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Hi mamas,


I am expecting our second and have an almost-three year old. I do a lot of laundry and expect to do more soon. My question is strange, but I started thinking about this today and just can't come up with an answer....


In the house we are renting currently, the washer and dryer are in the basement. It's a very old house (built in the 20s I think?), so there is a really good chance there is lead paint. I swabbed our whole apartment for it and I think we're in the clear, but the basement is an unfinished space with tons of paint peeling off of the brick. I am not really down there except for laundry, and the dryer is properly installed and well-vented to the outside. 


I just don't know how dryers work exactly. Don't they suck in air from the air in the space around and then tumble clothes in that air? Can't the paint dust from the floor get into the dryer and onto our clothes? Or is that just crazy?