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Riverside in Minneapolis?

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Hi there, we are starting to research birthing options and wanted to hear a bit about labor and delivery at Riverside (Minneapolis) does anyone have any experience there they could share?



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Hey, I don't have personal experience, but 2 friends both went there and had negative ones.  Friend one: Wanted a natural birth, saw the midwives, went for 36 wk appt. and had serious pre-ecclampsia.  She was induced, never dilated enough and had a c-section.  This is understandable with her medical condition, but the real bad part was in how they handled her breastfeeding.  Baby was taken to the NICU for 5 days simply because she was pre-term (no actual complications).  Mom was not allowed to walk outside her room due to the high blood pressure.  The nurses were not helpful in wheeling her down there, so she hardly saw or nursed the baby.  Her milk never came in.

Friend two: Very prepared for a natural birth with the midwives, but also ended up with a c-section.  I don't remember all the details (there maybe have been some medical complications), but she feels she was bullied by them and forced into it. 

I would avoid this hospital if I were you.  My husband and I had 2 wonderful natural births with the midwives at HCMC, and I have friends who loved the HealthEast midwives also (St. Joe's, St. Johns).

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Granted this was 15 years ago but my sis ended up with failure to progess (correct me if I'm wrong sis) and ended up with csect.  I think the staff should have been trying more natural options to get things moving (she did have MW, not OB) or maybe even sent her home to labor, maybe it just wasn't time yet.  With her 2nd she had there she had a VBAC and tore pretty bad.

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