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Oh, hi there!

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Hello! Just thought I'd introduce myself so I can start posting and stop lurking! I'm really just looking for some support and finding it hard to locate mamas in similar situations. I've got three boys (18, 13, 11) and DH and I had tried for a fourth since my last one. We'd given up a few years ago and settled into the idea of being grown ups again. You see where this is going, right?! Surprise! Number 4 is due in early July! While we're excited, we're also feeling really anxious about the risks of my being 38 AND that i'm type 2 diabetic and had had some recents issues with my diabetes management. And, while my OB seems to be confident that things are going to be fine, I'm a little sad knowing that the related issues are likely to prevent me from having the type of birth I want.

Sorry, that's an awful lot to throw out there... Just hoping I can find someone who relates.
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HI!  WELCOME TO MOTHERING.COM!  I hope you like it here!  There should be tons of information on here for you!

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Thanks so much! Definitely a lot of great information and a lot of great people!

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Hi Shineyredstar,

I'm so excited for you, a new baby in the house now that your others are getting big! My husband's family call that the laat lammetjie, the late lamb <3

I also just found out that I'm pregnant so I can relate to feeling excited and nervous at the same time.  From what I've read it seems like a very common response!

As far as the diabetes, I don't have diabetes but, I've been doing a traditional foods / paleo type diet and I have found that it keep my blood sugar very steady.  There are lots of people in my yahoo group who have made great strides with their diabetes as a result of the diet.  Another one to possibly look into is Whole30, I think it's run by a group called Whole9.  I've also heard great things about that. 

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you around MDC in the future!

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The late lamb- I love that! Funny you should say that because I'd recently come across a little painting of a lamb at a craft show and nearly picked it up. Wish I had now! I've actually been looking at the Paleo diet quite a bit recently. I like that it's primarily vegetable based carbs with no grains, which is what it seems my body has been telling me it needs. 


Congrats on your little one :) such happiness!

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