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What are you eating?

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I'm curious about other women the same stage as me. What types and quantities of foods are you eating these days? I had lost about 7 pounds right before I got pregnant and I put it all back on within the first few weeks. So I'm not really sure if my pre-pregnancy weight should be 137 or 144. I got up to 180 and have fallen down to 147.  So I'm either up 10 or 3.  I'm not making much effort to lose it yet but I'm starving all the time.


My little guy is still gaining a couple of ounces a day and I leak a lot of milk, could that mean I need more than the average 500 extra calories a day?


I went on a trip with my mom so it was obvious when we were eating.  I easily ate twice as much as she did.  Far more often and larger quantities.


 I know that it's normal to eat more while nursing but I'm even craving things like straight butter and coconut oil.


I'm also eating normal meals.  Salads, meat and starches, just more than anyone else in the house.  Haha, about as much as everyone else added together plus a regular portion.


So what does it take to fill you up?  Are you still losing weight?

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I am eating normal meals (breakfast, lunch dinner - normal portions) plus a morning and 2 afternoon snacks (crackers or fruit with nut butter, an egg, avocado on toast, nuts with dried fruit, etc) and a bowl of ice-cream before I go to bed. If I'm hungry I eat more often.


I gained about 35 pounds and am now up 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm not in a hurry to lose the rest.  I lost weight really fast after my first pregnancy because I had to change my diet due to my daughter's dairy allergy and didn't know how to get enough calories.  I experienced (minor) gall bladder symptoms.  Apparently being pregnant and losing weight too fast are both risk factors for gall bladder disease.  The herbalist that I consulted with also suggested cutting back on coconut oil....

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I've been eating normal amounts but I've been craving junk food like crazy.  Don't leave any X-mas cookies around me or they will be gone in a flash!  I'm still up 14 pounds and I plan to cut out the junk and get out and snowshoe everyday to lose the weight. 

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Up until a few days ago I was eating us out of house and home.  I would polish off 2-3 times more food than everyone else at each meal and snack between meals as well.  I was a bottomless pit.  Then something changed and I started to feel full sooner.  I feel like my stomach is moving, which is probably is as my uterus shrinks and my organs return to their normal positions, and it feels sore and no longer interested in eating huge amounts of food.

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I would like to feel full.  Shay is huge.  I think he is taking it out as fast as I can take it in.


Jill, I feel you on the junk food. It's just so, desirable somehow.

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Yes, funny how despite a diminished appetite, I still find room for holiday treats...

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I am eating a lot. More than I was while pregnant and more than I was before being pregnant, too! But I am still losing weight! It's great! :) I was at my pre-pregnancy weight 8 days PP, and since I've lost 15 more pounds, so about a pound per week. It's slow, but that's fine! I have to really watch it and make sure I don't ever get too hungry - I get really, really irritable when I am hungry. I get 'hangry'.


Because of Rhyko's sensitivities I am basically eating a Paleo diet. Lots of (local, organic, grass fed) meats, organic fruits and veggies (though not all - no standard potatoes (sweet are okay), no broccoli (gas), yes to mushrooms and herbs), some nuts/seeds, lots of organic oils (coconut, olive), coconut milk and the occasional egg. I'd love to have more eggs but Rhyko tends to get a bit of eczema when I do eat them, so I just try to limit my eggs. I hope he grows out of that... And I'm really not missing dairy that much... It was SO HARD at first. Cheese is like my favorite food!! But coconut milk works (and is often better!) in place of milk and I'm just learning to make dishes that do require cheese. I did get some almond milk cheese this week at the store to make Meatzza. We'll see how that is! Reminds me of my vegan days winky.gif

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My appetite is generally lower when I'm breastfeeding than when I'm pregnant.   Although I still eat plenty of food either way!  It probably explains why I gain 45+lbs while pregnant and then lose it all in a few months.  I still have 20lbs to lose, which I suspect will come off at about 1lb per week until I'm back down to my pre-preg weight.


Today I had:

Breakfast - Sprouted bagel w/cream cheese, banana, coffee w/soy creamer


Lunch - Pulled pork, broccoli salad, cheesy potatoes


Snack - Banana, manderin orange, small piece fudge, greek yogurt, small plate homemade nachos


Dinner - veggies, chicken enchiladas

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I've been eating a lot of brown rice & lentils w/ carmelized onions and sour cream...mmmm


breakfast is usually a couple cups of coffee and 1/2 yogurt 1/2 applesauce and granola


dinner tonight was white bean chicken chili


lots of big portions but I should prob. be eating more snacks


I HOPE I'm still losing but I don"t have a scale so I'm not too sure


......someday I'll get to type a complete post with 2 hands....correct punctuation and more coherent thought! Not anytime soon...

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I eat a ton.  I eat way more when BFing than prego!  I love it!  I can generally eat a lot of food anyway, but now I literally eat two dinners and sometimes two lunches or two breakfasts.  I have a lot of desserts (all homemade so they're not super processed) but I also eat a lot of greens and fresh vegetables.  I'm vegan so I have to try really hard to get enough fat, but I am working on adding more coconut milk to my diet to take care of that.  My midwife wants me to be eating 3500 calories a day so I can keep up with feeding Dylan as well as pumping to donate.  I am below my pre-preg weight, so she had me up my calories (and fat) in order to keep from dropping anymore.  It's working so far.  

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I was hanging onto 8 lbs from this pregnancy, but now, I'm up 15 lbs from pre-pregnancy because of how much I'm eating. The holidays didn't help in that, either, but a gain of 7 lbs? Dang! lol I am eating alot of carbs, but my body also craves them. Breads and pastas are big for me.

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I am up 8 pounds from PP, but 18 pounds from before I had my revesal- so I would really like to lose at least 20.  The problem is that Im STARVING from breastfeeding all the time, and I have been eating a ton of fatty processed foods because of the holidays.  Today is day 1 of cutting out dairy, and for the last few days I have been focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and no sweets.  I have a really  hard time losing weight when breastfeeding, and I tend to hold on to at least 10 pounds regardless of exercise or diet.


So the last few days its been a lot of veggies, then all whole grains- lots of eggs for protein, and almond milk to replace cows milk. 

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I'm super hungry, but trying not to eat like crazy. Once I hit my pre preg weight, my weight loss slowed to about a pound every week or two. So I'd like to keep that up. My eating habits are awful right now! I'll just have coffee for breakfast, snack here and there, eat a medium sized late lunch, and then eat everything in the house for dinner. My dinner question is always, "are you going to finish that?" as I'm stealing food off everyone's plates. Then I want more food at like 11 pm.
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I don't even know how to balance all that out, when a person wants to ravage the whole house for food, especially for me, since I carb load for half the day. I need to cut down on the sugars and carbs. Today is the beginning of a fitness challenge in a group I'm in for losing a certain amount of weight before Easter, so I'm kind of excited to get started. But my food intake will need a serious overhaul. I'm making apple oatmeal for the kids and me right now. Yum!

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I'm also vegan, and eating a ton.  Lots of oatmeal with bananas and walnuts, smoothies, huge salads with nuts and quinoa and avocado thrown in, etc.  Plus copious amounts of spelt toast and Earth Balance (vegan butter - LOVE).  While my diet is pretty healthy, I do want to cut down on the amount of toast and vegan butter I eat... it gets out of hand.


I was 100% raw for 4 months before I got pregnant.  I didn't feel as great as I thought I would, but I LOOKED fabulous... and I loved eating raw, so I'm tempted to do so again.  I think I would thrive if I focused more on fruit, greens, and veggie juices than nuts and olive oil.  I think I weighed myself down with super high-fat gourmet raw goodies (date- and nut-heavy desserts, tons of avocados, seed "cheeses," etc).  I think the focus on fat kept me from thriving on that diet, since I often felt sluggish and just... heavy.  I want to try going raw again with some modifications.  We'll see.


I'm hanging on to about 20lbs that I'd like to get rid of.

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I have never loved oatmeal as much as I do right now! I eat a big bowl almost every morning; I seem to crave it now. I eat plain GF oatmeal and pour vanilla almond milk over it. That combo is sooo tasty. Sometimes I'll add blueberries or bananas. I'll have to try adding walnuts like Katie suggested; I have a ton sitting in the cupboard.


I'm eating a lot too on days when I have time to figure out meals. It doesn't take too much to make me full but instead I find I'm really hungry within just two hours after a big meal. I know I eat two lunches a day for sure, haha. I've already lost 26 of my 45 lbs gained during pregnancy but I want to lose a lot more. My midwife told me I need to be eating more than I did during pregnancy in order to keep up my calories for breastfeeding, though, so I'm not cutting back much but instead am making healthier choices where I can. I just recently cut myself off from chocolate and peanut butter. My intake of both was getting out of hand. And by out of hand I mean I was popping Dove dark chocolates at the same time as eating scoops of peanut butter straight from the jar. Sheepish.gif I'd probably be down another 5 lbs without having eaten so much of that. LOL

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