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Is there a guidebook or generally accepted method for how to do this? Our DS is 2.5 and would happily continue cosleeping but he's a wild sleeper and my partner bears the brunt of the abuse b/c I have our 8-month-old on my side. So, DP is D-O-N-E.


We have a big kid bed in the room next door ready to go but I put the mattress next to our bed to see if I could get him to sleep there as a midway point. Generally, he'll fall asleep there but crawl in bed with us around midnight. I wonder if he wakes because the mattress on the floor isn't very comfortable (I know it's not b/c I lay with him to get him to fall asleep) or if it's b/c he senses we're not next to him.


Anyway, I need a plan for how to make this transition work. I'm also ready to be done with needing to lay with him for 30 minutes to an hour (and more on bad nights) before he'll fall asleep. It's been a long road with this one sleep-wise. We've tried everything but CIO and the only thing that "works" has been laying with him. But with our 2nd DS requiring more, I'm feeling too exhausted for the extended toddler sleep routine. Any advice?