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hug2.gif I feel this way ALL THE TIME. I worry so hard about Cecilia. Her entire world is about to be turned upside-down! Even her night snuggles won't be the same. I am determined to remain her nighttime cuddle buddy and have Baby Brother cuddle my husband when he's not nursing, because I am so saddened that everything else in her life will be changing that I don't want her to not even get her night comfort.


But I know that that is just one aspect of it. And while I love the idea of her being a big sister, I do feel badly that it is such a trial by fire. Sigh.

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I do feel badly that it is such a trial by fire. Sigh.

Me too.


I keep telling DS that there are 2 babies coming this summer to live with us forever and he is going to be a big brother to them both, but I'm not sure he comprehends it at all.. greensad.gif

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I'm feeling particularly sad about this today. I think tonight is the night we are going to try to having DD stop co-sleeping in our bed and spend the night in her crib.   Intellectually I know it is the right thing for our family to at least try, but still I'm feeling really sad about it.  My husband's going to sleep in her room as long as she needs it, so at least she won't just suddenly be alone. But still, there is part of me that feels like I'm abandoning her, and I hate it.

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I know what you mean. While we're not ending co-sleeping, we have been trying to have my husband comfort Cece when she wakes up with disastrous results. It's one thing when she cries because I've told her she can't have something/kick the cat/whatever, but when she's crying because she needs Mama and I'm not going to her....yeah, I just can't take it. I just can't do it.

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I know, I have no stomach for crying for mama either. The good news is is that my daughter already almost exclusively relies on her dad to comfort her at night, and doesn't start asking for mama until 6 am hits and then like an alarm clock she know's its milk time (which we will keep up for now). So I'm hoping that that part won't be too upsetting for her. 


I actually think there is a good chance that this is going to be harder on me than on her.  About three weeks about I stopped nursing her to sleep. I was so worried about how she was going to react. Turns out she was super excited about having a bottle from dad, and never seemed to mind at all. Not only did she not cry,  in the three weeks she has never once complained or even asked for mama's milk once I finish the getting ready for bed routine and turn it over to dad for a bottle and walking/rocking to sleep.  I can only hope this transition goes as easily.  Although I have my doubts. We'll see.   

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