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Pig placenta to treat depression????

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I haven't done much research yet, and hope I have time before I lose my internet access. I struggle with depression especially in the time approaching my period and during. I have 2 children, with my first I suffered serious post partum depression until I became pregnant with my second 2 years later. After I had my son(2.5yo) I saved my placenta and ate it peice by peice raw whenever I felt the depression mounting and it worked miricles for me. Once I ran out I was good for about 6 months then the depression crept back and now it is taking over my life again. Anyways we butcher our own organic freerange pigs and sometimes come across a sow that we didn't know was pregnant. My co-worker suggested maybe I should harvest and try using the pig placentas and see if it works.
Well first off I'm not sure the horomones match human's close enough to be affective.
Then I wonder because I ate my placenta raw and am not sure of the saftey of doing that with the pigs, or how comparable it might be if cooked.
Anyon know anything at all about this topic???

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Don't know a darn thing, but I hate to see a thread with no replies. smile.gif

IME depression sucks... however I'm pretty sure I wouldn't try a pig's placenta even if it was possible that it'd cure me. Maybe I'm not adventurous enough. Hey, if it worked you could patent it, maybe. wink1.gif
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I don't have a definitive answer either, but I do know that sometimes I take an adrenal supplement made from cow adrenals and it works well, so I think placenta would be worth a try. As far as eating it raw, well I have known some hardcore raw foodists that ate raw pig from a reliable source (and what's more reliable than your own,eh?) but I don't know that I would go that far. What about dehydrating it? The adrenal supplements are freeze dried.


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