. Good luck to you all, especially dealing with other people's stupid comments. There is a funny thread somewhere here on MDC about great responses to people's stupid comments. If I find it, I'll post a link. :)

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MonkeyScience, do let us see the thread if you run across it again.


We have 5 girls and a boy. Our last daughter we were really hoping would be a boy, but alas.  She's absolutely amazing though and we are so blessed by her.  BUT we REALLY want a boy this time!!  The night the kids found out our son (4 in a few days) was asking his sister, "Kati, is the baby a boy or a girl?"  LOL  And since then has told us many times that he wants a brother. Like it's his choice or something.  LOL.  AND he's named the baby little J Frog.


My biggest concern was how my in laws would react.  Frankly, they are the only ones I even care about.  I mean their response. My FIL asked if this was a surprise. In a nice way. We were laughing.  And yes, it was unexpected.  So a very nice surprise.  I think my DH thought we were done.  Meanwhile, I was just praying that if God wanted us to have more kids he would give us one before DH had a chance to say no. And he did! 


So other than my in laws I dont really care if people think we are crazy.  though I do think this is our last. I wouldnt mind 10...LOL...but I don't think DH will go for it.  He's thinking about the finances.


LizBiz, 15!!!  WOW. How exciting that you want a big family too.


It has it's challenging times, no doubt.  But we are, right now, financially well off.  That decreases the burden so much!  The kids are such great, fun ages. The older ones are starting to mature and become mroe and more help. It's just a fun time in our lives. And I LOVE LOVE LVOE adding a new baby to the family and the dynamics it creates.

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We are a 'victim' of the economy... my husband was laid off 3 years ago and wasn't able to find work until it was too late. Now he's working in field that is totally different and making half of what he used to. I try not to feel bitter about that... but some days, some days I really want MY life back. The life where I was able to do fun stuff with the kids and not have to worry or where I actually was able to live on my own. 2 months ago we moved in with family and at first it was a welcome relief now I feel like I'm biding my time, I'm so trapped and bogged down here with the differences in parenting and just really NOT having our own space. It's hard after being on our own for so long to have to come back 'home'. And that's where I'm seeing the judgment about to come our way. What can I do, though, we really were being extremely careful and I do honestly believe the Universe works in mysterious ways. We're meant to have one more blessing... how very lucky I am indeed. ♥♥♥

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Demeter, what a great attitude.  Exactly.  I can understand how you are feeling.  I hope everyone takes it well!

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I'm due w/ #5, so I guess I officially count now :)

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